The Newcrest Diaries (Episode Four: Introducing Borealis Fields)

Oh, dear! Oh dear, indeed. Poor Renee! And – forgive me, Renee, but poor Alice, too.

Well, let me introduce myself and my family before I go into that opinion. Might as well follow the trend!

My name’s Borealis Fields, although I insist people call me Lis! I mean, Borealis is such a long name, and definitely a bit too romantic for me. I don’t look like a Borealis! My parents were on holiday while my mother was pregnant, and she set her heart on naming me Borealis, you see!

06-12-17_12-54-55 PM

But really, I’m quite a normalish person. I’ve had a few minor acting roles in my time, but nothing to make the headlines. Just in little films, really! However, it gave us enough money in the bank to afford a lovely old house, rather than a newly built one, and do it up gorgeously inside.

06-12-17_1-03-26 PM

As for the us – well, first of all, my husband Leigh! He’s the love of my life. We met at high school, but we didn’t date until the last year of university. He had a big old crush on Jessica for a while, and I had my eye on a boy named Roland (he was very fine, but quite lazy and a bit of a slob, I must admit) so we never really noticed each other until that last year.

I’m so glad we did, though. I’ve loved sharing my life with him.

06-12-17_12-54-22 PM

Together, we have two children, Jarred and Erin. Jarred is the older, and he’s such a sweet boy! I adore him. He likes superheroes, at the moment, and instead of sweets, he spends his pocket money on comic books, which he stacks in boxes under his bed. His favourite superhero is The Purple Archer, and I think the latest issue he got was something like the 118th issue, and of course, he has them all! He’s always talking about his comics, bless him. I could probably tell you most of what had happened in them, with how much he talks!

06-12-17_1-00-25 PM

My sweet little Erin, however, is not quite old enough to talk about what she likes, but babbles, instead. I’m encouraging her to talk with flash cards and the like, of course! She can say a few words, and a sentence or two, but…not quite a full vocabulary yet! She’s struggling to say Llamacorn, at the moment, which is cute – he’s her favourite thing, I think, and she always knows which channel he’ll be on.

She’s also very loving. She’s very gentle with her toys, and when cuddling, which is frankly adorable.

06-12-17_12-59-20 PM

She and Jarred get along perfectly, just as I would wish, and he adores being a big brother to her.

06-12-17_12-56-25 PM

That’s rather enough about me, though. I had better address the Alice situation.

I’ve watched Alice grow up, and over time her temper has begun to flare more often. I’ve seen exactly what Renee described, but I’ve also seen Alice walking by my house and hesitating before walking on by.

Alice, I think, feels like no adult understands her. She plays up, and provokes her mother, but I don’t think she really wants to. She can’t do what she wants, because she’s a young teenager, but she also can’t play around like she might like to, because she’s no longer a child.

She can’t behave like she is currently doing, of course. Renee is stressed, and upset. I’ll have to see what I can do. Perhaps if I go around and visit?

I’ll try to help, if I can.


The Stellar Storyteller Award!


Hi, all! I thought that while all the blog awards are going around, I’d throw in my two cents – and produce a nice, shiny new award to go around!

This is an award more particularly aimed towards creators of SimLit or writers, and people qualify for it if you think they’re a great storyteller!


  1. You can nominate once you yourself have been nominated, like usual!
  2. Introduce one of your characters who you really have fun writing!
  3. Tell us what book you’re reading at the moment!
  4. Thank whoever nominated you and link their blog!
  5. Answer the three questions that the person who nominated you asked you, and then come up with three of your own for the people you nominate!
  6. Nominate five people!


As I haven’t been nominated for this, I won’t be introducing a character, answering questions, or talking about books – but I will be nominating and asking questions!


  1. PrincessSimcess
  2. whattheplum
  3. mastressalita
  4. Trip
  5. Karababy52


My Questions –

  1. What would you most like to see in an expansion pack in the future?
  2. Who’s your favourite of the Goth Family?
  3. Which of your stories (if you have more than one) do you have the most fun writing? Or, if you have one story, which Sim is your favourite to play?


Have fun!


The Newcrest Diaries (Episode Three: Introducing Renee Taylor)

Hello, world.

Unlike the other two, I don’t have the leisure of casually introducing myself for the entirety of this blog post. I have a serious problem I need help with, so I’ll introduce yourself and your family briefly, before cutting right to the chase.

I’m Renee Taylor (pronounced exactly how it looks) and I like badly written soap operas, and baking. Like a lot of my friends, I married soon after graduating from university.

06-08-17_5-56-44 PM

My husband is called Lukas, and the two of us have a daughter named Alice. And here is the problem – Alice is an awful, awful person to live with.

06-08-17_6-00-15 PM

Oh, she does her chores. She’s absolutely fine with washing up, taking out the garbage, tidying her room, and all those sorts of things. No, it’s being polite that she has trouble with. Don’t let the Barbie-pink innocence fool you. Alice has what my friends refer to as ‘teenage tantrums’, and always around me.

06-08-17_6-01-17 PM

It is the cause of a lot of stress for me, and I really don’t know how much longer I can take this. She’ll pick at me, and make sarcastic remarks, purposefully setting me on edge, and pretty much be downright nasty.

But it’s not as if I don’t try! I try my best. I ground her if she continues to act like this. I take her phone away. I impose every discipline trick in the book! I try my absolute best to put a stop to this.

