The Proserpin Legacy – 1.13 Promised

I know this is the second time I’ve started an episode with pictures of the house, but I managed to add a little something to both girls’ rooms and I wanted to show it off! First off, Lillian got a brand new easel, to learn how to paint…

06-21-18_4-20-23 PM

And Elizabeth got a lovely meditation stool in her thematic pink/purple. And yep, that is the picture of her and Lillian as kids on her wall! (Cute, right?)

06-21-18_4-20-31 PM

Lillian started painting as soon as she could, although I’ve never…quite got on with the creepy Freezer Bunny painting.

06-21-18_5-46-56 PM

As soon as she woke up, I had Elizabeth use her meditation stool. It seemed to do wonders for her peace of mind, and I’ll definitely try and develop the wellness skill with her.

06-21-18_5-12-38 PM

In sadder news, Prissy is now an Elder cat, and she had to go to the vet with Swamp Mouth. She’s never gotten sick before, so I can only assume her health is deteriorating.

06-21-18_5-30-35 PM

She’s honestly such a lovely cat, and all of the family love her. I’ll be very sad when she goes.

BUT! Breaking news! Romance HAS happened in a big way between Jean-Luc and Elizabeth!

He asked to come over, and they ended up having their first kiss…

06-21-18_5-42-32 PM

And not only have they since become boyfriend and girlfriend, but they’ve exchanged promise rings!

06-21-18_5-49-08 PM

They’re super duper happy together, too!

06-21-18_5-49-37 PM

Meanwhile, we’ve gotten a TV, which I’m super pleased about. It means that we can up skills, no longer have a low fun need, and basically have the best time!

06-21-18_5-45-29 PM

Also featuring Lillian and Jenny both wearing their festival tees. C’mon, guys!

I’m really pleased that Elizabeth and Jean-Luc ended up together.  I mean, I have been planning that one for a while, and it’s always good for potential heirs to have significant others. Plus, either way, they’re too heckin’ cute together! I mean, childhood friends who fall in love is such an anime trope, I’m glad I got to use it!

See you next time!


The Proserpin Legacy – 1.12 Out and About

I realised shortly after posting the last episode that I’d forgotten to show off the updated house. Whoops! Here’s the twins’ bedrooms:

06-21-18_3-59-54 PM

Groovy, huh? (Only a hoopy frood would have a bedroom like that.)

I suppose that one of the greatest things about becoming a teenager is an increase in independence. Certainly, that’s what Lillian and Elizabeth have discovered! I should first point out that Lillian has been helping in the garden, to start working on that skill.

06-21-18_4-10-08 PM

And, as I know that the Spice Market has some fruit and vegetables usually, I decided to send her over there, to see if she could get some more stuff to plant!

Sadly, the stall wasn’t there, but I figured, why not let her have a good time? After all, there’s no time like the present to enjoy yourself!

First, there was a violin performance…

06-21-18_4-35-47 PM

Then, she met Billie Jang and Natalia Pancakes – both of whom are fellow teens! All three girls got chatting pretty quickly, although Billie wandered off after a while.

06-21-18_4-37-38 PM

Finally, she was quite hungry, so tried out one of the street food stalls. Welp, turns out that as a newly aged up teenager, she couldn’t handle the heat whatsoever!

06-21-18_4-41-52 PM

After that, I figured she might go home, but then a little notification popped up, saying that the Romance Festival was in town! Well, I think the Romance Festival has to be one of my favourite festivals, so I wasn’t going to miss out on the opportunity to have the girls experience it! We also invited Jean-Luc, for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

06-21-18_4-47-47 PM

Well, first of all, Lillian rushed off to get that tee. She definitely takes after Jenny, who still needs to change her shirt, come to think of it!

06-21-18_4-53-26 PM

Elizabeth, meanwhile, bought a snow globe for both Araminta and herself, drank some Sakura Tea with Jean-Luc, and began flirting with him ever so slightly. Good for you, Elizabeth!

06-21-18_4-53-56 PM

Lillian, who was quite tired out as you can see, decided to head home – but not before seeing the Romance Guru.

06-21-18_4-55-06 PM

Unfortunately, her romantic future is currently a bit bleak, according to this nice lady, which absolutely took the smile off of Lillian’s face. I hope that for her sake, it’s not too true…

Back at home, Kengo and Jenny were enjoying the piece and quiet on the brand new sofa. They’re still as loved up as ever, to the point where their romance bar is completely full, and I’m wondering about saving up for a wedding for the two of them.

06-21-18_4-25-24 PM

Of course, by the time the girls arrived back, we had to run around and look after everyone’s needs, but instead of a picture of that hot mess, I’ll leave you with two pictures – one of Araminta’s new snow globe, as bought by Elizabeth…

06-21-18_5-04-09 PM

And one of the selfie Jenny and Lillian took! D’awwww.

