The Proserpin Legacy – 1.7 Festival!

With a new baby to stress over, it was just the ticket for Jenny to be invited by Aya to the Spice Festival! This is legitimately the first time that a Legacy Sim has been to a festival in one of my games, so I was pretty excited, and determined that Jenny should have a good time. And she seemed pretty excited, too!

06-14-18_6-09-35 PM

As a food critic, she was able to review the food there (served by an older Luna Villareal) and found it delicious!

06-14-18_6-10-32 PM

Next on our list was buying some swag from the Festival stall. We got some gorgeous spices, but most importantly? We got that funky festival tee.

06-14-18_6-11-48 PM

In fact, I decided that Elizabeth might as well come hang out and get a tee as well, although we did have an incident where the Pho she bought was WAY too spicy.

06-14-18_6-14-01 PM

She looks so cute in her lil’ festival shirt!

Finally, Jenny decided to try the bubble blower, alongside Katrina Caliente and Nancy Landgraab. (First time for everything!)

06-14-18_6-15-18 PM

Overall, it was a real pick-me-up! Jenny was so pleased that she cooked a family size plate of mac and cheese as soon as she got back, which everyone tucked into.

06-14-18_6-23-21 PM

Plus, Jenny bought a couple of gifts for the girls. All three of them got a Freezer Bunny Snowglobe! (Here’s Araminta’s one in her room!)

06-14-18_6-25-47 PM

The twins also got a bottle of bubbles each, which Elizabeth put to good use as soon as she could, haha!

06-14-18_6-52-52 PM

And, drumroll please…

We finally got a computer! Hurrah! Now we can work from home instead of getting up early to go to the library!

06-14-18_6-35-27 PM

See you next episode!


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