06-08-17_6-04-29 PM

Alice will then play dumb. She will act like she doesn’t understand why I’m going off like a firecracker, and make all sorts of hurt little remarks, in a sad voice that I have learned is very much put on.

06-08-17_6-04-45 PM

And she does apologise – in front of her father only. Never when she’s kicked off while we’re alone has she said anything remotely close to an apology, but when her father comes in, she turns on the charm and simpers her ‘sorry’ to me.

06-08-17_6-06-52 PM

I’ve tried to get Lukas’ support, but he hesitates every time, and Madam disappears out of the room while I try to get him to support me. She gets a horrid little smirk on her face, too.

06-08-17_6-08-32 PM

He then tries to tell me I’m being too harsh on her, and that I should try talking to her, as though I haven’t already tried that, before the discipline had to come in.

06-08-17_6-09-28 PM

Why can’t he see we need to present a united front? Why won’t he support me in this?

And why is Alice acting like this? Please, I’m desperate for help. Send me all the tips and advice you can! And to my friends – I couldn’t hide this from you anymore. I need help, quick!

Renee Taylor

Unique Blogger Award!


Oh, gosh! This is my first award for this blog, and it came out of nowhere! I was nominated by PrincessSimcess for this award, and as I really respect her as a SimLit author, and a fantastic blogger, I’m honoured she thought of me for this award! I’d also like to take the time to recommend her stories, as I hugely enjoy them myself! So, big thanks to Simcess!

I’ll just post the rules, and then I’ll answer the questions!

The Rules

  • Say thank you to the person who has nominated you for the award (linking their blog is appreciated, too!)
  • Answer the questions the person has asked you.
  • Nominate people!
  • Ask the people you have nominated new questions!


A Little Q and A

1. What is your favourite TS4 world?

I only own the three base game worlds, so out of those, I think Newcrest is my favourite, because you can really make it into your own place without destroying any existing lots! I usually tend to put the Perfect Balance Spa somewhere in Newcrest, too, so my Sims can be relaxed.

2. If you were a sim, what three traits would you have?

Hmmm…Probably Childish, Creative, and Lazy! If I ever make a Simself, I’ll give them those three traits for sure. Or maybe Bookworm, instead of Creative, given how much I read.

3. What is your favourite career to play on TS4 and why?

Initially, when I got the game, I preferred Writer, because I want to be a fantasy writer someday, but now it’s probably Painter! It’s actually the only career where I reached the branch level with a Sim. I just love being able to have my Sims paint, and also to ‘Paint from Reference’ so I can create a portrait room of my Sims! I’ll probably always go for the Patron of the Arts branch within Painter, too.


My nominations!

  1. Lynnwood
  2. bmitjessesue
  3. Mckatsims (Kat)


My questions:

  1. Who’s your definite favourite of your Sims?
  2. Who is your favourite pre-existing Sim (or Townie?)
  3. Are there any expansion packs you really, really want?


Once again, thanks so much to Simcess, and hope everyone has a great day!



The Newcrest Diaries (Episode Two: Introducing Alette Andersen)

Gosh, Angela’s started this blog off so nice! I don’t know if I can match that – but I’ll try!

My name is Alette Anderson, and I’m very excited to be starting this communal blog! I should have known it would be a good idea from the start, as it was Lissy’s idea, and she always has the best ideas. Anyway, I live with my family in a house not that far from Angela’s.

I like painting, and work at a gallery in town. I occasionally get commissions to paint, but not often. Even so, when I do, it pays well! I also enjoy pressing flowers the old fashioned way, with heavy books. I just think they look so pretty!

06-05-17_4-43-50 PM

Now, seeing as Angela introduced her family, I’ll introduce mine!

My husband, Dante, is a wonderful man! I absolutely adore him. He’s an outdoors type, and we go on holiday with the kids every year as a result. He insisted the kids get to know how to camp properly, and he’s taught them both how to put up tents! He’s a practical, no nonsense kind of man, but he’s also very caring! I love him to bits.

06-05-17_5-02-58 PM

Our eldest, Nathan, is very musical. He sings, and plays violin. He’s a little shy, but a very friendly young man once he relaxes around people, and around our friends, he’s completely at ease! Some teens are so stroppy, but I’m ever so glad Nathan isn’t. He also really likes ice hockey, and the Willow Creek Walruses are his favourite team! He drags us all along to see their games when he can, and although I don’t know the rules, I’m happy when they win.

06-05-17_4-39-19 PM

He’s even got a long term girlfriend! I couldn’t quite believe it at first, but he and Rin are very happy together. Some people assume me and Angela set them up. Oh, no! It was completely out of the blue, but like I say, they’re happy together! Last year, Rin even came on our camping trip (I invited her, as I knew Nathan would miss her!) and she comes around for supper quite often. They are the best sort of young couple – the sort who are best friends, as well. She makes him happy, and he makes her happy! It’s all very sweet.

06-05-17_4-46-18 PM

And then there’s our youngest, Susan. Oh, she’s such a sweet little girl! And smart, too. Not that Nathan isn’t, but Susan consistently gets the highest scores in the class. Lissy’s eldest, Jarred, is in her year, and the two are good friends. She helps him study, if needs be – she’s thoughtful like that!

She tends to spend a lot of time playing with her chemistry set, and Science is by far her best subject. She told me recently that she wants to be an astronaut. I’m not sure whether I want my baby up in space, though!

