The Proserpin Legacy – 1.5 School Projects

Mystery solved as to how the Landgraabs are rich – their company is where the bills are sent, and we just got another whopper! It was so big it took not only all the promotion money Jenny got from her recent promotion, but both hers and Kengo’s wages, plus the price of a few fish. Darn Landgraabs!

06-14-18_11-56-27 AM

The twins get along pretty well, to my relief, which shouldn’t be a surprise as they got on pretty well as toddlers, but still, I’m happy about it. Partially because I don’t have to worry about trying to sort out two scrapping children while dealing with the bills! They’re very good friends, and even sing together!

06-14-18_12-06-21 PM

Lillian is definitely more studious, and completes her homework pretty quickly…

06-14-18_12-31-51 PM

But Elizabeth isn’t too far behind her!

06-14-18_12-52-08 PM

I did say I would reveal their traits and aspirations this episode, so here goes!

Lillian’s Aspiration is Artistic Prodigy, and she has the Bookworm trait. For her aspiration, I managed to save up and get the kids an Activity table, which she’s been putting to good use.

06-14-18_1-43-18 PM

Elizabeth’s Aspiration is Social Butterfly, and she has the Geek trait. Hers is somewhat simpler, thankfully, and she made friends with Liberty Lee’s son Jean-Luc!

06-14-18_1-47-42 PM

Actually, both twins get along quite well with little J-L. I’ll explain about him in a minute, though.

06-14-18_1-49-18 PM

Jean-Luc and his sister Padme are the children of Liberty Lee and another Sim (last name Rogetz?). How this came to be is that I love creating kids to continue the Townie lines on in Create-A-Sim, although I tend to create them as toddlers so their traits are more random. I’m definitely considering J-L as a possible future spouse for one of the girls, though! (What do you think?)

And finally, both girls got projects when they came home from school, so it was all hands to the pump to help them! Jenny helped Elizabeth, and Kengo helped Lillian.

06-14-18_1-13-02 PM06-14-18_1-30-32 PM

Both twins have their project in their inventory for when they have their own rooms, which won’t be too far away now, I hope – depending on what or who happens next! (A hint to the future? Possibly…)



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