The Stellar Storyteller Award!


Hi, all! I thought that while all the blog awards are going around, I’d throw in my two cents – and produce a nice, shiny new award to go around!

This is an award more particularly aimed towards creators of SimLit or writers, and people qualify for it if you think they’re a great storyteller!


  1. You can nominate once you yourself have been nominated, like usual!
  2. Introduce one of your characters who you really have fun writing!
  3. Tell us what book you’re reading at the moment!
  4. Thank whoever nominated you and link their blog!
  5. Answer the three questions that the person who nominated you asked you, and then come up with three of your own for the people you nominate!
  6. Nominate five people!


As I haven’t been nominated for this, I won’t be introducing a character, answering questions, or talking about books – but I will be nominating and asking questions!


  1. PrincessSimcess
  2. whattheplum
  3. mastressalita
  4. Trip
  5. Karababy52


My Questions –

  1. What would you most like to see in an expansion pack in the future?
  2. Who’s your favourite of the Goth Family?
  3. Which of your stories (if you have more than one) do you have the most fun writing? Or, if you have one story, which Sim is your favourite to play?


Have fun!


Unique Blogger Award!


Oh, gosh! This is my first award for this blog, and it came out of nowhere! I was nominated by PrincessSimcess for this award, and as I really respect her as a SimLit author, and a fantastic blogger, I’m honoured she thought of me for this award! I’d also like to take the time to recommend her stories, as I hugely enjoy them myself! So, big thanks to Simcess!

I’ll just post the rules, and then I’ll answer the questions!

The Rules

  • Say thank you to the person who has nominated you for the award (linking their blog is appreciated, too!)
  • Answer the questions the person has asked you.
  • Nominate people!
  • Ask the people you have nominated new questions!


A Little Q and A

1. What is your favourite TS4 world?

I only own the three base game worlds, so out of those, I think Newcrest is my favourite, because you can really make it into your own place without destroying any existing lots! I usually tend to put the Perfect Balance Spa somewhere in Newcrest, too, so my Sims can be relaxed.

2. If you were a sim, what three traits would you have?

Hmmm…Probably Childish, Creative, and Lazy! If I ever make a Simself, I’ll give them those three traits for sure. Or maybe Bookworm, instead of Creative, given how much I read.

3. What is your favourite career to play on TS4 and why?

Initially, when I got the game, I preferred Writer, because I want to be a fantasy writer someday, but now it’s probably Painter! It’s actually the only career where I reached the branch level with a Sim. I just love being able to have my Sims paint, and also to ‘Paint from Reference’ so I can create a portrait room of my Sims! I’ll probably always go for the Patron of the Arts branch within Painter, too.


My nominations!

  1. Lynnwood
  2. bmitjessesue
  3. Mckatsims (Kat)


My questions:

  1. Who’s your definite favourite of your Sims?
  2. Who is your favourite pre-existing Sim (or Townie?)
  3. Are there any expansion packs you really, really want?


Once again, thanks so much to Simcess, and hope everyone has a great day!



Marnie (A SimLit Challenge Story)


Once, there was a little girl named Ella, who lived with her mother in Willow Creek, and who wished more than anything for a friend. Every day, she would try to make friends at school, but somehow, everyone already seemed to be friends with someone else. So, Ella resigned herself to living without a best friend, but still, each night, she would wish for one.

One day, she was waiting for her mother to return from work, when she heard a knock on the door. Standing on the doorstep was a little girl with pale, curling hair, who blinked up at her with icy blue eyes.

“Hello?” She smiled, softly, at Ella. “Can I come in?”

Ella thought about what her mommy had said about letting people in, but she also thought about how nice it was to be talking with someone of her own age, as she guessed the girl was.

“Who are you? My mommy says never to let strangers in the house.” She peered, curious, at the girl, who began fiddling with a piece of her hair.

“My name’s Marnie. I’ve just moved in down the street with my mommy and daddy, and I’m bored. I don’t have any friends to play with, yet, and it’s really lonely. And I saw you the other day, and I…” She stopped short, looking down with pink cheeks. Ella beamed.

“You want to be friends with me?” she asked, thrilled.

“Yes! Can I come in, please?”

“Yes, of course!” Ella tugged her in by the hand.

05-26-17_5-54-35 PM

The two little girls sat at the dining room table, while Ella, thankful to have a friend, pressed her for details. What did she like? Favourite candy, favourite animals? Colours? Did she like music? Did she have any brothers or sisters?

Marnie answered quickly enough. Yes, she had an older sister, she liked a lot of candy, and she liked bunnies, she loved music, and pressing flowers she picked outside, bringing a pretty one out and setting it on the table in front of her. Deftly, however, she turned the questions back to Ella, and soon Ella found she was telling Marnie more about herself than she usually told anyone.

They continued to talk until the door clicked, and Ella’s mother walked in, frowning in confusion at the sound of voices, before exhaling in relief at the sight of her daughter.

“Oh, thank goodness! It’s just you, Ella. For a moment, I thought I heard someone else here.”

Ella blinked, and looked at Marnie, confused, only to see an empty chair sat in front of her. On the table, however, the flower lay where Marnie had put it, fresh enough to have been picked that morning.