The Proserpin Legacy – 1.6 New Arrival!

Happy days – Jenny fell pregnant! This, by the way, is her last pregnancy, as after twins we ran the chance of having more multiples. (Not that I don’t love the twins!)

06-14-18_5-02-57 PM

As we had enough money, I was able to build a nice little nursery, for when the nooboo arrived. It’s small, but very cute!

06-14-18_5-08-23 PM

In other news, Jean-Luc and Elizabeth are still getting on very well, even after that one incident where she tried to talk up Lillian and he called Lillian boring. I think that puts him out of the running as a spouse for Lillian in the future…

06-14-18_5-00-59 PM

Ah, well. The course of true love and all that. Although the girls did meet his sister Padme at school!

Plus, the twins are well on the way to becoming best friends. They’re together all the time!

06-14-18_5-38-37 PM

I did manage to afford two little tables for them to put their completed projects on, which looks pretty nice. Still unsure as to whether they’ll get separate rooms before they’re teenagers, though.

06-14-18_5-37-19 PM06-14-18_5-37-32 PM

By this time, though, Jenny had flown through her pregnancy and was beginning to look a little…large. I was getting worried, because she was this large when she had the twins!

06-14-18_5-49-21 PM

So I could keep an eye on her, and so she wouldn’t be so Tense all the time, I had her take the day off work and invite over her friend Aya. Aya’s super cool, and they get on really well, but every time she asked to come over before it was always in the middle of a disaster. Girl has perfect timing.

06-14-18_5-51-53 PM

She and Jenny get along so well though, and Jenny didn’t get Tense ONCE while she was here! They really are good friends.

06-14-18_5-55-46 PM

However, with all this friendship, I relaxed, and then caught Jenny making this face.

06-14-18_5-55-19 PM

Exactly at this moment, I thought: It’s got to be twins.

And exactly at this moment, Jenny went into labour.

06-14-18_5-56-52 PM

Even though I was so convinced that it would be twins, it ended up being one baby only! Meet our final potential heir, Araminta!

06-14-18_5-59-05 PM

So that’s wrapped up that! I’m really in love with how cute Araminta is, and thankful she was only one baby (I couldn’t have coped with twins again!), but that means there are only three choices to be heir! I already have my favourite, but I’ll keep quiet on that…

See you next time!


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