The Whitmore Legacy (2.22)

Welcome to Winterfest! Boy, did winter ever come to our little plot of land – poor Izzy doesn’t look like she has enough wool to keep warm. Luckily, Loario is there to hug her and make sure she’s well looked after, and I discovered that I can actually Scruberoo the stables.

Meanwhile, Noelle and the kids have been getting very cozy indoors – Noelle painted this beautiful piece and I just had to put it in Hephaestus’ room. Isn’t it sweet?

Noelle herself still seems to get a kick out of helping the kids with their homework, which is cute. She keeps talking to them while they’re busy.

Anyhow, Winterfest rolled around and the decoration happened before the kids went to school. Minthe went right back to sleep instead of helping, but all the other kids were psyched!

She did eventually come down to join everyone.

Plus, when everyone else was gone, she opened a present from the pile and got something cool!

We did have a grand meal, but getting six Sims in the same place doesn’t happen, so instead everyone ate when they were ready to and just chilled out or went to school otherwise.

Finally, in the evening, Father Winter showed up! (We’re at the stage where the game selects someone to be Father Winter on a whim.)

The kids were delighted to see him and were happy to get their presents. Hermes and Daphne were the first to get presents…

Then, of course, Hephaestus, who was still chilling out in the kitchen.

And even Minthe dropped her grumpy attitude for Father Winter. Spoiler, high maintenance as a trait is terrible to deal with. She’s constantly tense and angry.

Finally, Loario gave Father Winter a hand-crafted candle as a present, which was so well received that he got a present of Brick Red Dye!

All in all, Winterfest was an excellent time for the family, and everyone had a wonderful time enjoying the holiday! We even made friends with Father Winter.

Until next time!

The Whitmore Legacy (2.21)

Welcome back, everyone! Today, we’re studying with the kids!

Minthe was up in her room sorting out her homework, because she needed to do that before getting started on her project, but EVERYONE came home with projects. That’s a bit difficult when you’re a house with four kids, but I think we can manage, right?

Well, anyway, we can manage with the help of both parents. Seriously, Noelle and Loario were in action as soon as they could be. First, Noelle and Daphne worked on her project, which actually gave Noelle a boost to the Rocket Science skill (sweet!) and sped up the project time.

Once finished, it was truly a thing of glory and science.

Next, Hephaestus needed help with his project. I think Noelle was tired by this point, because this one didn’t go as swimmingly, but it was still a passing grade. Sorry, little dude.

For anyone who wants proof, here’s the comparison. Yikes.

Loario, meanwhile, pulled off a triumph with Hermes and the Medieval Castle Diorama, making a truly splendid one (I think I actually ended up putting this one upstairs?) and really helping Hermes out.

And Minthe ended up…well, completing hers on her own. It wasn’t too bad, but I guess they turn out better when a parent helps.

Also, Loario has taken up the violin to help out with his job (he’s still at his, Noelle quit hers) and apparently playing the violin makes you a great comedian. Not sure about that, but hey, he’s doing amazingly.

In conclusion, everyone’s grades are high and maintaining that is much easier with the results of the projects, and Loario is inching closer to becoming a comedian! Hurrah! Sorry this is pretty short, but I wanted to have all my Winterfest shots in one big update, so look forward to that next time!

Until next time!

Daughters of Hesperia – My Choice (1.19)

Meda had known for a while that she would need to choose a man. If she had been back with her previous tribe, the same expectations would have fallen on her, albeit with a longer time frame. The difference was that her previous tribe was bigger and more established, and could afford to give her more time.

She had received a longer reprieve than expected anyway, something that had endeared the queen to her. It was not something she had to fear, but instead, something inevitable.

But somehow, inevitable had become now, and it felt all sorts of different. She felt a deep sorrow as she sat within her hut, waiting for Perseus to come see her as she had asked. She wanted to talk to him face to face about this before declaring it, because at least he deserved that much.

He came in while she was thinking it over, and she felt a little startled.

“Gatherer Meda…” He smiled at her. “How can I help you?”

He still had his personality about him, even if it was somewhat contained these days thanks to their previous talk. However, for the first time, Meda could not take any comfort or amusement from him, instead feeling as though the weight on her shoulders was a little too much.

