The Proserpin Legacy – 2.3 Magical!

Welcome back to the Proserpin Legacy! Firstly, Vihaan and Araminta are getting along splendidly, and Vihaan has a job, although Araminta is mostly skill building at home. They’re really cute together, though! Araminta keeps kissing him on a whim, which is absolutely adorable.

07-19-18_4-03-12 PM

With her legacy ensured, Jenny’s making sure to kick back and relax. Hey, she’s put in a lot of work, and now she’s retired, it’s time to reap the rewards of that! Which absolutely means with our basement gym we also have a relaxing massage room where she can do just that.

07-19-18_12-37-27 PM

And recently, her legacy is definitely ensured, because…Araminta is pregnant! Woop woop! I’m super excited about this!

07-19-18_12-26-52 PM

Vihaan was more than happy to hear the news, too! And I am super, super hyped for this! Gen 3, everyone!

07-19-18_12-28-26 PM

This also means I have the chance to show off the nursery I’ve put in upstairs! It’s pretty basic at the moment, with Big Puds and mint blue wallpaper, but it’s pretty, I think! I’m not exactly a master builder, but I think I haven’t done a bad job here.

07-19-18_12-27-10 PM

Overall, actually, our family house is looking pretty good, although the layout of upstairs does need updating. However, like I said, I’m not good at building things so that they look that pretty, so I’m happy with how everything looks, overall.

Anyway, in updated family news, Melusina came to visit her FAVOURITE auntie, and she’s aged up into a Child! (She’s got the Genius trait, if anyone’s interested!)

Gosh, she looks so much like Hector.

07-19-18_2-00-32 PM

She was very excited to hear about her new cousin-to-be! (Ah, she’s so cute!)

07-19-18_1-59-47 PM

Shortly after her visit, a certain someone decided it was time to arrive, as Araminta went into labour.

07-19-18_3-04-45 PM

I honestly thought she was going to have twins, from the size she got to, but nope – meet our newest baby, Iolanthe Proserpin! She’s named after Iolanthe Peverell, the woman who married into the Potter family and brought the Invisibility Cloak with her.

07-19-18_3-12-26 PM

(All this generation’s babies will have Harry Potter names!)


The Proserpin Legacy – 2.2 Old Age Suits You

It’s an all-round aging up episode! There hasn’t really been much to comment on throughout Araminta being a teenager, sadly, and what little there was, I covered last episode. Pretty much, it’s been an endless cycle of school, taking care of needs, saving money, and preparing for this time, when she becomes old enough to be a proper heir…but just before it was time for her to become a Young Adult, Kengo aged up to Elder!

Which he…kinda suits? I don’t know, I think he makes a snazzy old man.

07-18-18_9-15-41 PM

Anyway, as it turned out, Jenny and Araminta shared their birthday this time around, so I had Jenny make another gorgeous Strawberry Cake that they could share!

First, it was Araminta’s turn…

07-19-18_10-59-09 AM

She now has the Creative, Perfectionist, and Geek traits! I hope they do pretty well for this legacy?

As for Jenny, she became a classy lady once she hit Elder! I miiiiight have reworked her wardrobe with stuff from the Vintage pack, but doesn’t she look nice?

07-19-18_11-00-59 AM

Araminta got a new makeover as well, and was invited by Elizabeth on a night out the next day. It’s a nice look, considering that it’s summer! (And I did just buy the Backyard Stuff Pack…)

07-19-18_11-25-58 AM

(Also minty blue suits her, haha!)

Anyway, she went to the bar in San Myshuno, and started to look for a nice guy. There were a lot of options, given that it was one of the nicest bars in the city – and hey, we’ve got to keep the legacy going!

But she got a little hungry, so I sent her to the bar to get a snack, and while she was there, this guy started chatting her up!

07-19-18_11-29-25 AM

His name is Vihaan, and he seems quite nice, despite having the Kleptomaniac trait. He and Araminta had a good ol’ natter, and when she moved away from the bar, he came with her!

07-19-18_11-35-59 AM

It’s safe to say they hit it off pretty well, and it’s such a shame that Minty had to go home and take care of her needs. Oh, well! There was definitely a lot of flirting going on, too, so they have a nice romantic interest going.

Oh, and just before she aged up, I snapped this picture of Minty taking care of our upgraded garden – which now is all in boxes and bringing in a lot of cash! How great is that? It looks so much neater, and it’s easier for her to build her Gardening Skill this way!

