Daughters of Hesperia – To Aid Others (1.14)

As Molpe awaited in the flickering candlelight, she was thinking over what this could be. A sign, perhaps, from the Goddess, but without a priestess to act as interpreter, signs were hard to understand.

Yet even she knew that there was only one path that a tribe could take with a woman who needed help, and that was to take her in, whether as a member of the tribe or something else. Pallas had seemed unnerved by the situation, something that worried her, but when pressed he had told her that the woman had a young girl with her, and both of them were garbed in fine clothes that looked torn and stained.

A woman and a young girl.

There was no way that Molpe could turn them away, and she did not even wish to, but the timing was so strange. Could Polgara really take care of so many children all at once?

Pallas called from outside. “My queen, I have brought her here.”

“Send her in.”

* * *

The woman in front of her was dressed as Pallas had described, but she was also younger than Molpe had anticipated. In fact, if Molpe was any judge, this woman was around the age of her younger sister, and yet something about the way she watched the girl almost anxiously made Molpe feel a pang of sympathy.

“Come forward.”

The woman stared blankly at her, and Molpe frowned.

“Come forward, if you please.”

The woman spoke in another language, and with a start, Molpe realised that this woman was speaking Frankish, the same language that traders spoke. She could understand some of the words, but she still held up a hand.

“Please repeat that.”

We are–” Here, she said a word Molpe did not know, and clutched the little girl tight to her. “Please, help us.”

Molpe repeated the word under her breath, and searched her memory. As Polgara often dealt with the traders, the queen did not often have a reason to practice her Frankish, but as part of her lessons she had been taught the basics of the language.

What is that word?” she asked.

Pallas bowed his head from the doorway, and Molpe nodded to him, signalling that he might speak.

“It means…lost, my queen. I have heard the traders use it to describe ships that have been sunk, but it is a very…peculiar word.” He gave the woman a strange look, before averting his eyes again.

We do not know this land.” The woman seemed almost afraid. “Please, help us.”

I will help you.” Molpe rose. “Here, I am queen, and I will help you.”

Where are we?”

I am queen here on Hesperia. Do you understand?” Molpe looked at her. “Now, we talk.

Queen…” The woman’s eyes widened. “Then we are in Amazon lands?”

Do not talk when I do.” Molpe was exhausting her knowledge of Frankish, but the woman looked down.

You need our help, but you do not rule here. I do.” Molpe stayed standing. “I am Queen, and I do not yet know what you need. But I will not have you talk when I am talking. Now, speak.”

The woman bowed her head. “My apologies. My daughter and I have had a long journey, and then we were left on a nearby island by a…” She looked almost embarrassed. “The ship left us there. But we found a small boat, and came here.”

Your daughter?” Molpe looked at the little girl, who looked tired and a little scared, and she could not help but feel her heartstrings tug.

This is Marcella.”

And your name?”

The woman said a name, a long Frankish one, before repeating something shorter. Molpe frowned.


I…” The woman hesitated before nodding. “Yes, I am Diana.”

Something told Molpe that had she called this woman any name, she would have taken it. Still, prolonging this conversation now would do no good to anyone.

You have a choice. You may stay the night and leave in the morning, as is tradition, or you may join us.”

The woman looked surprised, but Molpe held her gaze steadily.

The night?” she whispered, looking down at her child.

Hospitality. We must welcome you both, and if you take that night, you must leave in the morning.” Molpe sighed. “My tribe is still young, and I have children to protect.”

This clearly struck a chord in Diana, who looked down at her own child.

We…we will…”

Decide in the morning.” Molpe sighed. “You need to sleep, and so does your daughter.”

Diana looked grateful, and Molpe looked to Pallas.

“Pallas, take them to Polgara and help her move Odysseus into my room. I cannot risk my son. Have Polgara tell Anikka to stay in her room, and we will move some blankets into the nursery for these two tonight. Make sure they are fed as well.”

“Yes, my queen.” Pallas began gently shepherding Diana and her child away and up the stairs.

Please, Goddess, let this be the right choice, Molpe prayed. Please let this decision be the right one.

The Whitmore Legacy (2.7)

We’re back! And just as I predicted, I’ve been walking on eggshells around my legacy save.