06-05-17_4-36-45 PM

Recently, with the warm weather, the two of us (myself and Susan!) have been taking the opportunity to swim in the pool. It’s been absolutely heavenly being able to, and on such an occasion, I like to have my hat ready to protect me from the sun, because I burn easily! I also make sure Susan always has sun cream. We really enjoy being able to swim together!

06-05-17_5-19-10 PM

Did I mention that Dante is an excellent cook yet? Susan really likes pan de muerto, so Dante usually makes that for her if she has to really study for any school tests. It helps keep her feeling cheerful about studying, and I think it’s also a really sweet (pun intended) way that he shows he’s rooting for her!

06-05-17_5-34-39 PM

And of course, my best friend comes around almost every day! Angela and I have been friends since I moved to Veronaville with my parents way back when we were young. I was a pink-clouds-and-unicorns girl (I still am, at heart) and she was elves-and-history. We stuck out like sore thumbs, and had barely a thing in common, but we made friends almost instantly! We’re still joined at the hip, all these years later.

06-05-17_5-30-04 PM

The greatest thing about being friends with Angela is that you always feel completely at ease. Our other friends from uni make me feel like that too, but Angela makes me feel like I can talk about anything with her! Even things I might not talk to other people about. We haven’t changed all that much from the two little girls who used to sit in the corner at recess and talk about everything in the world with each other. We really are friends forever.

06-05-17_5-36-42 PM

Don’t be embarrassed I said so, Angela! We definitely are!

Until next time,


The Newcrest Diaries (Episode One: Introducing Angela Cull)

Greetings, online world!

Well, this is certainly a turn up for the books! I and my friends decided that, individually, we were too busy to run a blog, but then we hit upon the idea of running it together. Who knows, this might just take off!

So, to introduce myself. My name is Angela, and I live with my husband and teenage daughter in Newcrest. I think I’m quite lucky, as we don’t often have trouble in our household! I like Game of Crowns, and Terry Hatchett books. As for a job, I work at Pelham Industries, in the mailroom, but hopefully I’ll be promoted soon, as it would be fantastic to start earning more. I like to think that I’m quite cheerful.

06-04-17_10-23-47 PM

I’ve known my group of friends for a long, long time! However, I’ve known Alette the longest, and we made a decision to attend the same university. We met the rest of our friends there, and we actually both met our husbands there. And, in fact, our children, Nathan and Rin, are dating – although that’s nothing to do with us! We’re fast friends, me and Alette.

Rin is my daughter, and she’s the apple of my eye. She’s got dark hair, like my mother, and she is absolutely lovely. She’s always been very kind and compassionate, and she wants to go to university in San Myshuno, if possible, to study classical literature. She loves to read, and spends a lot of time at the library, searching out new books to bring home! Rin’s a nickname. Her full name is Serenity Lovelace Cull, but when she was born, she was such a tiny little thing it seemed far too long for her, so we shortened it, and now, it seems silly to call her Serenity even!

06-04-17_10-24-35 PM

She’s got all the self confidence I could ever wish her to have, and is as happy as I could ever wish her to be. If she has a problem, she’ll come to me or her father about it, but for the most part, she likes to be independent. However, I still look at her and see the little toddler who used to hug me tightly each morning before she went to kindergarten.

06-04-17_10-35-50 PM

My husband, Nick, is a very caring man. He and I fell for each other in the first year of uni, and although we were told that we would most likely drift apart, it’s turned out to be a false prophecy. We have been very much in love for many years now, and I look forward to many more years with him.

06-04-17_10-37-22 PM

He likes to meet up at the comic book shop for Dungeons and Dragons once a week, and he likes old fantasy books. Rin’s bookishness was, I suppose, unavoidable, with both of us filling the house with books when she was young! He and I both love Game of Crowns, and we originally got talking about our favourite Terry Hatchett books. He also likes Vampire Slayer Lizzy, and pretty much any old TV shows from way back when. We usually curl up at the end of Date Night and watch something.

06-04-17_10-24-57 PM

I suppose I should share an anecdote about him. Well, a year ago, he decided to cook something that wasn’t so hard to make, while I was in the other room. Rin had gone around to Nathan’s for dinner, and Nick was determined to cook dinner.

Except he forgot all about it, and somehow, while he was cooking the side vegetable, he left them, and I suddenly smelled smoke. I called him, and he went through to find the oven on fire!

06-04-17_10-30-04 PM

Luckily, we keep an extinguisher just in case (partially because we’ve had some fires before, with pumpkin carving and birthday cakes both), so we were able to sort it out, but I still tease him sometimes about it!

He still cooks, though, and he doesn’t leave the food to cook itself anymore! He’s not disheartened by it, which says a lot about my lovely husband.

06-04-17_10-31-48 PM

Well, I should wrap this up now. Rin’s due home from her date, and I should probably get supper on. Don’t want Nick to feel he has to do it!

Yours cheerfully,


Marnie (A SimLit Challenge Story)


Once, there was a little girl named Ella, who lived with her mother in Willow Creek, and who wished more than anything for a friend. Every day, she would try to make friends at school, but somehow, everyone already seemed to be friends with someone else. So, Ella resigned herself to living without a best friend, but still, each night, she would wish for one.

