The Proserpin Legacy – 1.9 Party Like It’s Your Birthday!

To start things off with a bang, Elizabeth got invited to Jean-Luc’s birthday! Kengo took her along, and J-L was super happy to see her.

06-17-18_8-13-40 PM

They hung out on the sofa for a bit, with Akira (I can’t remember whether this is their apartment or his!) who seemed pretty laid back.

06-17-18_8-14-25 PM

Then in walked this guy, who’s J-L’s dad, Mr Rogetz. He gave J-L a huge hug, before chatting away with him.

06-17-18_8-15-17 PM

Liberty and Padme were upstairs (Padme is the one in a princess dress, obviously!)

06-17-18_8-16-03 PM

While Elizabeth headed off to talk to Padme, the caterer finished up the cake, meaning it was time for J-L to age up. I was quite apprehensive about what he’d look like, to be honest, seeing as some Sims just have horrible fashion sense as they age up.

He made a super goofy face to blow out the candles which was really cute!

06-17-18_8-18-26 PM

And…ta-da! Jean-Luc Rogetz-Lee!

06-17-18_8-18-42 PM

He’s really quite cute, and definitely going to end up with Elizabeth no matter what! They’re nearing best friendship, after all, so it just makes sense, in my head.

After that, the party was pretty much over, so Kengo went home and Elizabeth stopped off at the square downstairs to get some food.

06-17-18_8-20-35 PM

While she did that, she ran into Erica, Penny Pizzazz’s wife, and they had a bit of a chat until Elizabeth finished eating and returned home.

06-17-18_8-21-50 PM

See, Kengo has the Chopstick Savvy trait, and I just think it’d be neat if Elizabeth did too!

Speaking of Kengo, we had a bit of a nervous moment after Jenny broke the oven and we didn’t have enough money to replace it, because he had to fix it and I didn’t know if it was safe for him or not.

06-17-18_8-29-49 PM

Prissy is not concerned at all, you can see. Turns out she has the Spoiled trait, which makes her a bit difficult to deal with. But we love her anyway! Mostly. Kengo and she have a…tumultuous friendship, given that she won’t get down off counters whether you scold or tell or ask or lecture.

06-17-18_9-42-36 PM

No plumbobs given.

06-17-18_9-43-01 PM

That’s it for now! See you next time!



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