She knew that while love with a man was both forbidden and unlikely, one could grow used to them, and they could even be good companions. She had grown too used to his presence, his jokes, and his charm. She appreciated how he was not as reserved as Lukos, and she let him know that. Perhaps in doing so, she had failed them both, for now what was necessary would be harder for them.

“Perseus…” She started to say more, but failed, and so, she tried again, willing that the Goddess would give her the strength she needed to carry on. Willing that, despite the hard task ahead of her, she would be equal to it.

To his credit, Perseus waited for her to speak again, taking a seat on the stool, though a look of concern flashed across his face. It made this much harder, but she knew that it was not as though she could return to the queen and refuse. She could not face her queen and say she had been too much of a coward to follow her instructions.

“Perseus, the queen has decided that it is time I bore a child.”

“You…did not jest, then.” Perseus smiled warmly. “When you spoke to me of the ways of women.”

“No, I would not jest.” She looked at him. “And so, she has given me leave to choose who I favor to be the father, but she has also made it clear that I must…” She bowed her head. “I know that this must seem sudden.”

“Gatherer Meda, if I may speak plainly, you seem troubled by this.”

“It seems unfair to you. You did not grow up in this culture…” Meda hesitated, and, breaking convention, Perseus did speak now.

“I grew up in a culture where I saw my mother treated harshly by a man who had promised her the world. I grew up despised, without freedom, and even now, I am treated better than I was by my family. I know it is hard for you to grasp, because you have not experienced my life, but even if I were to die today, it would be a happier death than one I might have faced at the hands of someone else. I do not doubt that had my father done what was always within his power and declared me as much his rightful son as my brother, his wife would have contrived to poison me, had me exiled, or simply had me killed.”

Meda listened, feeling oddly comforted as he spoke.

“To know that I can give you a child, and that I will be mourned here…it is much better than what I knew before. It is a happier end, truly, even though I should like to watch a child of mine grow old. But that was never an option for me, even back then. So do not feel that you are doing me a disservice. You have already made your choice.”

He was right, and Meda could feel the relief washing through her like a cool wave kissing the beach. He did seem truly at peace, and she let out a deep sigh.

“I…thank you for you honesty, Perseus.”

“Besides, you are by far the most beautiful of the women here, in my opinion,” he added, with a chuckle.

“Now, you cannot say something like that and you know it,” she warned him, even though the compliment made her hold back a smile.

“Then I shall simply say you are a woman who knows her own path, as beautiful as she is decisive, and that I am glad to have been chosen by you.” His eyes had a certain spark to them. “In fact, I wish you had done so earlier. Think of the fun we could have had!”

Meda raised an eyebrow. “Is that so?”

“Well…we can always make up for lost time, if you think it appropriate, Gatherer Meda.” His mischievous look danced in his eyes once more, as though he had never spoken those honest words.

She rolled her eyes. “You have chores to do, Perseus, and I must tend to the bees. But if you are interested in making up for lost time, you will enter my quarters tonight.”

“As you wish, Gatherer Meda.” He left, a smile on his face, and she felt one cross her own face. He really was far too bold for a man.

The Whitmore Legacy (2.20)

Hello, all! Winter has officially arrived in the game, and so everyone is squirrelled away inside, leveling up their skills. Of course, Izzy still needs care and attention all the time. Here she is, testing out the next beautiful piece of apparel made for her.

Since Minthe is having to start from scratch with quite a few skills, I decided to get a head start with some of them. Wellness is one I want to dip my toes into, and so she has both a cute little stool and a yoga mat in her room.


She’s also working on Painting, and I have to say, having a high-skilled set of painters in the house kind of spoiled me and I completely forgot what it’s like when your Sim first starts out. What is this. Why does it remind me of anime.

However, on the topic of painting, it was time for the boys to each get an official portrait! I had Noelle paint each of them.

Here’s Hermes, and yes, this was the best I could do.

Also, Hephaestus’ magically turned out to be a Masterpiece, because of course it did.

Here it is in full…

And here we go, the full set! I think this really turned out beautifully, and I’m actually pretty proud of how it worked out. It’s always nice when something you set out to do turns out so well.

I’m really wondering at this point who will be the heir, but I’m also focusing on getting their skills up in advance. Whoever ends up being the heir will be as competent as I can make them, and of course Noelle and Loario will be around to help them for as long as possible.

Until next time!