One day, she was waiting for her mother to return from work, when she heard a knock on the door. Standing on the doorstep was a little girl with pale, curling hair, who blinked up at her with icy blue eyes.

“Hello?” She smiled, softly, at Ella. “Can I come in?”

Ella thought about what her mommy had said about letting people in, but she also thought about how nice it was to be talking with someone of her own age, as she guessed the girl was.

“Who are you? My mommy says never to let strangers in the house.” She peered, curious, at the girl, who began fiddling with a piece of her hair.

“My name’s Marnie. I’ve just moved in down the street with my mommy and daddy, and I’m bored. I don’t have any friends to play with, yet, and it’s really lonely. And I saw you the other day, and I…” She stopped short, looking down with pink cheeks. Ella beamed.

“You want to be friends with me?” she asked, thrilled.

“Yes! Can I come in, please?”

“Yes, of course!” Ella tugged her in by the hand.

05-26-17_5-54-35 PM

The two little girls sat at the dining room table, while Ella, thankful to have a friend, pressed her for details. What did she like? Favourite candy, favourite animals? Colours? Did she like music? Did she have any brothers or sisters?

Marnie answered quickly enough. Yes, she had an older sister, she liked a lot of candy, and she liked bunnies, she loved music, and pressing flowers she picked outside, bringing a pretty one out and setting it on the table in front of her. Deftly, however, she turned the questions back to Ella, and soon Ella found she was telling Marnie more about herself than she usually told anyone.

They continued to talk until the door clicked, and Ella’s mother walked in, frowning in confusion at the sound of voices, before exhaling in relief at the sight of her daughter.

“Oh, thank goodness! It’s just you, Ella. For a moment, I thought I heard someone else here.”

Ella blinked, and looked at Marnie, confused, only to see an empty chair sat in front of her. On the table, however, the flower lay where Marnie had put it, fresh enough to have been picked that morning.

The Harman Family – A Sims 4 Family Drama (Series One, Episode Four: Big Little News)

One month had passed since the Harmans had settled into the house in Willow Creek, and everything was more or less going smoothly. Stanley had found a job, Adaline was working towards a promotion, Cherish had a circle of friends who she enjoyed being friends with, and Blossom and Taryn had not only quickly become close friends, but Blossom was also getting reasonable grades in school in all her subjects, not just in Music and Science.

It was on a typical Saturday that the balance tipped.

Adaline had recently been feeling a little unwell, a little tired, but had attributed it to work stress, and the relief of it being the weekend had soothed things. However, when she looked in the mirror, and saw that she appeared to be gaining weight, it was quite confusing.

That can’t be right.

She placed her hand on her stomach, and wondered if her late ‘time of the month’ could have caused such bloating. She found herself thinking irritated thoughts of her husband, who didn’t have to play a guessing game with such things, instead living through his life untroubled by any such thing.

Her back began to ache slightly, and she placed a hand on the base of her spine, sighing, before catching sight of herself again in the mirror.

I look…No, that can’t be. I can’t be.

She peeked at her stomach again, and knew that she most definitely could be. She’d looked this way twice before, after all.

Adaline had fallen pregnant.

* * *

The first thing to do, of course, was to tell Stanley.

She marched through to their little bedroom, knowing already what he might say. She herself was completely aware that they couldn’t exactly afford another child easily, and that one of the girls would have to share with the baby when it came, unless they built an extension somehow on the house. Hers and Stanley’s room couldn’t fit most of their things in it, never mind a baby and all the clutter that went with it.

“Stanley, I’ve got some news.” Her hand fluttered near her stomach. “I know we can’t afford it, for one, and I know that we’re in a smaller house than we should be in, to accommodate this, but there isn’t a way around it. I’m pregnant. You’re going to be a father again.”

06-02-17_11-47-31 AM


Stanley gaped for a minute, before a big, wide grin lit up his face. “A baby? We’re going to have a baby?”

“Yes.” Adaline sighed, but then looked at him, surprised. “Aren’t you worried?”

“No! No, no, Adaline, I’m thrilled! A baby! Oh, I can’t wait. And as for space, money, well, don’t worry about that. I’m sure everything will be fine. Oh, darling.” His lovestruck eyes gazed up at her. “Oh, my beautiful Ada.”

She blushed like a schoolgirl, before coughing. “Telling the girls will be a bit of a trouble, I fear, but -”

“I’ll tell the girls. You take a nap, Ada.” He smiled again, and she felt a shy smile creep onto her own face.

Ada. He’d called her that when they first met, at uni, once he’d moved on from calling her ‘Miss Summerdream’. When they’d been friends, he’d started calling her Ada, never Adaline, not straight away. The memories flooded back swiftly, and she blinked, and nodded, while Stanley smiled to himself, feeling as proud as any lion.

06-02-17_11-48-32 AM


In the other room, the girls were eating fruit toast for breakfast, reconciled still, the peace having held for longer than usual.

“So, how’s the violin going?” Cherish asked, pleasantly, and Blossom sighed.

“I wish I wasn’t any good at it. Miss Kelly is always telling me that I have potential, that she pushes me to be better because I can be, and I have to practice so much!” She rubbed her fingertips with her thumb, and Cherish tried to think of what might help.

“Have you tried hand cream?” she asked. Blossom frowned, confused.

“I’m not an old lady, though.”

Cherish laughed. “Seriously. Hand cream is so nice. It keeps your hands soft. It might stop them from getting calloused.”