Nia completed Noelle’s portrait, and it’s now in the plant/portrait room, which I should probably vacate of plants at some point. Ah, well!

Here’s the actual screenshot of Noelle sitting for the portrait – it actually went pretty well given how getting Sims to sit for a portrait usually goes!

I also redecorated the kitchen like I was planning to, and did it up in Noelle’s signature pink. We now have slightly better things to cook with, and I even splashed out on a bin that should be pretty catproof. I think everything looks really lovely!

Nia also retired, because I really don’t want to make things worse by tiring her out with work.

Plus, she’s looking after the family! She’s the best cook in the house, and I assure you that neither Loario or Noelle are particularly great cooks yet.

As well as painting Noelle’s portrait, Nia also managed to paint a Masterpiece – I’m not one to collect them but this is absolutely beautiful.

Nia’s actually been painting a lot recently, and her skill in that is getting higher all the time! It’s really strange to think how she and Ritvik started out when they were first together, because now the house is just beautiful and things are much better.

Speaking of beautiful, Minthe aged up!

She’s very like her mother at the same age, and just so cute! Nia definitely thinks so as well.

I also got a cute shot of Minthe being put to bed by her grandmother. Look at these two! They’re so cute! Fun fact, Minthe has the Weak Bloodline trait from Noelle being a Spellcaster, but I don’t know if she’s a Spellcaster too – I don’t think so, but it’s interesting all the same!

Rowan’s old room is officially the nursery now, and Noelle is also pregnant again. I’m definitely looking to have multiple children this time round.

Loario looks tired already, which is making me giggle. This poor man, he’s going to be EXHAUSTED for the first few bits of this generation. Noelle’s also getting morning sickness right away, which has to be rough.

Still, she and Loario did briefly go to the Festival of Lights, and it seems like they had a fun time!

So our little family is most definitely growing, but I’m always more and more worried for Nia. I’m planning on doing a commemorative episode when she does pass away, but she’s lived for 99 days so far, which is pretty astonishing.

See you all again soon!

Daughters of Hesperia – The Issue of the Queen (1.13)

While she loved Odysseus as was only natural in a mother, Molpe left most of his care to Polgara. She would see him on occasion, and take delight in feeding him, but as queen, she had duties to attend to.

One such duty was thinking over the problem her son presented. He was not an heiress, and her body needed time to recover according to Polgara, and yet the tribe needed to grow as quickly as possible. There was also a feeling that since the Goddess had not blessed them with a girl as their very first child, that she had not done enough to appease their Goddess, but such feelings could not be assuaged without a priestess.

So, they needed a priestess to help guide them back towards the Goddess’ path. Where was one to be found? It could not be Anikka, for she was too young, and her mother had already found them two tribe members. If she wanted a priestess, she would have to communicate with the tribes herself, and she wasn’t quite sure that she wanted to do so by begging for more members. However, they needed someone who could connect with the Goddess.

Molpe also knew that she needed to speak to Meda and urge her to choose from between the men. Polgara needed to look after Odysseus and Anikka, and so could not be expected to take time away from her duties, but Meda had a choice of two men, and that was a choice that their Gatherer needed to make.

“We will survive,” Molpe said to herself, firmly. “We shall survive past this, and reach the Goddess again.”

In her heart, however, the girl she had once been wished for the Goddess to send them a sign – anything to prove that she still watched over them.

* * *

Anikka blinked down at her nephew. He was so very small that she wasn’t quite sure what she should do with him, but his focus went from her to other things so often that she almost felt awed when he did look at her.

“Princess Anikka, do you wish to hold him?” Polgara asked.

“I have had brothers before,” Anikka answered, as if in a daze. “And nephews, too, but there were always so many babies…” She kept staring at Odysseus, who yawned and closed his eyes.

Polgara knew what she meant. On the Isle, she had taken care of several at a time, but for there to just be one baby seemed very quiet indeed. And he was certainly a sweet baby, there was no denying that.

“Will we be walking tomorrow?” Anikka asked.

Polgara shook her head. “I must make sure Odysseus is fed, Princess Anikka, and the sun would be too hot for him.” She smiled at the young girl. “Why not bring your journal down here? I am sure he would be grateful to your spending time with him.”