The Whitmore Legacy (2.19)

Hello again, and welcome back to the Whitmore Legacy! Last time, the boys aged up from toddlers to children, thus restoring my sanity.

This time, however, it’s all about the skills! Noelle’s completely mastered the gardening skill now, and she’s pretty proud of it. I didn’t expect her to skill up this quickly, to be honest, but I’m so glad that she did.

She’s also been back working on her fitness! She’s doing so well!

She’s not the only one skilling up, though! Daphne completed her Aspiration, and can now build her Violin and Piano skills!

Hephaestus has only just begun working on his Aspiration, and luckily, we have a Jungle Gym near us that he can use for that! Yep, he’s a Rambunctious Scamp!

Hermes, for those of you who are wondering, is an Artistic Prodigy like his sister, and like her apparently has a deep seated need to use Minthe’s arts and crafts table to complete it. Well, I guess that’s genetic…

The boys get along pretty well, too, which is frankly adorable. I don’t think they realise quite how good they used to have it yet though – they’re old enough to muck out the llama shed now!

As for Minthe, she also completed her Aspiration of being a Whiz Kid! Hurrah!

However, it was in the nick of time. Noelle came to talk to her and the two of them had a nice long, lengthy chat before the fatal day.

As is tradition by now, Nia autonomously made a cake for Minthe’s birthday.

I don’t usually throw birthday parties for my Sims, although I’m tempted to start doing so next generation! I think we’ve definitely got enough funds to maybe at least consider it. But for Minthe, it was her dad and her, in the kitchen.

And… here she is! Minthe Whitmore!

She now has the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration, and in addition the the Child of the Islands trait, she also has the High Maintenance trait. I’ve never had a Sim with that trait before, so hopefully it doesn’t become an issue.

(And, as always, here’s her room. Pink, purple, and full of activities.)

Until next time!

The Whitmore Legacy (2.18)

Welcome back!

Harvestfest was something that went…ish, I didn’t really have time to focus on it more than decorating, but I had Minthe appease the gnomes while I crossed my fingers and hoped she wouldn’t get zapped by the alien gnome.

And it worked! Apparently he’s a fan of coffee.

Noelle also got to use the Pumpkin Carving Station to make a nice little owl pumpkin, which is absolutely adorable.

I kind of wish that kids got to trick or treat in this game, but I get why that might not be a mechanic. I’m actually super proud of how haunting our garden looks, though, and Noelle’s pumpkin was the perfect finishing touch!

The next day, the boys aged up! I have to say, while toddlers are adorable, I’m incredibly thankful that I’m going to be freed from the demands of two toddlers at the same time. It never ends…or at least, that’s how it feels.

Loario baked them a zombie themed cake to share (you’ve gotta love Halloween!) and stuck in the candles. He looks so proud!

First, it was Hermes’ turn! Noelle helped him blow out the candles on the cake…

Then, after replacing the candles, it was Hephaestus’ turn! (Noelle looks kind of tired at this point, to be honest.)

Hermes got the Cheerful trait, while Hephaestus got the Kleptomaniac trait. Given their names, I feel like it definitely should have been the other way around! But, without further ado…

Here’s Hephaestus, dressed in fall colours…

And Hermes!

I’ve given Luca’s old room to Hermes, and the nursery to Hephaestus. Here’s Hermes’ room post-makeover – a little bland, but I think I did a good job despite that!

I don’t have a good picture of Hephaestus’ room, but it’s basically the same room with children’s furniture and the wand that used to be in Luca’s room, because Hephaestus is a Spellcaster and the only one of this generation! I’m very excited about that.

Speaking of Spellcasters, the only spell that Noelle really casts is Scruberoo. Here she is, clearing up the aftermath of Loario’s cooking.

Maybe if Hephaestus is the heir we can focus on magic a bit more? I’ll definitely have Noelle give him magical training when he’s old enough, though!

Until next time!

Love Lost (1.1)

If you had asked some of the locals about what they thought about the bright pink house in their neighborhood, there would have been a very mixed response. They might tell you who it belonged to, and given a polite view of her, but in truth, the response all around was pity.

Pure and simple, they pitied the girl who lived there, because they knew who she was. Who couldn’t?

She was, they would tell you, the nicest girl. Oh, just the sweetest. They were so happy that she was here.