06-02-17_11-51-00 AM


“I might try it, then…” Blossom bit her lip, and Cherish waved a hand.

“No, no. I’ll lend you some. I’ve got some nice ones. Peony, almond, lavender…You know, all the flowery ones. Lavender’s nice, actually, but it’ll make you drowsy.”

“How do you know that?” Blossom stared at her sister.

“That’s what lavender does. It helps you sleep. I mean, if you’re having trouble sleeping, you could do what I do when it’s warm and hard to sleep, and just rub some on your hands before you go to bed. A good night’s sleep is really good for you.”

“But how do you find out all that stuff?” Blossom asked. “Like, make up stuff, what to use, how to dye your hair?”

“Ah, well, hand cream and lip gloss is all you’ll get for the moment, Bloss. You’re too young for make up. I mean, the natural look works way better for younger girls. But when you get older, everyone’s going to be wearing make up, and then you just need to blend in with the crowd, if you want to, or go with natural beauty.” Cherish smiled. “Tell you what, though, we’ll go into town tomorrow, and I’ll get you some hand cream from The Nature Shop. They’re some of the best.”


Their father, walking through, heard the tail end of the conversation, and smiled to himself. Cherish was certainly acting a lot more like a big sister, these past weeks. Perhaps it was due to her new friends, or perhaps the absence of her old friends, but she certainly seemed to be fighting less with her sister.

“Am I treading into a dangerous place?” he asked, as he sat down. Cherish smiled at him, and Blossom immediately started picking up the dirty plates, heading over to the sink with them.

“Nah, you’re cool, Pops.”

06-02-17_11-53-26 AM


He lowered his voice. “Cherry, can I actually talk to you? I want to tell you first. I’ve got some really good news.”

Cherish blinked, confused, and he smiled at her, a big, dopey smile. A soppy smile.

“Your mother and I have discovered something wonderful is going to happen. A really, really wonderful thing for all of us. Cherish, there’s going to be something fantastic happening.”

Cherish suddenly recalled hearing something like this before. Her dad being so happy he couldn’t make proper sense. Her eyes flicked to Blossom, and back to her dad. It was way back when. Way, way back when. Before Blossom had arrived.

06-02-17_11-55-23 AM


“No way!” She hugged her dad, and then leant back. “Oh my Watcher! Oh, Plumbobs! It’s happening again, isn’t it? Watcher! It’s happening! I’m going to be a big sister again!”

“Eh?!” Her father looked at her, shocked. “How did you figure that one out?”

“You said the same thing when Blossom was on the way. Oh, Watcher, Dad! That’s great! That’s fantastic! But where are we going to put a nursery? And how far along is Mom?”

Stanley smiled. “We don’t know yet. I’m going to arrange for her to go to the hospital tomorrow, and then we’ll know for sure. She’s just having a nap at the moment. But as for space, I’ve been thinking it over, and I was thinking that if possible, we could redecorate upstairs a little, and Blossom and you would switch rooms, so Blossom could share with the baby, or we could, if you want, build a nursery next to your room.”

“Oh, I remember Blossom crying when she was a baby in our room! Put a nursery nearby, I promise to help if I can!” Cherish smiled, big and wide, and her father smiled back.


“A nursery? Why a nursery?” Blossom frowned as she came back from washing up the dishes.

“You’re going to be a big sister, Blossom. Your mother is going to have a baby.”

Blossom squealed. “I’m going to be a big sister! Oh, I can’t wait to tell Taryn! A big sister!”

06-02-17_11-56-20 AM


Breakfast was forgotten, and the two girls and their father instead began chattering about all things baby. Names, for a boy and a girl, were suggested, and the décor of the nursery was talked about, and whether the baby would learn quickly about things, what things would be like once the baby arrived, all that sort of thing.

“I hope it’s a girl! A little sister!” Blossom said, causing Cherish to hide a grin. Hadn’t she said such a thing so long ago herself?

The Harman Family – A Sims 4 Family Drama (Series One, Episode Three: A Mid Willow Creek’s Dream)

The next day was somewhat awful for everyone involved. Neither sister would speak to the other, and Adaline was not going to put herself in the middle of their argument until they’d calmed down. The day after, things had still not improved, and she headed off to work at 9:00 AM sharp, and tried to put the situation at home out of her head while she got sorted in the mailroom.

People were always needed in the mailroom, as it was always busy, especially so with the large firm Adaline worked with. They were as in demand and ever-changing as tech support, really. She was busy enough that she’d almost forgotten about the girls by the time she arrived back home, exhausted.

Stanley was waiting for her outside, a smile on his face. “Adaline! How was work?”

She smiled, smoothing down her work dress. “It was busy. How are the girls?”

06-01-17_5-32-45 PM


Stanley winced. “Blossom came back from school riled up and tried to pick a bit of a fight over the television. I tried to handle it, but Cherish didn’t let her temper get the better of her, and I’ve sent Blossom upstairs. Cherish is in the kitchen.”

Adaline smiled, and kissed his cheek. “Darling, I’m certain you did what was best. You always do.”

They walked into the house holding hands like they used to when Cherish was a newborn, and Stanley silently thanked the Watcher that he and Adaline had ended up together. Sure, the girls fought, but as a family, they were happy enough. And as a couple, they were still very much in love, after all these years.