07-19-18_10-25-45 AM

The next day after this, Minty was feeling super happy, and sent a happy text on a whim to Vihaan, who invited her out for coffee at the Hare and Hedgehog. Before you could say first date, they were ordering coffees together, and went to hang out outside once they’d eaten and drank.

07-19-18_12-01-11 PM

Finally, Araminta invited him back to our house, and they had their first kiss! And thanks to their date, they were close enough that he moved in with us!


07-19-18_12-12-31 PM

As Araminta has now picked out her spouse, I’ve redone her bedroom to suit them both – including a picture she picked up out in town! It’s really pretty, their room, and I had a lot of fun designing it!

07-19-18_12-17-30 PM

As asked, I’ve put together a family tree, which can be found at the top of the chapter list, but until the next episode, I would say it contains spoilers! 🙂

See you next time!

The Proserpin Legacy – 2.1 The New Reign

Our new heir, as determined by votes…is Araminta! As she’s still a teenager, this allowed me to do all kinds of sorting, with regards to the house. Between the garden, Jenny, and Kengo, we’re bringing in a lot of money, and definitely enough for us to rest easy!

And rest easy is a motto our lovely heir can cope with!

07-17-18_1-44-51 PM

Both Lillian and Elizabeth have moved out to be with their partners, and we had the house relatively to ourselves – even with a new arrival! As head of house, Araminta adopted a new cat – a beautiful Tuxedo called Emma.

07-17-18_4-22-35 PM

At the moment, Jenny tends to be the one who Emma likes the most, though! I’m pretty happy we have a cat again, though. (Prissy’s ghost is still hanging around, but it isn’t the same at all…)

I’ve also added some upstairs rooms, including a tiny nursery and a room to store the potions table, alongside the bar now that we no longer have a resident mixologist.

07-17-18_4-12-44 PM

Speaking of our mixologist, Lillian and Hector had their first baby – she is a lovely little girl called Melusina!

07-17-18_5-09-16 PM

After a little while, Araminta was invited over by Lillian, and Melly aged up that very day! I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye on both Elizabeth and Lillian when I can spare some time (not so much that it affects the legacy family!) because oh my gosh, Melly as a toddler is ADORABLE.

07-18-18_10-45-31 AM

She’s so cuuuuute!

I can only hope our third generation babies will be as cute, but it’s looking like a good sign that Melly is so adorable!

I’m aware that this seems like a little news update, but as Araminta’s still a teenager, there isn’t really more news I can give regarding her. I’m planning on remodeling the house a bit, though, and I’m slowly working on her gardening skill, as well as her painting and guitar skill. She doesn’t really have a potential love, yet, and I’m planning on waiting until she’s a Young Adult to start looking around. Thanks to Kengo and Jenny’s combined efforts, we don’t really need another person in the house very urgently.

Really, I’m glad that I decided to stock up on money! I’ll be dipping into it to sort out the house, and maybe sort out some new rooms and a spa-like place downstairs, and update bits and pieces, but stocking up has done me a world of good. It’s meant I’m sitting comfortably, and so is our lovely Minty!

See ya!

GEN 2 HEIRESS VOTE! (Proserpin Legacy)


07-01-18_3-40-45 PM

Lillian Proserpin

Aspiration: Master Mixologist

Traits So Far: Bookworm, Dance Machine

Lillian is the firstborn of the twins, and already painting and mixing drinks (though, not at the same time!) Her boyfriend is Hector Behr, and she is about to become a Young Adult.



07-01-18_3-40-27 PM

Elizabeth Proserpin

Aspiration: Big Happy Family

Traits So Far: Geek, Outgoing

Lillian’s younger twin, and very much a ray of sunshine! She’s working on her Wellness skill, and has exchanged promise rings with her childhood sweetheart, Jean-Luc Rogatz-Lee. Also about to become a Young Adult.



07-01-18_3-40-09 PM

Araminta Proserpin

Aspiration: Computer Whiz

Traits So Far: Perfectionist and Creative

The youngest of the three sisters, Araminta has only just become a teenager. She’s starting to learn Guitar, and has always been a pretty smart kid. She’s the only one of the three to inherit Jenny’s green eyes.



The Proserpin Legacy – 1.15 Love and Death

Hector Behr has been hanging around a lot more these days, and he and Lillian have finally had their first kiss! I’m super hyped about it, because they make SUCH a cute couple.

