The Proserpin Legacy – 1.2 Kengo and a Surprise!

So after the last episode, I figured we might as well get the ball rolling and invite Kengo over to the house. Jenny was very happy to see him…

06-11-18_7-34-26 PM

And when asked, he was very happy to move in! Plus, he was immediately useful, gathering Napnip from nearby and starting off our garden.

06-11-18_7-43-05 PM

He didn’t have a job, so I remedied that by sending him into the Social Media career. As we don’t have a computer, it was back to the library for both him and Jenny every day.

06-12-18_9-59-41 AM

Jenny has also been fishing nearby, and managed to hook a tuna, which added with their work and a few promotions….

06-12-18_10-12-52 AM

…has been bringing in a good amount of money. From the little hut we had, we’ve managed to upgrade to something that definitely more resembles a house!

06-12-18_10-34-59 AM

Which I think you’ll see has a couple of interesting points – a cradle, and the way Jenny is walking. It doesn’t take a genius to work it out…

Jenny was pregnant at the time I took that photo!

06-12-18_10-03-07 AM

And I would have left it at that, but as I was sending her to dig up more things, she went into labour! I was really excited to see what the baby would be, so I waited…

06-12-18_10-37-07 AM

And am I ever glad I did, because Jenny has TWINS! I too have been struck down by multiples!

Meet Lillian (blue bassinet) and Elizabeth (pink bassinet)! I’m super happy to have had twins, but oh gosh! How am I going to cope with two toddlers?

06-12-18_10-39-09 AM

See you next episode!

(PS – Here’s a bonus picture – these two lovebirds taking a selfie!)

06-12-18_10-21-05 AM


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