Being a neighbor required you to lie through your teeth sometimes. As wonderful a neighbor as she might be, and as sweet as she was, she was infamous.

Her name was Sweetheart Stuart, and she was somebody’s former mistress. According to the very widespread gossip from the local police chief, it was the boss in Oasis Springs, but Sweetheart herself was struggling with what had happened. She’d gone to Geoffrey’s house as she always did on a Saturday, blissfully ignorant and prepared to give him some wonderful news, when they’d been interrupted by a woman she didn’t recognise.

“You really have no shame, Geoff.” The woman had stormed up to them, seething.

Sweetheart had been frightened, and had even screamed when the woman slapped him. Geoffrey only had eyes for the woman, though, wide and pleading.

“Nancy, please–“

“In our house? In our home?”

Sweetheart hadn’t understood until Geoffrey had bowed his head, fleeing the scene.

“Yeah, that’s right, you coward! Run!” Nancy had spat at him, and had only stopped once Sweetheart had stopped her.

The ring on her finger was massive, Sweetheart had noticed in a daze. A rich, beautiful ring.

“And what do you want, you little tart?” Nancy had snapped.

“Please, I…you’re his wife?”

“Oh, that’s rich. You didn’t even know.” Nancy almost looked hysterical. “You didn’t know, huh? Don’t expect me to swallow that crap.”

“I…I need to tell him…” Sweetheart managed. “I need to tell him, he’s going to be a father…”

“You know, I thought he couldn’t break my heart anymore. I guess I was wrong about that. Wow, the two of you must have been truly stupid together.”

She wiped away a tear and then glared at Sweetheart.

“He is a father. We have a son, and quite frankly, you’re closer to his age than my husband’s. And if you think for a minute Geoff’s going to play happy families with you and whatever you’re carrying, you’re beyond wrong. He’s not been a father for the child he already has and he certainly won’t be a father to yours, so you need to wise up to your situation.”

The venom in her voice made Sweetheart want to cry, but she held back, only choking slightly.

“But…but we love each other…” she said, in a pitiful voice. “He said…he said he loves me.”

“Oh, please. He just prefers young, dumb blondes, and he’s not smart enough to keep it in his pants.” Nancy snorted. “I can’t believe you’d even believe whatever lies he must have told you.”

“He…” Sweetheart faltered.

“If you try for child support,” Nancy said, softly, “I’ll tear you to pieces in court. And I don’t think you can afford it. The best thing you can do is shut up.”

The threat wasn’t subtle. Sweetheart could feel all her constants – Geoffrey, her future with him and their child, their love – falling away like broken glass. She looked up into Nancy’s glare again.

“Oh, and get out of my house,” Nancy added, as though it were a casual afterthought. “You weren’t welcome here in the first place.”

Geoffrey had taken her back, and seemed extremely nervous. When they got there, she found out why.

“Listen, honey, just until Nancy cools off, I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to…meet up.” He said it very carefully. “I’ll call you once…”

“Don’t.” She’d gestured to the door, feeling empty. “You probably wouldn’t have called me anyway, would you?”

He’d opened his mouth, and she’d shaken her head.

“Geoffrey…I don’t want to hear what you have to say. Your wife hates me, you lied to me, and now you’re trying to suggest we continue an affair. An affair, Geoffrey. I don’t want you around me anymore, okay. Besides, I’m sure you’ll find someone else soon. Go mess with their head instead.”

He’d caught her arm and she’d slapped his hand away, and he’d left, sadly looking back like she was breaking his heart.

“I’m sorry,” she’d whispered, alone in the house, and one hand on her stomach. “I’m sorry.”

And then, of course, the rumours about her had spread.

Author’s Note:

This is a 100 Baby Challenge that I’m going to be taking in whatever direction it goes, but Sweetheart is our first challenger. She’s going to have a very tough time, but at the same time I’m cheering her on.

The Whitmore Legacy (2.17)

Welcome back! I’ve been away for a couple of days and I’m so happy to be getting back into the legacy.

Noelle’s been spending a lot of her time knitting, most working on pet clothing such as spiffy new items for Izzy. Hey, if you have a llama, dress her in rainbows, am I right?

Speaking of Izzy, she’s still been getting along well with Loario. Look at this cuteness.