* * *

Molpe walked out of the palace to see Pallas waiting, looking unnerved. As soon as he saw her, a look of relief passed over his face, and he hurried over as quickly as he could.


“My Queen, I must report something to you.” He looked down. “I was walking along the beach and around the palace, and I have found…someone, but she does not speak our language and she is in distress.”

“She?” Molpe frowned.

“I cannot tell her name, but she is exhausted and…oh, my queen, I do not know what I am to do.”

“You ought to have brought her to the palace already.” Molpe frowned at him. “Or do you think an exhausted woman is an assassin?”

He bowed his head in apology. “I did not wish to disturb you, my Queen, or the new baby, and of course with Princess Anikka, I wished to be careful. I simply waited for you.”

“Very well. Bring her to me now, and I shall wait for her.” Molpe turned around.

“There is something else, my Queen!” Pallas called.

“What is that?”

“She…has a child with her.”

(This beautiful dress can be found here, and the toddler hair can be found here !)

The Whitmore Legacy (2.6)

First things first, it’s Winterfest and Noelle looks like she’s carrying twins! She looks absolutely miserable, but…this is only the first of who knows how many pregnancies.

Nia stepped in to make the dinner, although it doesn’t look that impressive. I’m not great at managing the holidays in my games so the table isn’t set at all, but she looks to be spending some quality time with Loario.

I’m thinking that at this point, I should probably rip out the kitchen and replace it with a nice new shiny one, because practically everything in this kitchen is battered and bad.

Nia also had a cuddle with Ruby in her pajamas, which was a really cute shot.

Then it was time for Noelle and Loario to decorate the tree!

This is such a cute shot – Noelle with her baby bump and a smile while Loario hangs an ornament? Oh my goodness! Definitely one of my favourite Winterfest pics so far in this legacy.

Plus, once they were done, the tree looked really cute!

Father Winter definitely seemed to agree when he came to visit!

Everyone got a present, and Loario got the best one of all…a Motion Gaming Mat!

And then, in a puff of smoke, Father Winter was gone! I didn’t even have to sell all the gifts this time around, which was fortunate.

Everyone had a really good Winterfest as a result, and I think next time around I’ll be able to put even more effort into it! It’s a really good holiday and I had a lot of fun playing through it.

Plus, once we packed up all of the Winterfest items, we had room for the Gaming Mat! Loario’s been mostly the one to use it, and I also decided to splash out on some nice pink wallpaper to replace the blue from before.

He also found a Potion of Curse Cleansing on Plopsy, and Noelle was able to drink it and finally be free of the curse she received back in her teens! Yay! No more weird magic!

She…then immediately went into labour.

I decided that this time around, I was going to name everyone in this generation after different characters in Lore Olympus (one of my favourite Webtoons) so meet Minthe Whitmore, our first baby of the next generation!

She’s absolutely adorable, and I had Noelle dress her in the little ice cream cone onesie.

Her dad adores her too! I think Loario is going to be a really devoted dad.

Unfortunately, that’s just as well, because I got the notification I’ve been dreading for some time while I was playing. Nia is on her last days, and while she’s lasted longer than I could ever have hoped for, she’s not got long left and will pass on soon.

I remember how hard my first Legacy Founder death hit me when I first played this challenge, and I don’t think it’s going to be any easier this time. I’m really attached to Nia and I really don’t want to lose her, but I think it’s only right that she should paint Noelle’s portrait to add to the portrait room before she passes.

I’m going to miss her so much, and I’ll be nervous for the next few times I play, but ultimately this is how the game works.

Until next time, readers!

The Whitmore Legacy (2.5)

It’s official, we’ve got an heir incoming!

I know it’s been quite a while since I last updated, but what an update! I’m seriously so happy! I’m kind of hoping for a girl if I’m honest!

Here’s the nursery, decked out in Noelle’s colours:

Of course, after that, the family had to drop round and approve of Loario. I swear they just showed up by themselves, I had nothing to do with this. I love this screenshot because it totally looks like Rowan is telling Loario embarrassing childhood stories about Noelle!

