The Proserpin Legacy – 1.8 Isn’t She Lovely

Jenny’s still been rocking her t-shirt, although Elizabeth changed out of hers. I guess we’re wearing this from now on! (Cute, right?)

06-14-18_6-41-26 PM

Apparently there’s a gardening part of the Spice Festival, which I’m sad to not have spotted. Oh well, there’s always next time!

Jenny’s cooking really has got better recently, and she isn’t burning things! So I had her make some pancakes for breakfast. Slightly celebratory, actually!

06-14-18_6-43-30 PM

Because…Araminta aged up!

06-14-18_7-06-22 PM

Isn’t she ADORABLE? Plus, she’s the only one to inherit Jenny’s dazzling green eyes! I’ll definitely be dressing her in blue too when she gets older, but goodness, she’s cute!

Her room is pretty cool, too, although we’re a bit low on money thanks to it.

06-14-18_7-08-22 PM

She gets nightmares pretty often, but luckily Kengo is STILL getting up so Jenny can sleep. I think it’s because she’s a Clingy toddler?

06-14-18_7-18-38 PM

Oh, I forgot to mention – Lillian’s made friends with the Bheeda boy. He’s more into making messes outside our house than Jean-Luc, though, so I’m suspicious of making him into a potential spouse once he’s older.

06-14-18_6-03-25 PM

And Elizabeth made a friend too, although more a feline one – who has been adopted into the family! Please welcome Prissy!

06-14-18_7-26-29 PM

I’m really happy that we have a cat now, but our home is kind of…invaded ever since. Oh well! I hope that things will go well from now on and that we can build our funds back up!



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