06-28-18_1-23-28 PM

However, not everything is positive. We had another vet bill, as Prissy had to go to the vet’s, and even though I spared no expense with the medicine…

06-24-18_8-51-15 PM

…Prissy passed away shortly after.

06-28-18_4-39-06 PM

The Grim Reaper came to collect her soul, and everyone witnessed it. It was awful, and we put her gravestone out at the front of the house.

06-28-18_4-47-53 PM

It’s very sad, and even though her ghost has been coming back, it’s not exactly been good, as everyone gets spooked and sad. I meant to create a kitten in CAS, but she died before I could, so I’m saddened by it. I suppose this kind of thing just tends to happen, though, as much as it does in real life.

Hector’s sister Eloise came over to visit and hang out with Lillian, as they’ve met before, and she and Lillian get along pretty well – good to know in case Lillian ends up moving into the Behr house!

06-28-18_6-42-52 PM

Also, I finally spent Kengo’s aspiration points on some potions to help the girls out! I’m going to keep filling up the table with these, especially sleep ones, as when you have toddlers you get NO sleep. And even with high school – the girls have absolutely been wiped out each time they come home, so we actually have used up both sleep potions since this picture.

06-28-18_6-46-38 PM

I actually got the idea off of somebody else, although I can’t remember who. A YouTuber, I think, who had a table out in the garden with all these potions so that the heir and their spouse could be comfortable while raising their kids.

Lillian went to the Humour and Hijinks festival to pick her spirits up, along with Elizabeth, and their team, the Pranksters, won! She gained some levels in Mischief, too. (I decided to stick with the Festival Shirt she has at the moment, though.)

06-28-18_7-05-36 PM

We then had some drama with the fireworks we won, though, because we very nearly didn’t HAVE an heiress vote!

Elizabeth set off a firework but set herself on fire, instead!

06-28-18_7-43-51 PM

So not only were my Sims panicking, but was panicking too, trying to get Lillian to extinguish her – only to have LILLIAN catch fire as well. At which point, Jenny stepped in and extinguished them both.

Leaving them both a little singed.

06-28-18_7-45-41 PM

I think it’s safe to say Elizabeth is looking a little sheepish there. This is EXACTLY why fireworks are not to be messed with! I’m still shaken by the incident – I could have had two dead Sims on my hands.

(I’m shivering.)

Not long after this, however, Araminta’s birthday rolled around (Eeep!) and Jenny made her a Blue Confetti Cake so she could age up. (I…could have had a party, but I don’t have good memories of trying to complete the event in the past.)

07-01-18_3-29-04 PM

And here we have the moment that ends Generation One! I’m super proud of how much I’ve achieved in this time, and also super excited for what the future will bring! (Also, the last photo of Araminta as a child!)

07-01-18_3-33-47 PM

And….ta-da! (She’s a Perfectionist and Creative!)

She looks very like Jenny and Kengo! I kept her blue theme, of course, and I’m loving her overall look, if I do say so myself!

07-01-18_5-24-24 PM

Stay tuned!



Life Anew, Chapter Three

The morning rolled around, and I rolled out of bed. I’d been sleeping pretty well ever since I got here, but the first night hadn’t been so good – as I was used to the sounds of the woods, the constant sounds of San Myshuno had been a bit of a shock. I’d slept through most of it, and then woke up at 5am as the delivery trucks arrived, beeping loudly enough to wake the dead.

This morning, I slept through them, and staggered into the kitchen to make some breakfast.

06-25-18_4-43-27 PM

To my surprise, the eggs and bacon actually turned out alright.

I ate breakfast in the dining room, rather than the living room, because the Royal Bachelorette is still going, and I didn’t want to turn on the TV and see it, not without my friend there. My loss, I could take, but his loss was harder to deal with, because I had firmly thought of him as somebody who could win. He’d ended up in the Redemption Room alongside me, but had taken it well, and tried to teach me to play chess. None of the others had engaged with me like that, after the first couple of conversations, and although it would have been nice to see how Fate was getting along, I couldn’t bring myself to watch it. Or any TV, to be frank.

When breakfast was finished, I went to get dressed, so as not to spend a day in my dressing gown, and found myself staring at a pink shirt that I’d bought on a whim. Perhaps I could dress a little differently today.

I buttoned it up, and picked up my phone, taking a quick, and probably bad picture of myself, sending it to Miss Arnett before I could hesitate.