Speaking of Loario, he’s an interior decorator, and he took a gig for the Elderberries! It was my first time testing this feature and while it was a little stressful, it was also pretty fun!

I like the elegant style I ended up going with!

And the clients were certainly very pleased! Rohan in this save is married to Morgan Fyres, and they have two children together. (In my other save, he’s kind of a deadbeat dad while Morgan is the best friend of my Sim, so this is kind of funny.)

But it was a fun experience and I think the house looks really nice!

Happily, it’s also that time of year again, which brings back so many memories for me. Noelle joined the family during Winterfest, as I mentioned before, and it looks like she might have her baby the day after.


And now!

It’s a good reminder of how much the house has changed, too. I remember desperately trying to squeeze everything into the house for Winterfest, and now we have a greenhouse room, several bedrooms, and everything one could want. I still feel like it’s pretty basic, but I’m sure that as time goes on we’ll eventually get there.

Also, Ritvik swung by to officially approve of Loario. I think Rowan’s just here to pet the cat at this point.

Ritvik also makes cake every time he pops up. Is this a normal thing?

Ah well, at least Noelle isn’t going hungry.

Until next time!

Daughters of Hesperia – The Firstborn (1.12)

Polgara heard the cries of her queen from the nursery, and ran as fast as she could. Molpe was supposed to be resting, as her child was due soon, but when Polgara reached the room she found Molpe stood over the cradle, clutching her stomach.

“My queen!” Polgara cried out, rushing forward and taking her in her arms, trying to walk her away from the cradle. It was clear from her cries that the queen had gone into labor, and would need help.


“Sleeping, my queen,” Polgara steered her away, trying to get her towards the bed.

On the Isle or indeed any well populated Amazon territory, many would be able to attend and help a queen during labor, but here, Polgara would be the only one. She took a deep breath, steadying herself as she laid Molpe down on the bed. Polgara would need to see Molpe through this virtually by herself.


The next morning, a gurgling baby rested in Molpe’s arms, while behind her Polgara tried not to worry. The baby was healthy, at least, and Molpe was speaking softly, but…

Odysseus was a boy.

Their firstborn was a male, and of course, someday, would die. His children could not even inherit the throne. And for the firstborn of the tribe to be a boy was worrying.

“He is precious, Polgara, do you not think?” Molpe asked, dreamily. “So small…”

“All babies are so, my queen.” Polgara cleared her throat. “I shall need to ask his father to come see him soon, of course, and then…”

“Oh…” Molpe seemed to awaken from some sort of trance. “Of course, Polgara. And have Meda sent to me, too. I need her to make her decision soon.”

Polgara nodded, and came over to help the queen return to her bed. “Rest easy, my queen. I will take care of all matters while you rest. I will take care of it all.”

Molpe smiled gratefully as Polgara eased her under the covers of her bed. “Thank you, dearest Polgara. You are of great service to your queen.”

Polgara stood over the cradle, looking at the baby. He was not an heiress, but on the bright side, he was a healthy child, and very sweet. She found herself drawn to talk to him.

“You and I will be friends, Odysseus,” she said, gently, “for I will raise you. I will provide for you, and you will have as happy a life as you may, but I will be your protector and provider.” She smiled at him, and he stared up at her, not understanding a word.

“Your father is coming to meet you.” She lowered her voice. “You may only see him once, but he will give his life in exchange for yours, and thus he will be giving you the greatest gift of all. As you are given to us, he will be given to the Goddess. You will see him.” She moved as if to pick him up, but heard footsteps and moved away from the cradle.

“Septimus?” she called out.

“Yes, my lady.”

The visit was short, but Polgara averted her eyes as Septimus faced his son, the firstborn of Tribe Hesperia. She heard him sniff as though he was weeping, but whatever he said to his son, whatever words of love and affection were given, those stayed between the two.

And as she had promised Molpe, Polgara took care of everything as she led Septimus into the trees nearby. She gave him the vial that she had asked Andromeda to prepare, and held his hand after he drank from it, staying with him until the very end, and when the sun rose she came back alone.

The Whitmore Legacy (2.4)

Without further ado, I would like to introduce….Noelle’s birthday! I’m hyped, are you hyped?

