The Stellar Storyteller Award!


Hi, all! I thought that while all the blog awards are going around, I’d throw in my two cents – and produce a nice, shiny new award to go around!

This is an award more particularly aimed towards creators of SimLit or writers, and people qualify for it if you think they’re a great storyteller!


  1. You can nominate once you yourself have been nominated, like usual!
  2. Introduce one of your characters who you really have fun writing!
  3. Tell us what book you’re reading at the moment!
  4. Thank whoever nominated you and link their blog!
  5. Answer the three questions that the person who nominated you asked you, and then come up with three of your own for the people you nominate!
  6. Nominate five people!


As I haven’t been nominated for this, I won’t be introducing a character, answering questions, or talking about books – but I will be nominating and asking questions!


  1. PrincessSimcess
  2. whattheplum
  3. mastressalita
  4. Trip
  5. Karababy52


My Questions –

  1. What would you most like to see in an expansion pack in the future?
  2. Who’s your favourite of the Goth Family?
  3. Which of your stories (if you have more than one) do you have the most fun writing? Or, if you have one story, which Sim is your favourite to play?


Have fun!


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