What do you think?

06-25-18_4-53-52 PM

Ten minutes later, she replied.

When’s prom? (And where are your glasses?)

Ah. Looking in the mirror, I could see that she might have a point. It did make me look like I was about to shave and ask permission to take somebody’s daughter to prom.


Well, I think I’ll be voted King, but in all honesty, you’re right. (My glasses are in the bathroom.)

I swiftly changed out of the offending shirt, and breathed a sigh of relief as I pulled the waistcoat on. Yep, nothing made you feel more confident than a beautiful waistcoat.

My phone buzzed again as I came out of the bathroom, glasses finally on my face.

So, Prom King, have you got time for a coffee with me?

06-25-18_4-54-59 PM


Okay, Isabelle Arnett was extremely confusing.

She was very direct, but that made it hard to tell whether or not she was flirting with me, and as I got to the café she’d told me she was at, I tried not to assume that she was flirting.

She was waiting outside, in a summery cream dress, and waved me over when she spotted me.

“Champ! Come on, come on! I’m dying for my caffeine this morning.” Her friendly smile threw me off guard, and I hurried over.

“Do you come here every morning?” I asked her, and she laughed.

“Pretty much! I do a lot of late night work, at the moment, to pay for my rent. It’s in the Spice District, and the flat’s pretty tiny, but it still needs paying for.”

We went in and I followed her as she made a beeline for the register.

“Isabelle!” the barista said, somewhat warmly. “How’ve you been?”

“Not too bad, not too bad! Yourself?” She seemed a little more relaxed, speaking with him.

“Oh, you know, the usual. Serving coffee to bartenders.” He winked, and they both laughed, before he turned to me and asked for my order.

“Could I have a pastry and a mocha, please?”

He whistled, gave Isabelle a look, and turned away to make my drink and another. Isabelle leaned close.

“Me and George over there go way back, ever since we were teenagers working horrible part time jobs. We serve each other drinks all the time, ’cause he serves coffee and I serve alcohol.”

06-25-18_5-03-06 PM

“Oh.” The penny dropped. “You’re a bartender!”

“Mm-hm!” She grinned. “It’s pretty fun, because I’m part of this agency that hires out different bartenders to different places. Wednesdays are pretty fun, because I’m at the karaoke bar, but Friday daytime is stuffy because I go to the gallery. The art’s beautiful, but the snobs all order like they’re emulating rich teenage girls.” She laughed, and stuck her nose in the air.

Excuse me, miss? I ordered my Princess Cordelia with extra grenadine three minutes ago, and you’re still making it!” She rolled her eyes. “Great Sloths, you can’t get the staff any more. You know, there are plenty of young people who would leap at a chance to do what you’re doing.”

My jaw dropped. Not just because of how the person had apparently treated her, but because her mannerisms – the way she looked down her nose and puffed out her chest, and pursed her lips – perfectly captured one person.

The famous art critic, Diego Lobo.

It was scarily accurate. It was like the man himself stood in front of me, before she relaxed and began laughing.

“Man, but I hate Fridays. It should be nice because of how cool the gallery is, but it’s not.”

“One mocha, one pastry, and one cappuccino?” George appeared, and we took our orders from him, going to sit at the little bar next to the counter.

“So, Leon, what do you do?” Isabelle asked me. I looked down at the counter.

“I, um, I paint.” And enter reality television contests. 

06-25-18_5-02-01 PM

“Oh, nice!” She smiled, and I smiled back.

“So, what do you like?” I asked. She grinned.

“Hm, swimming, comics, animation…” Pausing, she winked at me. “Anything in common?”

“Actually, yes. Comics.” I felt a sheepish grin cross my face. “I really like this one series, Jenny and the Human Race. It’s about this alien girl who gets sent to Earth, but ends up realising her people are taking advantage of humans and –” I stopped. “Sorry, I’m babbling.”

“Aw, come on, Champ! Tell me more about it! I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it.”

It looked like the nickname was staying, but I didn’t mind, and ended up going through most of the plot of the first series, finding myself promising to lend her the collected edition.


After our coffee, she had to run (‘yoga class!’) and I ended up heading back to my apartment, smiling as though I’d never stop. I was even in a good enough mood to buy a cupcake, something I usually never do even if I want to.

06-25-18_4-18-02 PM

It was just that she was so nice. She was a pleasure to talk to, and I couldn’t wait to meet up with her again.


