The Proserpin Legacy – 1.11 Birthday Girls!

As you can tell by Jenny’s grumpy expression, it’s quite early in the morning. However, that doesn’t signify, because it was ARAMINTA’S BIRTHDAY! (Hence the beautiful cake full of candles!)

06-18-18_3-06-16 PM

It was time for Araminta to become a child. In a way, I was sad, as Jenny and Kengo won’t have more children, but in a way, I was happy! Because I was SO excited to find out how she would look as a child!

So without any further ado, I had Jenny help little Araminta blow out the candles!

06-18-18_3-21-11 PM

It was awesome to see her age up, and she turned out a Social Butterfly and a Perfectionist! First order of business was to create a better room for her, and we have WAY more money than we used to, so her room is actually pretty darn cool!

06-19-18_9-52-04 AM

The little thing on her desk is the festival snowglobe Jenny bought her, back at the Spice Festival! I also put up a ton of decals, especially Voidcritter ones, because I’m going to try and get more Voidcritter activity in this house.

And now, the big reveal…

06-19-18_10-08-51 AM


Here’s what the rest of her everyday outfit looks like!

06-19-18_10-08-38 AM

The next day, we had another birthday – a double birthday – and I bet you can guess who!

Yup! That’s right! It was time for the twins to age up! See, Araminta was pretty much born after their birthday, so their birthday came around just after hers! Anyway, with Jenny’s improved cooking skills, she was able to make them a Strawberry Cake!

06-21-18_3-27-40 PM

First to age up was Lillian…

06-21-18_3-28-43 PM

And then Elizabeth!

06-21-18_3-30-23 PM

It’s really exciting seeing how kids look when they age up into teenagers, because you get a good sense of what they’ll be like as adults!

First up: Lillian!

06-21-18_4-05-34 PM

Lillian turned out a little differently to how I expected – she’s way more like her mother, although she definitely has her dad’s darker eyes. She looked like a little mini-me of her dad as a kid, so it’s weird that she turned out so much like Jenny – but I suppose that’s the magic of genetics!

Next up: Elizabeth!

06-21-18_4-04-48 PM

She definitely takes a lot after her dad! She’s kept Jenny’s hair color, though, and her previous curls.

See you next time, where the girls have some adventures!


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