The Proserpin Legacy – 1.4 Double Birthday!

We’ve been having a couple of….trials, recently. Not only did we have that massive bill, but our new sink broke apart and our lovely Jenny needed to fix it quickly. This was just after the fridge broke, so as I’d paid to replace that so Kengo or Jenny wouldn’t electrocute themselves.

06-12-18_5-45-18 PM

Luckily Kengo was on hand to mop up the puddles for his lovely partner.

06-12-18_5-45-51 PM

Besides, we needed the kitchen in top shape, because it was the twins’ birthday! Jenny woke up early to make the cake…

06-12-18_6-32-29 PM

Luckily, the cake came out well, thanks to Jenny’s levelled up cooking skill!

06-12-18_6-34-05 PM

With the cake made, it was time to age the girls up. I was really looking forward to seeing how they would look! First to age up was the first born twin, Lillian…

06-12-18_6-37-24 PM

And then it was Elizabeth’s turn!

06-12-18_6-39-32 PM

And here are the twins all grown up! (There’s a little glitch with Lillian’s eyebrows which I can’t seem to fix, but oh well!)

Elizabeth has kept her curly hair, and Lillian still has her blue clothing! They both have their father’s eyes, although personally I think Lillian takes more after Jenny?

06-12-18_7-03-46 PM

Now that they’re all grown up, I was able to update the house and their room a bit. I’ve been able to reach one of my goals, too, of having a proper bedroom for Jenny and Kengo!

06-12-18_7-17-59 PM

Now I just have to work on upping the twins’ creative skills, and helping them complete their aspirations – which I will reveal alongside their traits in the next update!


6 thoughts on “The Proserpin Legacy – 1.4 Double Birthday!

  1. Man, I always make my sims fix the computers and fridges themselves. I probably should be more careful, but hey I guess I’m living life on the edge! Your house is coming along nicely, and I’m personally excited to see the twins as teenagers!

    Do you know how you’re going to pick the heir?

    1. Public poll, most likely, though I have no idea how to make a poll on the forums, so it’ll be a comment poll on the blog! And yeah, I’ve heard too many stories of Sims dying from being electrocuted to trust a Sim to repair the computer or fridge….

      1. has a direct connection with wordpress if your interested in using a polling system. I think you need a lot of posts in order to be allowed to make a poll on the forum, I’m nto too sure because I couldn’t figure it out either. I look forward to votign!

      2. I believe they walk you through it when you sign up. It has a special format for WordPress, if you can’t figure it out then i can try to send you some screenshots or something. You just create your poll on Poll Daddy, and then when you are done it gives you coding options for different places you could use the poll.

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