Her birthday cake meant that Nia mastered the Cooking Skill, which I adore because I don’t think that’s ever happened in game for me before. It was winter in game, so I chose the winter cake, which is actually also thematic given she joined the family at Winterfest!

Sadly I didn’t get a picture of her blowing out the candles, but here’s a picture of her as she is now! She’s pretty much 100% Dream Home Decorator for her outfit, and I absolutely adore her. Look at how cute she is!

So now I absolutely have to redesign her room, as it’s now the master bedroom! I wanted to really go for a pastel pink theme for Noelle overall, and I really love how it turned out (with some space left over for hobbies and such later on!)

With that out of the way, it was time to send our girl spouse hunting! I decided that San Myshuno was probably the best place for her to scout out potential partners, so I sent her over to the art gallery.

(Rowan showed up here, and I was so excited to see him in his painter’s outfit. Look at him!)

However, pretty soon I noticed two young men at one of the stands outside.


I sent Noelle over to make Polite Introductions (she’s got the Good Manners trait as well as Responsible as a Young Adult) and she got to chatting with both of them while I weighed up who I thought it should be.

Eventually, I decided on the lovely man behind the counter, Loario, and Noelle and he had a really lovely time talking.

I think he’s going to be an excellent addition to our legacy! Welcome to the family, Loario!

Here he is after a clothing makeover! I tried to make sure his clothing would complement Noelle’s style, and honestly, it really suits him.

I’m very excited to see how this will go! Roll on, Generation Two!

The Whitmore Legacy (2.3)

Guess what, we had a birthday! I know things seem to be speeding by, but Noelle is still a teenager, so there’s not much I can do at the moment. However, Nia has finally become an Elder!

First, Ritvik autonomously made her a cake, which was the sweetest thing ever – look at this man remembering his wife’s birthday even when he’s dead! Look how proud he is!

They also flirted for a bit, because they always do.


Tada! Nia Whitmore, the Elder!

I think she’s still pretty cute, though! One step closer to a reunion with Ritvik, however….

But I really love how she looks. Thank you, Snowy Escape! (It’s got a lot of my favourite fashions.) I’m also able to spend a little more time letting her do what she wants, although she still has a job.

By the by, Rowan is completely devoted to baby Poplar. Look at him being such a devoted dad! This is such a cute picture!

However, it wasn’t long after Nia’s birthday that Poplar’s rolled around! He’s so cute, and the Whitmore genetics are definitely strong…He looks so much like his father! This could almost be baby Rowan, I swear.

And Nia loves him too! She’s a doting grandmother, and I’ll have to see if I can invite the babies around at the same time for a playdate in the future!

So with Poplar grown up, Cali and Rowan have moved out into the Chauhan household, leaving Nia, Ruby, and Noelle in the very, very big house.

Noelle still has the curse, which is a bit of a problem as it means she can’t really do magic, but I’ll be looking for the potion on Plopsy. We still have our indoor garden, which is helping out majorly when it comes to providing funds, and I’m really enjoying the new features that have come along with Dream Home Decorator, which a friend kindly bought for me as a gift. Nia has decided she likes Writing, and I just think it’s amazing that Sims can develop their own likes and dislikes now!

Harvestfest rolled around again, and Power Conservation hit at the same time…

But later in the evening Rowan swung by to see how his mother and sister were doing (Noelle is going through a Distant phase, but Nia was delighted to see him!)

Noelle was also challenged to a duel by Morgyn Ember, who is also now an elder, and OOF, Noelle, that poor man! (She won!)

Next time, we have some exciting changes coming up, so watch this space!

Daughters of Hesperia – A Royal Visit (1.11)

Meda was checking the hive earlier than usual, preparing for the visit of the royal sisters and Polgara. She had not really met Anikka, and wanted to ensure that everything was perfect for their visit. Of course, she would warn both the princess and the queen to be wary of the hive, as she did not want to lose even a single worker bee.

“It is unusual for you to be up and about so early.”

Meda turned away from the hive with a smile.

Perseus stood a short distance away. Since they had spoken, he had seemingly made a conscious effort to behave himself, and while he still did not act with the decorum that Lukos did, he behaved in an acceptable enough manner. Meda had to admit she was impressed.