Adaline kissed his cheek, and leant over to whisper in his ear. “I’ll talk to Cherish. You go relax.”

He kissed her gently, and then moved to sit down on the sofa, close enough to help if the chat with Cherish went downhill. Adaline sighed, a little lovestruck, before sitting next to Cherish.

“How was school?” she asked, and Cherish smiled to herself.


06-01-17_2-50-28 PM


“And how are things with your sister?” Adaline asked. Cherish’s smile fell slightly.

“I don’t…really want to talk about it, Mom.” She turned away, picking up her plate and heading over to the sink. Adaline sighed.

“I want everyone in this house to at least be talking. We won’t be if this goes on.”

“Well, she shouldn’t have done that! She knows why!” Cherish turned to her mom. “Doesn’t she understand how embarrassing it is?”

“Why don’t you tell her?” Adaline tried, as a last resort, before wrinkling her nose up. “You can also tell her to stop playing around with the chemistry set, if that’s her creating that smell.”

A smell like rotting socks had begun to float down the stairs, and Cherish rolled her eyes, but knew there would be no stopping Adaline from making her do this. She headed up the stairs. Well, fine. If that was the way it was going to be, she’d talk to her sister. But she didn’t want to!

Blossom was desperately trying to stop the smoking vial from doing anything worse. Oh, Plumbobs. She must have added the wrong chemical, and created this awful thing! It was a truly disgusting smell, too.

06-01-17_2-43-51 PM


“Gross.” Cherish held the sleeve of her sweater over her nose. “Don’t you have a neutralising chemical or something?”

Blossom blinked, and then held up a vial of blue liquid, and poured it in, watching as the vial turned a peaceful green colour.

“I…didn’t think of that,” she admitted, embarrassed, and Cherish sighed.

“You didn’t think of a few things, though. I’m not exactly surprised.”

06-01-17_2-34-58 PM


“Like what?” Blossom corked the  vial, and carefully put it away in the compartment of the table. Cherish hesitated, and Blossom looked up at her.

“When I was…a bit older than you, Bloss, there was this girl in my year. She really hated me. She thought all the boys liked me better or something, and she was really mean to everyone, like, real mean. She used to accuse me of some nasty things, and when the spot happened, and the ‘Blemish’ thing happened, she kept it going. Even when I didn’t have any spots, she’d make sure people called me that. Every time I tried to make it go away, it made it worse, and every time I got spots, it got worse.”

Blossom stared at her. “Didn’t you tell anyone?” Didn’t you have to do that with bullies?

“Didn’t matter when I did. She’d do it, still. She was so nasty. She got the boy I liked to dump me through that. It doesn’t really matter now, Bloss, but it felt so awful. You have to understand that it really, really hurt.”

“I…” Blossom swallowed. “I’m sorry.”

“So am I,” Cherish said, unexpectedly. “I know we aren’t exactly the best of friends, but I…I acted really awful, these past couple of days. You wanted to get your own back, yeah?”

“Yeah,” Blossom admitted. “And look cool in front of Taryn. I mean, she thinks you’re really cool! And you dye your hair! I can’t be as cool as that!”

“Hey, small fry. Listen.” Cherish knelt down to her sister’s level. “You’re every bit as cool as me. And if people can’t see that, you move on, okay? Find friends who do.”

Blossom shook her head. “Taryn and I are friends! But…Polly always hangs around with Olivia, and they giggle and are really silly. They play Kiss-Chase with the boys.”

“Nauseating.” Cherish grinned, and straightened up. “But I guess that everything’s going alright in school?”

“Yeah. Although, I do have homework. On my first day!”

“Don’t blow it up,” Cherish joked, and Blossom smiled before she could think about stopping it, and the two of them laughed, before Cherish headed back downstairs, leaving Blossom to do her homework.

06-01-17_2-36-58 PM


Cherish had had a much better first day. Willow Creek’s high school was a small one, and a new girl attracted enough attention that she made a few new friends almost immediately. Lily, Penny, and Alison were three girls who’d welcomed her into their small circle. She was already in all the group chats, had all their numbers, their Snapchats, and she’d promised to message them all when she could.

And then there had been a boy who seemed to have taken a shine to her. One John Wesley, who attended the school with his sister, and who had said how refreshing it was to meet new people with a wink in her direction.

She was taking out the rubbish when she noticed him standing nearby, looking a little shocked to see her.

“Miss Harman!” he said, smiling at her.

“Mr Wesley.” She allowed a little half-smile back at him. “What are you doing around here?”

“Oh, I walk around here every now and then. See the sights. I live with Paris nearby, and this just so happens to be my favourite part of Willow Creek.”

“Oh?” Cherish asked, her cheeks a little pink.

06-01-17_5-35-12 PM


“Mm. I mean, I can show you…hang on, here we go.” He fished his phone from his pocket. “Mom and Dad are pretty busy, most of the time, so they decided to get me and Paris a place in the Creek so we can attend high school while they go all around the world. It’s a lot of fun. We’re really independent. I mean, the place isn’t much, but…”

“It doesn’t need to be.” Cherish smiled as she saw a picture of John and the impeccable Paris stood with a blonde woman who looked like a model and a man with the smile of a fox in a living room not much bigger than theirs. “Is that your dad?”

“Yeah, Senior. He’s John Wesley too.”

“Must be confusing.” You’re my favourite John Wesley, she thought to herself.