Also, Ghost!Ruby has been having the zoomies around the house, and it was VERY hard to get a good picture, but look! She’s finally started to hang around.

Nia invited Noelle along to the Humor and Hijinks Festival and again, we graciously accepted. I’m starting to get the feeling that Nia feels her daughter either doesn’t have or needs a social life…But hey, getting the invite is good.

Loario also tagged along, because he has the Joke Star Aspiration and I’ve been neglecting that a bit, so I thought it would be a great chance to at least let him get a bit further along.

And pretty soon, everyone was having a great time! Nia, Noelle, and Loario all joined the Jokesters, and Nia started floating around the crowd.

Loario, meanwhile, got to tell some jokes to people, and actually got to the next level of his Aspiration! Woo!

In the end, our team won, and everyone started going home. Honestly, it was a lot of fun, and I even spotted a very rich Sim among the crowd…

Angelina Landgraab! She’s the daughter of Luna Villareal and Malcolm, if I’m remembering correctly.

Soon, though, it was the day before Harvestfest, and as both Noelle and Loario have finally gotten jobs (Noelle starting at Level 5 in the Programming industry, while Loario’s basically a local stand up comedian) they headed off to work. I’ve not really been doing that before, but I figure with four kids, they need to up the funds.

With everyone gone to work, school, or daycare, I began my grand decoration of the house!

Okay, so it’s not that grand, but this is actually the most I’ve ever decorated for Harvestfest, so it counts, and I really hope that no children get struck by lightning/gnomes this year.

Fingers crossed for a cozy time!

The Whitmore Legacy (2.16)

Honestly, Leorio is a great spouse! I know I’m launching straight into this, but with four children, the house is far from falling apart. Leorio’s usually always there to help when Noelle needs to sleep, and always there for everyone. He’s also really good at cooking.

For example, I didn’t know you could cook more than Mac n Cheese in the cauldron, but you can!

Also, Izzy likes him.

Taking care of Izzy is a lot harder than I expected, by the way. Both of the girls have ended up mucking out her barn when needed, and Daphne ended up cleaning her.

Also, it’s now autumn in my game, which lines up with real life! Hurray! I’ve decided to decorate once Harvestfest rolls around, but for now I’m just loving the various shenanigans that cold weather brings to the game.

Daphne’s also been getting along with Hephaestus. I swear, I’m going to be so glad as soon as he has his birthday, but for now there’s some adorable sibling bonding.

Both girls are making good headway with their aspirations, with Noelle and Minthe playing a gamae of chess while Hermes tries to understand what’s going on. You’ll get it when you’re a child, Hermes.

I’ve decided that each of the twins will probably have a room of their own, because Lea and Luca’s room downstairs has been left virtually untouched and all that I’d need to do is redecorate it and maybe move the desk. Four children this time around, and so close together, has meant I’ve never once had a break from taking care of toddlers.

Daphne’s been working on her aspiration too, creating really beautiful pictures and upping her Creativity. I’m kind of hoping she maxes it out before she becomes a teen!

Noelle, meanwhile, has been hard at work on her knitting and gardening. (Doesn’t Izzy look cute? I love that you can dress up your llamas.)

We also have another patch at the side of the house now!

Also, yes, those are frogs, because I sincerely didn’t know what the heck else to do with them.

I also had the wonderful fun of sending Daphne to the Festival of Youth! She got to experience pretty much everything except hunting for Voidcritters.

She got herself a crepe and a paper kabuto, and went to sit down with the other kids (and yes, that is Nanami Ito behind her!)

There were a lot of other kids there, although she was the only one wearing a paper kabuto…But hey, she pulls it off.

I also had her get some Simmis, because they’re adorable, and I like the idea of her being able to collect them like Funko Pops rather than it being a family collection like last time.

And here they are, sitting on her shelf at home! She got a Golden Pit Beast, Jasmine Holiday, and Madame Zoe – all excellent pulls! (Yes, she made the Fall Crafts next to her new shelves, and no, I don’t like the turkey with the big eyes either.)

Honestly, I really do love the festivals, and I’m looking forward to experiencing them all over again when I can. They’re especially great when you’re starting out on something like the One Day One Month One Year challenge (which you can find here) or even just when you have a fresh legacy, because sometimes there’s free food and it’s always worth trying the Simmi gacha.

Until next time!