“Are you truly worried about this visit? I am sure everything will be to the taste of the queen, Gatherer Meda.”

“I am simply making sure everything is ready. But I would be grateful if you would see about preparing some of the herbs to send back to the palace, and store them in my quarters.”

Perseus nodded, and walked away, while Lukos came up behind her.

“Do you wish us to meet the queen today, my lady?” he asked, quietly.

“No, for she comes with the princess. Were it just for the queen, I might wish to introduce the two of you so that she might get to know both of you, but this is ostensibly an educational trip for the princess. It would be…desirable for the two of you to spend as much time on other tasks as possible, or even to go swimming.” A bee buzzed around her dress, and she let it, staying as still as possible.

“Understood, my lady.” Lukos smiled. “I know our queen is protective of the princess, and I would not wish to worry her.”

As Anikka had been confined to the palace and its grounds and placed under supervision, visiting the garden compound was a rare treat. She had been taken with the idea of Evadne, and her cloak of flowers, and she wondered what their own Gatherer was like.

When she had been informed that Molpe would be coming with them, she had not known how to feel. Still, it was not as though she could argue with her sister more than she already had, and she was not even sure that she wanted to.

But as soon as they arrived, she forgot her worries, racing ahead of the party to look around the small garden, amazed at how the plants were blooming.

It was not just the plants, either, but the lush scenery. A waterfall gushed behind the compound, and the sea was closer than it was at the palace. Should Anikka wish, she could easily go paddling, and the heavy smell of greenery almost overwhelmed her.

“Princess Anikka!” Polgara caught up with her, a smile on her face. “Princess, you must not rush off like that.”

“This place is so beautiful!” Anikka was unable to stop herself. “It smells so lovely, and the sea is so close…”

“It is very lovely. Meda and the men worked very hard on making it the perfect place to raise the plants we need. See how they are in boxes? That is so they can grow in soil, even here, and be looked after perfectly. Sand can be a good place to grow plants, but it is not always so.”

“And I can hear the bees!”

“Meda has asked us not to get too close to the bees, Princess Anikka. They do not know us, and so may be afraid. Why not look at all of the plants? I am sure they will not be so defensive.”

As Anikka ran off to do so, Polgara watched her with a fond smile.

It was not a secret that she was happy to care for her ward, and she had found her a very engaging child. To see her having so much fun felt so rewarding.

Meanwhile, Meda and Molpe were walking together, the queen now slower in her walk due to her pregnancy.

“The bees seem to be settling in well, my queen, and I do not see any sign of a rival queen yet, so we should have an uneventful summer here.” Meda smiled. “They are happily producing honey, and helping with the garden. In fact, they have taken to the change better than I could have hoped.”

“And the men?” Molpe asked, quietly.

“Much like the bees, my queen. They have settled in very nicely.” Meda smiled. “They have been a great help to me, and I know that we will bring in good harvests for the tribe.”

Molpe paused. So far as she knew, Meda had not yet formed an attachment with either man, although as an Amazon, she was well within her rights to. However, with a tribe so small, she could see why her Gatherer was more focused on her duty rather than anything else.

She smiled at Meda, confidingly.

“You know, you have not told me much of them, still. I know only what I have heard from the men in the royal compound, and they are quick to tell me that Lukos and Perseus are working hard, but not much of their personalities.”

“Well, they both work hard, and at the moment there is so much groundwork…but Lukos is very dutiful, while Perseus is slightly more lighthearted.” Meda seemed to be careful with her words, and looked puzzled. “May I ask why you wish to know about them, my queen?”

“Meda, they likely will end up as fathers one day. Getting to know them, even by proxy, will be of use to me.” Molpe stifled a laugh. “And I must admit, I want to know which you may pick. Call it entertainment, if you must, but I am curious.”

“Queen Molpe…”

“I understand you are not thinking of it at the moment, Meda, but it is interesting to think that you may end up choosing one of them. My mother and her best friend used to place bets sometimes on who would choose which man, and I suppose I see the amusement of it now.”

Before Meda could answer, Polgara and Anikka came up to them, with Anikka excited.

“I recognised some of the plants!” she announced, proudly.