06-01-17_5-37-57 PM

“‘Course, Senior doesn’t think me and Paris should spend too much, so we get a bit of a small allowance. He’s such an old fogey. Thinks I should marry the second I get to university.”

“My mom married when she was out of high school.” Cherish smiled. “She and my dad were really happy.”

“Oh, for sure! Marriage for love is so much better than marriage for money. Girls just always seem to be flirting with me, and I always know it’s for money. Like, honestly, I’d like just for once to be flirted with because someone likes me.” He smiled at Cherish. “Sorry, I’m rambling.”

“No, no! I mean, some of the people at my grandparents’ parties try to flirt with me for the same thing. Because we’re an old family, not a rich one, and people love status. My mom’s a Summerdream by birth, so people want the status. Back where my grandparents live, the Summerdreams are like, one of the oldest families. It’s so dumb!”

“Summerdream? Like, the Veronaville Summerdreams? My great-great-grandma used to live there!”


“Yeah, Desdemona Capp! She met my great-great-grandfather when they went there on business. That is so neat!”

“Woah, that’s totally weird!” Cherish stared at him. “That means our families knew each other way back when!”

They stared at each other for a minute, before laughing.

06-01-17_5-40-48 PM

“You better head back, or they’ll think I’ve kidnapped you. Here.” He fished a pen from his pocket, writing on the back of her hand. “Message me when you can!”

He started to walk away, and Cherish went pink, looking at his number.

He gave me his number!



That night, while Stanley sat through in the living room watching a late movie, Adaline went to sleep early, pleased that her daughters had reconciled, and that for now, the household was peaceful. The little house was no longer full of horrible silence, but instead a relaxed atmosphere had taken its place, letting her easily fall asleep.

06-01-17_5-50-06 PM

Blossom went to sleep, dreaming of a planet made of marshmallows, relieved not to be fighting with her sister for once. She sort of missed being able to hear Cherish’s phone go off, and being in the same room as her sister, oddly enough.

06-01-17_5-53-03 PM

And across the hallway, Cherish went to sleep, dreaming of a time when Veronaville was the place to be, of being in a long ballgown, and dancing with a handsome young man who looked not unlike John Wesley.

“My lady Summerdream, may I have this dance?”

“My lord Capp…”

06-01-17_6-01-00 PM

The Harman Family – A Sims 4 Family Drama (Series One, Episode Two: Housewarming Spat)

Although Cherish’s friends had promised her with absolute certainty that they would keep in touch, by the time Saturday came, she still had not received a single message. She found herself refreshing each app, but still, no message appeared.

05-26-17_5-50-56 PM

Around 11, a light knocking sounded from outside. Peering through the window, Blossom could see a pale little girl standing outside. She has odd socks on, Blossom thought, a little awed. Adaline would never have allowed odd socks to be worn by either of her children.

05-26-17_5-52-34 PM

Stanley looked up from the TV program he and Adaline were watching. “Blossom, sweetheart, could you get the door?”

Blossom quickly opened it, almost dropping the keys, and the girl stepped in with a shy little smile.

“Hello. My mommy asked me to come over instead. I’m Taryn.” She fiddled with a strand of curly hair, and Adaline stood up.

“Oh! Are you here for the housewarming party?” she asked, gently. Blossom stared slightly at Taryn. Her skin and hair were so pale. She looked like an ice fairy.

“Yes, Mommy can’t come, so she asked me to.”

Blossom cleared her throat, and Taryn smiled again at her.

“What’s your name?”

“I’m Blossom. Blossom Harman. Nice to, to meet you, Taryn!”

05-26-17_5-53-57 PM

Stanley smiled at the two girls. “Taryn, the party isn’t until twelve, so why don’t you and Blossom sit down? I’ll fetch you some juice and the two of you can chat.”

And that was what they did. Blossom discovered that Taryn had a big family, rather like her own, and that a long, long time ago, her great-great-great-great-great-and so on-grandmother had founded a Legacy, and that Taryn went to the local school, Landgraab Elementary, where Blossom was to attend in a few days time.

“You’ll probably be in my class. You can sit next to me at lunch, if you wanna.” Taryn smiled encouragingly.

“Oh, I’d like that! Do…you have a real close friend?”

“No, not really. I mean, my cousin Polly and I used to be good friends, but then she and Olivia Kim-Lewis went and became best friends.” Taryn sighed. Blossom felt a little sorry for her, but mostly, she hoped that soon, she and Taryn could maybe become best friends.

05-26-17_5-54-35 PM

“So, girls!” Stanley sat down next to them. “Mind if I join you?”

Taryn giggled, and Blossom rolled her eyes a little, unknowingly looking exactly like her sister. “Daaaaad!”

“Oh, I’m sorry, are creaky old people not allowed at the dining room table?” he asked, teasingly, and Blossom giggled as well this time. Taryn caught her eye, and they both went into another fit of laughter.

“I didn’t know I was that funny!” Stanley smiled warmly at his daughter, glad that she appeared to have made a friend so quickly. And maybe, he thought, privately, it meant that Cherish would make friends as easily, too.

05-26-17_5-57-20 PM

At twelve o’ clock, the house began to slowly fill with a few neighbours, one of whom brought around a cake that didn’t look…quite nice, although Blossom didn’t say so. She played a game on her phone while Adaline stepped outside to talk to a neighbour, and looked at the different people from time to time, while her dad talked to Taryn about her family.

