The Proserpin Legacy – 1.3 Mayhem Central

So, with twins instead of one single baby, things have been a bit hectic – not least because neither Kengo or Jenny were getting much sleep. Luckily, Kengo was more one for getting up to attend to their needs – Elizabeth was much more one for waking up in the middle of the night crying, so he needed to be!

06-12-18_12-09-01 PM

Not that Jenny didn’t find time to cuddle the babies!

06-12-18_12-16-36 PM

With a bit of work, the twins were soon in their own room thanks to the money their parents brought in, although it showed when it came to Needs. Kengo was still the one getting up all the time, though, as Jenny was more often than not exhausted.

06-12-18_12-30-16 PM

But, as so often happens, it wasn’t long before it was time for these little troublemakers (mostly Elizabeth) to age up into Toddlers!

(Lillian is dressed in blue on the left, and Elizabeth is in purple and pink on the right!)

06-12-18_1-01-42 PM

Both continued true to their nature – Lillian scored the Angelic Trait, and Elizabeth turned out to be wild. At one point, Jenny had to clear three messes her small daughter had made in quick succession, while Lizzie was STILL running around making more!

And then, thanks to our light and such, we got a $1,100 something bill when we had nothing stashed whatsoever, so the poor parents had to go out fishing together. (The couple that fishes and pays bills together stays together, though?)

06-12-18_12-36-30 PM

We paid the bill, and Jenny went into the Food Critic branch, so her promotion let us upgrade the house again (I’d been slowly upgrading it bit by bit) so here is a more recent picture!

06-12-18_2-34-35 PM

Plus, Kengo has learnt how to cook! (Featuring Elizabeth being a law unto herself again.) Which hopefully means that soonish, we will have a nice birthday cake for the twins!

06-12-18_2-52-18 PM

I really do like our little kitchen, but I need to start saving for two things – a proper master bedroom, and a computer! The reason Kengo hasn’t got a promotion is that so much of his stuff is online, and with toddler twins, it’s hard to make enough money or fulfill the tasks needed for promotion.

However, once the twins become children, it should become much, much easier – Jenny and Kengo will probably have one more pregnancy between them and from then on, I’ll work on simply giving them the careers they deserve…

Ciao for now!


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