The Proserpin Legacy – 1.10 Bear With Me

The twins came home from school with new projects – the Castle Diorama for Elizabeth, and the Volcano for Lillian. Unfortunately, they were really tired, so it had to be completed late at night. Sorry, girls! At least Kengo and Jenny helped them.

06-17-18_10-39-45 PM

And the completed projects were so good they gave both girls extra credit! Yay!

06-17-18_10-45-29 PM06-17-18_10-42-13 PM

After that, both girls went for a nap, but when they woke up, they both entered phases. Uh oh.

Elizabeth got a Mean Streak phase, but Lillian entered the I’m a Bear phase. To be honest, the Sims bear costumes discomfort me due to the creepy staring eyes. Also this happened.

06-17-18_9-53-05 PM

Luckily, Kengo is VERY supportive of his daughter’s phase.

06-17-18_9-54-53 PM

Just….why does the costume include teeth.

And it gives her a sad moodlet when she goes to school. I guess we really will have to wait out this phase. The worse thing is that she and Elizabeth fall out a lot thanks to the Mean Streak phase, which means it’s just Elizabeth making a bear upset.

06-17-18_10-05-05 PM

And, as is a constant, Prissy couldn’t care less.

06-17-18_9-58-50 PM

In good news, Jenny got promoted again, and we managed to upgrade the house!

06-17-18_11-03-54 PM

We now have a toddler bookcase for Araminta, a slightly bigger room for the girls, a bigger bathroom (which was a less recent update because it needed to fit in Prissy’s litter box), and in the kitchen, a proper table and a new mat. I replaced the counter because Prissy was stuck on it and it was pretty much the only way to fix it.

The garden is now bringing in way more money, which is really good. I’m going to try and get more plants from the Spice Market in order to grow more, and research what you can make from splicing, seeing as that’s the part of the Gardening Skill we’re heading towards.

That’s all for now, but see you soon!



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