“Indeed. The princess has been paying attention in her studies.” Polgara smiled warmly. “She recognised them just from seeing them in the books, my queen, and was even able to list off some of the uses.”

Anikka seemed a little unsure, but Molpe smiled down at her. “Anikka, that’s wonderful! You clearly have worked hard.”

“I have!” In her excitement, Anikka seemed to forget her awkwardness. “We have been studying plants so that I would be prepared for the trip, and I have been learning so much! Polgara said that some of what was in the books is for Gatherers to reference, but that some plants are useful because you can make poultices for wounds out of them. She said I can learn to make some in our lessons next week!”

“A poultice is a useful thing to learn for any warrior, and yet more useful if you can find the plant.” Molpe looked to Polgara with approval. Learning to make treatments was a good lesson for any young woman, especially one who would be nearing the age where she would start to begin more strenuous training.

“Why don’t you show me the gardens?” Molpe asked her sister. “I should like to see the plants that you know, if you should like to show them to me.”

Anikka seemed slightly hesitant, but nodded, turning and walking back slowly towards the gardens. Molpe followed behind her, smiling as she looked at her younger sister.

Certainly, she seemed brighter since Polgara had arrived. Her energy seemed to have blossomed, and her enthusiasm was lovely to see, though she was still unsure around Molpe. But seeing her so happy was a delight to the queen’s heart.

The Whitmore Legacy (2.2)

So, it turns out that if your Sim messes around with the cauldron, they get a Glimmerstone. Now, I could have just destroyed it, but honestly, Scruberoo and Repairo are really useful spells, especially as Ritvik haunts and breaks things a lot…

So, I sent Noelle to Glimmerbrook.

Once there, she approached the Sage of Practical Magic.

And of course, was sent to collect motes.

She was successful in her quest, and congratulations to the legacy, because Noelle is now a Spellcaster! I’ll be going into practical magic with her, because I think it would be a useful branch of magic for a parent later down the line.

She ended up duelling someone after a day or so, which was fun. I think she got challenged by someone who was also a teen?

But in the end, Noelle won!

She was quite smug in victory, in my opinion.

So, Noelle is on her way to becoming a powerful sorceress! I’m really loving Glimmerbrook at the moment, anyway. It’s something you can spend aages exploring.

In other news, Tabitha aged up, and wow, does she ever look like her dad!

Her uncle is still one of her favorite people, too!

And of course, Nia adores her granddaughter. It’s still so strange to me that Nia has a granddaughter, even though this is all down to me. She was just a young adult at the start of all this!

But, as per my previous stipulation, I moved Lea, Luca, and Tabby out into the Ember household. The house needs to be a bit emptier, and it’s only getting emptier from here. I’ll still see them from time to time, but I’m set on this now.

Nia will stick around, but both boys will be moving out, as their sister is the heir. Speaking of which, Cali moved in, and she and Rowan were expecting a baby! Nia looks so smug in the background, now.

I guess Rowan decided he needed to workout as a result?

Also, Noelle is currently cursed. How do you get rid of that? I tried sending her to talk to a Sage, but essentially, her spells are all going wrong at the minute. Darn. I guess my plan for fixing and cleaning things has drawbacks.

Luca invited Rowan to the Spice Festival, and they got to see each other again! I feel like we’re going to see them less and less as time goes on, but that’s just how it goes with Legacy spares.

Cali joined him later on, too. As you can see in this screenshot, she’s pretty preggo.

She’s also a fire hazard, apparently, because she set the oven on fire by mistake while cooking.

Noelle looks super annoyed here. Well, I’d be annoyed too if I just inherited a legacy and someone tried to burn down my new house.

Not long after that, Cali went into labour, and we’ve officially welcomed Poplar Whitmore to the family – our first boy of the next generation! Again, like Tabitha, he’s not a potential heir, but I like that the tree name thing is continuing.

So, when he ages up to a toddler, they’ll move in with Cali’s family – I realised it was far easier to move Cali’s family to be ‘in world’ rather than save up and by them a house. I think he’ll look more like his mother, truth be told, but I don’t know – Tabitha overrode the Ember and Proserpin genes to look JUST like her dad, so maybe the Whitmores have those strong genes.

Stay tuned, and I’ll be updating again soon!