Sorry for a short chapter!


Life Anew, Chapter Two

I was starting to spend a bit too much time in my apartment, and as much as that was nice, I decided it might be nice to go to the gym, although my gym clothes aren’t really that…high profile. Besides, I didn’t want to lose my shape and have to buy new waistcoats.

06-25-18_4-23-32 PM

It might not have been the most practical of decisions to go into the boxing area straight away, though. For one thing, I had no idea how to start, and just kind of…awkwardly squared up to the punching bag.

06-25-18_4-24-21 PM

Eventually I tried to hit it properly, and failed like a true amateur. I nearly fell over as well, to add insult to injury, and then looked around to see if anyone had noticed.

06-25-18_4-25-23 PM

The only other person in there was a young woman who I guessed must be around my age, and who was completely focused on what she was doing. I winced as she hit the punching bag with practiced accuracy, but couldn’t help but admire her skill.

06-25-18_4-25-53 PM

She punched the bag again, and I couldn’t help but look as she did so. She seemed pretty fierce, from her expression, and I wondered if it was focus or something more. Either way, I wouldn’t want to be that punching bag.

At this point, she looked over at me and grinned, which startled me so much I nearly tripped backwards, and felt my cheeks flush as she laughed. It wasn’t unkind, though, and she slung off her boxing gloves and wandered over. I put mine down, sheepishly, as she came towards me.

“Hey, you even trying to focus on the punching bag?” she asked. Her voice made me want to smile – it was bubbly and energetic.

“I did try, but I don’t think I succeeded,” I admitted.

06-25-18_4-27-34 PM

She laughed again, and I found myself smiling.

“Well, give it another go, come on!” she urged. “I mean, I was watching you, a bit, and you seemed like you didn’t want to hit it at all! You’ve got to want to hit it, you know?”

That she’d been watching me in much the same way as I’d been watching her surprised me, but at her insistence, I picked up my gloves, pulled them on, and stood in front of the punching bag.

“Keep your feet even, and really go for it!” she told me, smiling brightly.

So I did.

06-25-18_4-24-38 PM

And suddenly, I saw why people actually liked doing this. She hadn’t told me to imagine someone’s face, or to get angry – just to want to hit it, and miracle of miracles, I’d done something the way it was supposed to be done that wasn’t painting. I couldn’t help but turn to her with a big grin on my face.

“I did it!”


She grinned back. “You sure did, Champ! See, you can do things if you want to do them!”

“Champ?” I asked, and she grinned.

“Yeah, Champ! I mean, it’s not like I know your name, is it?”

I hadn’t met someone so direct in a while, and it took me aback a little, and for a minute I completely forgot my own name.

“It’s Leon. Leon Ragsdale.” I regretted giving it out slightly. What if she was a Bachelorette fanatic and told me I’d lost super badly, or something?

But no such thing happened. She smiled at me, instead.

“Isabelle. Isabelle Arnett.” She grinned at me. “Just so you know what to save me as!”

06-25-18_4-31-29 PM

“Save you as?”

She nodded, and darted off, returning with one of the business cards of the gym and a pen. She scribbled on it, and handed it to me.

“You know, just in case you need someone to spot you again. Alright, Champ?”

I peered at the business card and realised she’d written her number on it. Well, she certainly was direct, but in a way, it was pretty refreshing. I wasn’t sure whether or not she was flirting with me, but it made me smile, and I tucked the card into my pocket.

“You know, I did tell you my name,” I said, smiling at her.

06-25-18_4-32-07 PM

“So you did!” she laughed. She then turned, and began walking. “Text me sometime, okay, Leon?”

“Yes! I will!” I called after her. She shot me a smile as she walked out of the room.


My mind was still stuck on how very direct she was that night as I cleaned the dishes. I suppose when you do chores, your mind wanders to nicer things, and my meeting with Miss Arnett had certainly been nice.

06-25-18_5-36-39 PM

Usually, people tended to dance around in conversations, giving little hints and maybe, if they were flirting, doing so in a certain way. With Miss Arnett, she had been so honest and nice, even if my brain couldn’t decide whether or not she was flirting. I mean, a girl giving you her number doesn’t always mean that she’s flirting, and I wanted to keep that in mind.

I was glad I had met her, either way. Her laugh was infectious, her manner was lovely and I had her number saved to my phone, and was resolved to text her the next morning, just as I had promised.