06-21-18_4-12-57 PM

The Proserpin Legacy – 1.11 Birthday Girls!

As you can tell by Jenny’s grumpy expression, it’s quite early in the morning. However, that doesn’t signify, because it was ARAMINTA’S BIRTHDAY! (Hence the beautiful cake full of candles!)

06-18-18_3-06-16 PM

It was time for Araminta to become a child. In a way, I was sad, as Jenny and Kengo won’t have more children, but in a way, I was happy! Because I was SO excited to find out how she would look as a child!

So without any further ado, I had Jenny help little Araminta blow out the candles!

06-18-18_3-21-11 PM

It was awesome to see her age up, and she turned out a Social Butterfly and a Perfectionist! First order of business was to create a better room for her, and we have WAY more money than we used to, so her room is actually pretty darn cool!

06-19-18_9-52-04 AM

The little thing on her desk is the festival snowglobe Jenny bought her, back at the Spice Festival! I also put up a ton of decals, especially Voidcritter ones, because I’m going to try and get more Voidcritter activity in this house.

And now, the big reveal…

06-19-18_10-08-51 AM


Here’s what the rest of her everyday outfit looks like!

06-19-18_10-08-38 AM

The next day, we had another birthday – a double birthday – and I bet you can guess who!

Yup! That’s right! It was time for the twins to age up! See, Araminta was pretty much born after their birthday, so their birthday came around just after hers! Anyway, with Jenny’s improved cooking skills, she was able to make them a Strawberry Cake!

06-21-18_3-27-40 PM

First to age up was Lillian…

06-21-18_3-28-43 PM

And then Elizabeth!

06-21-18_3-30-23 PM

It’s really exciting seeing how kids look when they age up into teenagers, because you get a good sense of what they’ll be like as adults!

First up: Lillian!

06-21-18_4-05-34 PM

Lillian turned out a little differently to how I expected – she’s way more like her mother, although she definitely has her dad’s darker eyes. She looked like a little mini-me of her dad as a kid, so it’s weird that she turned out so much like Jenny – but I suppose that’s the magic of genetics!

Next up: Elizabeth!

06-21-18_4-04-48 PM

She definitely takes a lot after her dad! She’s kept Jenny’s hair color, though, and her previous curls.

See you next time, where the girls have some adventures!

The Proserpin Legacy – 1.10 Bear With Me

The twins came home from school with new projects – the Castle Diorama for Elizabeth, and the Volcano for Lillian. Unfortunately, they were really tired, so it had to be completed late at night. Sorry, girls! At least Kengo and Jenny helped them.

06-17-18_10-39-45 PM

And the completed projects were so good they gave both girls extra credit! Yay!

06-17-18_10-45-29 PM06-17-18_10-42-13 PM

After that, both girls went for a nap, but when they woke up, they both entered phases. Uh oh.

Elizabeth got a Mean Streak phase, but Lillian entered the I’m a Bear phase. To be honest, the Sims bear costumes discomfort me due to the creepy staring eyes. Also this happened.

06-17-18_9-53-05 PM

Luckily, Kengo is VERY supportive of his daughter’s phase.

06-17-18_9-54-53 PM

Just….why does the costume include teeth.

And it gives her a sad moodlet when she goes to school. I guess we really will have to wait out this phase. The worse thing is that she and Elizabeth fall out a lot thanks to the Mean Streak phase, which means it’s just Elizabeth making a bear upset.

06-17-18_10-05-05 PM

And, as is a constant, Prissy couldn’t care less.

06-17-18_9-58-50 PM

In good news, Jenny got promoted again, and we managed to upgrade the house!

06-17-18_11-03-54 PM

We now have a toddler bookcase for Araminta, a slightly bigger room for the girls, a bigger bathroom (which was a less recent update because it needed to fit in Prissy’s litter box), and in the kitchen, a proper table and a new mat. I replaced the counter because Prissy was stuck on it and it was pretty much the only way to fix it.

The garden is now bringing in way more money, which is really good. I’m going to try and get more plants from the Spice Market in order to grow more, and research what you can make from splicing, seeing as that’s the part of the Gardening Skill we’re heading towards.

That’s all for now, but see you soon!


The Proserpin Legacy – 1.9 Party Like It’s Your Birthday!

To start things off with a bang, Elizabeth got invited to Jean-Luc’s birthday! Kengo took her along, and J-L was super happy to see her.

06-17-18_8-13-40 PM

They hung out on the sofa for a bit, with Akira (I can’t remember whether this is their apartment or his!) who seemed pretty laid back.

06-17-18_8-14-25 PM

Then in walked this guy, who’s J-L’s dad, Mr Rogetz. He gave J-L a huge hug, before chatting away with him.

06-17-18_8-15-17 PM

Liberty and Padme were upstairs (Padme is the one in a princess dress, obviously!)

