The Proserpin Legacy – 1.1 Jenny

Hello, and welcome to the start of the Proserpin Legacy!

Jenny was a Sim in my gallery, and the first Sim I ever created. I used to have her on the 100 Babies challenge before I lost the save, so it seemed only fitting that she get a makeover and be the matriarch of a new legacy.

First off, I built the house, but didn’t put anything in it, as I had Jenny join the Critic career, and needed a computer to do the daily task, so it was off to the library to both do that and scope out a spouse!

06-11-18_7-06-18 PM

My main focus was completing the work to get that little bit more money, but once that was done, I started checking out the library for potential spouses for Jenny…

So meet the guy she met – Kengo Mori!

06-11-18_7-10-14 PM

He’s really quite nice-looking under the librarian get up! Although those glasses are not exactly his style.


06-11-18_7-12-13 PM

He and Jenny got chatting very quickly, and he immediately became flirty with her, so I figured it was a good sign, and decided he’d definitely do as a spouse!

06-11-18_7-21-17 PM

And so did Jenny.

Once Jenny and Kengo had said their goodbyes, Jenny went back home and we rejigged the house to make it a little smaller and so we could afford a couple of commodities.

06-11-18_7-33-49 PM

All in all, a very good start to our legacy!


9 thoughts on “The Proserpin Legacy – 1.1 Jenny

      1. That’s really unfortunate, and even though my computer is in good working order, I’m kind of afraid that something will happen and i’ll lose all my games and storeis!

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