All the people here wore suburb clothing, it was clear, even if Taryn wore cool odd socks. In San Myshuno, everyone wore bright hazes of beautiful colour, in all different patterns. She felt a little wistful for it.

05-26-17_5-57-45 PM

“Your dad says you’ve got a big sister!” Taryn said. “I’ve got a sister too, Elena. She drives me up the wall, though.”

“Cherish drives me up the wall!” Blossom admitted, quietly, while her dad talked to a lady named Eliza. “She’s always teasing me, but I can do the same.”

The fib spilled easily from her lips, and no sooner had she said it than Cherish sloped down the stairs. Blossom felt her heart thump.

“Hey, everyone,” Cherish said, almost quietly. Stanley smiled.

“Nice to see you too, sweetheart. Come sit down! Come meet Blossom’s new friend.”

05-26-17_6-00-41 PM

Blossom could see Taryn staring at Cherish’s blue hair in awe. Would Taryn think – horrors – that Cherish was cool now? She hoped not.

Cherish’s hand bumped the table, and Blossom snickered loudly, looking quickly at Taryn.

“My sister’s real clumsy sometimes,” she said, loudly, and she saw Eliza’s husband hiding a smile. So did Cherish, who frowned at her.

“Hey, Mrs Pancakes, do you wanna sit here? I just need my sister’s help with something.”

05-26-17_6-02-09 PM

Rolling her eyes, Blossom went over to the kitchen counter with Cherish, aware of Taryn watching them with wide eyes.

“Bloss, that wasn’t cool, and you know it. This is Mom’s party. Don’t mess around just to impress this new girl.”

05-26-17_6-03-14 PM

“I’m not messing around! I just told her you can be clumsy!” Blossom said, innocently, hearing a little giggle from over by the table.

Suddenly, Cherish’s hand pushed her face back.

“Yeah, like you’re not, Miss I-Blew-Up-My-Failed-Science-Project!”

05-26-17_6-03-23 PM

A big grin was plastered on Cherish’s face, and this time, Blossom knew that Taryn was laughing, and she clenched her fists.

“Oh, yeah? Well at least I can keep spots off my face before the school dance, Blemish!”

05-26-17_6-03-29 PM

Cherish blanched slightly, and a memory popped into her head of what Blossom was referring to. She’d gotten a date with a cool boy, and was all ready, when out of nowhere, a big spot had popped up on her lip. She’d tried to conceal it with eyeshadow, but another girl had given her the nickname, and it had spread around school. Even the boy had laughed at her.

“Shut up, Bloss!” she hissed. Blossom laughed.

“It looked really funny when you kept putting white powder on it! You could see it a mile off!”

05-26-17_6-03-48 PM

Cherish gritted her teeth as Blossom walked back to sit down – in Cherish’s seat. Taryn’s eyes were sparkling, clearly liking the drama.

Cherish couldn’t believe this. Her stupid little sister had trotted out one of the worst moments of her life in front of everyone at this stupid housewarming.

“Mom, tell the little monster! She’s calling me Blemish again!” she snapped, and Adaline’s smile froze. Blossom tensed, looking across at Taryn.

05-26-17_6-06-20 PM

Adaline sat down next to Blossom.

“Blossom, honey, don’t antagonise your sister. I know the two of you haven’t exactly been getting on since the move, but just be the bigger person.”

Blossom couldn’t believe this. Her mother was actually chastising her in front of Taryn. Taryn was fidgeting, looking a little uncomfortable.

05-26-17_6-08-27 PM

“She calls me names all the time, and you never do anything! You just ignore it!”

Her mother’s peacemaking expression vanished.

“Blossom, I do not ignore it, and I do not take kindly to the way you’re speaking to me right now. I will not have you ruin this lovely housewarming with a childish tantrum!”

05-26-17_6-08-59 PM

Blossom felt her lip quivering.

“You let Cherish speak like that all the time! Why is it always that I get yanked up on what she gets away with!”

“Blossom, stop this now. You are not four. Don’t throw a paddy like you are.” Her mother’s voice took on a warning tone, and Blossom pushed the plate away from in front of her.

“You always let Blemish do anything she wants!”

Cherish flushed, and clenched her fists, before storming out of the house. Adaline rounded on her youngest daughter.

“That is enough! Go to your room!” Adaline snapped. “You are grounded for the rest of the weekend, young lady!”

05-26-17_6-09-06 PM

Blossom went up to her room, upset and furious that her mother had done something like that. How could she have done that? How could she? It just wasn’t fair!

She could hear Taryn thanking her parents downstairs, and managed to go to the window in time to see her walk away. She’d probably be lucky if Taryn even spoke to her on Monday – and it was all Cherish’s fault!

05-26-17_6-09-51 PM

Cherish, meanwhile, had headed to the nearby park, wiping a couple of burning tears off of her cheeks. The little brat. Why would she do that? Cherish wasn’t stupid, she’d seen that idiot redhead woman snickering into her hand when Blossom had blurted what had happened.

Why would she even do that?

She sat down, and forced a smile onto her face. No Blossom here, not a single person here who would annoy her.

“It’s all her fault. It’s always her fault. Mom thinks she’s some perfect little angel that can just be told not to do something. It’s always Blossom’s fault!”

05-26-17_6-13-11 PM