06-17-18_8-16-03 PM

While Elizabeth headed off to talk to Padme, the caterer finished up the cake, meaning it was time for J-L to age up. I was quite apprehensive about what he’d look like, to be honest, seeing as some Sims just have horrible fashion sense as they age up.

He made a super goofy face to blow out the candles which was really cute!

06-17-18_8-18-26 PM

And…ta-da! Jean-Luc Rogetz-Lee!

06-17-18_8-18-42 PM

He’s really quite cute, and definitely going to end up with Elizabeth no matter what! They’re nearing best friendship, after all, so it just makes sense, in my head.

After that, the party was pretty much over, so Kengo went home and Elizabeth stopped off at the square downstairs to get some food.

06-17-18_8-20-35 PM

While she did that, she ran into Erica, Penny Pizzazz’s wife, and they had a bit of a chat until Elizabeth finished eating and returned home.

06-17-18_8-21-50 PM

See, Kengo has the Chopstick Savvy trait, and I just think it’d be neat if Elizabeth did too!

Speaking of Kengo, we had a bit of a nervous moment after Jenny broke the oven and we didn’t have enough money to replace it, because he had to fix it and I didn’t know if it was safe for him or not.

06-17-18_8-29-49 PM

Prissy is not concerned at all, you can see. Turns out she has the Spoiled trait, which makes her a bit difficult to deal with. But we love her anyway! Mostly. Kengo and she have a…tumultuous friendship, given that she won’t get down off counters whether you scold or tell or ask or lecture.

06-17-18_9-42-36 PM

No plumbobs given.

06-17-18_9-43-01 PM

That’s it for now! See you next time!


The Proserpin Legacy – 1.8 Isn’t She Lovely

Jenny’s still been rocking her t-shirt, although Elizabeth changed out of hers. I guess we’re wearing this from now on! (Cute, right?)

06-14-18_6-41-26 PM

Apparently there’s a gardening part of the Spice Festival, which I’m sad to not have spotted. Oh well, there’s always next time!

Jenny’s cooking really has got better recently, and she isn’t burning things! So I had her make some pancakes for breakfast. Slightly celebratory, actually!

06-14-18_6-43-30 PM

Because…Araminta aged up!

06-14-18_7-06-22 PM

Isn’t she ADORABLE? Plus, she’s the only one to inherit Jenny’s dazzling green eyes! I’ll definitely be dressing her in blue too when she gets older, but goodness, she’s cute!

Her room is pretty cool, too, although we’re a bit low on money thanks to it.

06-14-18_7-08-22 PM

She gets nightmares pretty often, but luckily Kengo is STILL getting up so Jenny can sleep. I think it’s because she’s a Clingy toddler?

06-14-18_7-18-38 PM

Oh, I forgot to mention – Lillian’s made friends with the Bheeda boy. He’s more into making messes outside our house than Jean-Luc, though, so I’m suspicious of making him into a potential spouse once he’s older.

06-14-18_6-03-25 PM

And Elizabeth made a friend too, although more a feline one – who has been adopted into the family! Please welcome Prissy!

06-14-18_7-26-29 PM

I’m really happy that we have a cat now, but our home is kind of…invaded ever since. Oh well! I hope that things will go well from now on and that we can build our funds back up!


The Proserpin Legacy – 1.7 Festival!

With a new baby to stress over, it was just the ticket for Jenny to be invited by Aya to the Spice Festival! This is legitimately the first time that a Legacy Sim has been to a festival in one of my games, so I was pretty excited, and determined that Jenny should have a good time. And she seemed pretty excited, too!

06-14-18_6-09-35 PM

As a food critic, she was able to review the food there (served by an older Luna Villareal) and found it delicious!

06-14-18_6-10-32 PM

Next on our list was buying some swag from the Festival stall. We got some gorgeous spices, but most importantly? We got that funky festival tee.

06-14-18_6-11-48 PM

In fact, I decided that Elizabeth might as well come hang out and get a tee as well, although we did have an incident where the Pho she bought was WAY too spicy.

06-14-18_6-14-01 PM

She looks so cute in her lil’ festival shirt!

Finally, Jenny decided to try the bubble blower, alongside Katrina Caliente and Nancy Landgraab. (First time for everything!)

06-14-18_6-15-18 PM

Overall, it was a real pick-me-up! Jenny was so pleased that she cooked a family size plate of mac and cheese as soon as she got back, which everyone tucked into.

06-14-18_6-23-21 PM

Plus, Jenny bought a couple of gifts for the girls. All three of them got a Freezer Bunny Snowglobe! (Here’s Araminta’s one in her room!)

06-14-18_6-25-47 PM

The twins also got a bottle of bubbles each, which Elizabeth put to good use as soon as she could, haha!

06-14-18_6-52-52 PM

And, drumroll please…

We finally got a computer! Hurrah! Now we can work from home instead of getting up early to go to the library!

06-14-18_6-35-27 PM

See you next episode!