Daughters of Hesperia – Glauce (1.18)

“I can’t believe this! How could they do this to me? Me!” Glauce, formerly of Tribe Juturna, was still raving as the ship sailed away in the distance.

The slave next to her felt his own anger rising at being trapped with such a spoiled, self-absorbed woman. Even worse, this woman had gotten him into this mess, and now there really was no way out of it.

The tribe had been ready to kill him for his past actions, but they’d instead decided that he would be banished after a priestess had said that spilling his blood would be unworthy of the Goddess. One of the young women had snuck into the men’s quarters and told him that he’d been summoned to a hut, commanding him to follow her. He had found it suspicious, and so had one of the other slaves, who had immediately alerted a warrior.

That young woman had been Glauce, whose foolish plan had been to seduce him and then kill him, believing that he could not be allowed to live longer. For trying to go against the priestess’ words, she had been marooned with him after being locked up with him for a week on the boat. It had been pure humiliation, according to Glauce, who had fought like a wildcat to get free before the other women had put her in the cabin.

The island was small, but Glauce glared at him.

“You will build us shelter at once.”

“So that is why you have not killed me. You wish me to serve you.” Theodon looked at her with hatred. “Well, it seems for once I have the upper hand, you vile witch.”

“How dare you speak to me! You are the cause of all this suffering, and I order you to build me a shelter!” She spat the words at him.

“You made your own choices. I refuse to do as you command.”

“You are the vile one! You seduced a princess, your very presence is an insult! My queen has abandoned me because I dared dismiss that idiot’s words, and now I am trapped here with you. I doubt you could build a boat, and I can see no other island near here. What good are you?”

“Perhaps for once you will have to do something for yourself!” Theodon shouted back at her. “Perhaps I shall kill you!”

The insolence clearly shocked Glauce, but a mad look came into her eyes and she wailed like a banshee.

“My queen, my goddess, both cannot have forsaken me! I cannot be here with you! I cannot bear it!”

Such speeches had been flung at him all week when they had been locked together, and Theodon felt the same crawling revulsion as he had on the boat. This woman was nothing like his sweet Constantina, his love, whose sorrow had broken his heart. This woman only inspired disgust.

“Can you not swim?” he asked, and to his surprise, the woman rapidly shook her head.

“I would choke on the water here,” she said, shivering. “I am surrounded and trapped by it. I may never feel our rivers and lakes again.” She turned to him. “It is all your fault! You could not just die!”

“You disobeyed your queen!” Theodon felt his anger coming to a head. “I loved a woman–“

“And I have been cast out because of you!” Glauce still did not seem to take responsibility, but narrowed her eyes at him. “Still, you are a start. If I am forsaken, I do not intend to sit by idly.”

“What does that mean?” Theodon demanded.

Glauce lifted an eyebrow at him, and smiled nastily. “Well, you are a resource to me. I am no longer of Juturna, but I can still become a queen.”

“A queen of nowhere. A queen of nothing.”

“Be careful how you speak to me. If I was a queen, if I succeeded, I could be your best chance of seeing your precious princess again.”

“That can never happen,” Theodon said, coldly. “She could be anywhere. And you will not be a queen.”

“What more have you got to lose? I can be nice, Theodon.” Glauce rolled her eyes. “I will even help you build the shelter. Simply help me in return, and give me children.”

He stared at her.

“I intended to seduce you anyway,” she continued. “And you already have one child. What difference would more make?”

“We do not even know if we can survive here yet. Why should we bring a child to this miserable place?”

“Oh, of course we can survive. I may not be able to swim, but I can lure food.” She looked like she might laugh at him now. “We could make this a veritable paradise.”

He wanted to argue, but she smiled at him.

“I do like getting the things I want, Theodon, and I do not think that I want you dead any longer.” She stepped forward. “Besides, I am the only other person on this miserable rock. If you refuse to help me, you have no chance of seeing that little fool, and if you help…there’s a chance.” She smiled at him, almost winningly.

He tried to think that she was out of her mind, but the chance to see his Dina, his princess…it tugged at him too much. A mad, foolish hope. It must have shown on his face, for the horrible woman in front of him laughed and clapped her hands.

“I knew you’d do it,” she gloated. “You really are a fool for her.”

And now, Theodon, you are my fool and will dance for me.