The Proserpin Legacy – 1.12 Out and About

I realised shortly after posting the last episode that I’d forgotten to show off the updated house. Whoops! Here’s the twins’ bedrooms:

06-21-18_3-59-54 PM

Groovy, huh? (Only a hoopy frood would have a bedroom like that.)

I suppose that one of the greatest things about becoming a teenager is an increase in independence. Certainly, that’s what Lillian and Elizabeth have discovered! I should first point out that Lillian has been helping in the garden, to start working on that skill.

06-21-18_4-10-08 PM

And, as I know that the Spice Market has some fruit and vegetables usually, I decided to send her over there, to see if she could get some more stuff to plant!

Sadly, the stall wasn’t there, but I figured, why not let her have a good time? After all, there’s no time like the present to enjoy yourself!

First, there was a violin performance…

06-21-18_4-35-47 PM

Then, she met Billie Jang and Natalia Pancakes – both of whom are fellow teens! All three girls got chatting pretty quickly, although Billie wandered off after a while.

06-21-18_4-37-38 PM

Finally, she was quite hungry, so tried out one of the street food stalls. Welp, turns out that as a newly aged up teenager, she couldn’t handle the heat whatsoever!

06-21-18_4-41-52 PM

After that, I figured she might go home, but then a little notification popped up, saying that the Romance Festival was in town! Well, I think the Romance Festival has to be one of my favourite festivals, so I wasn’t going to miss out on the opportunity to have the girls experience it! We also invited Jean-Luc, for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

06-21-18_4-47-47 PM

Well, first of all, Lillian rushed off to get that tee. She definitely takes after Jenny, who still needs to change her shirt, come to think of it!

06-21-18_4-53-26 PM

Elizabeth, meanwhile, bought a snow globe for both Araminta and herself, drank some Sakura Tea with Jean-Luc, and began flirting with him ever so slightly. Good for you, Elizabeth!

06-21-18_4-53-56 PM

Lillian, who was quite tired out as you can see, decided to head home – but not before seeing the Romance Guru.

06-21-18_4-55-06 PM

Unfortunately, her romantic future is currently a bit bleak, according to this nice lady, which absolutely took the smile off of Lillian’s face. I hope that for her sake, it’s not too true…

Back at home, Kengo and Jenny were enjoying the piece and quiet on the brand new sofa. They’re still as loved up as ever, to the point where their romance bar is completely full, and I’m wondering about saving up for a wedding for the two of them.

06-21-18_4-25-24 PM

Of course, by the time the girls arrived back, we had to run around and look after everyone’s needs, but instead of a picture of that hot mess, I’ll leave you with two pictures – one of Araminta’s new snow globe, as bought by Elizabeth…

06-21-18_5-04-09 PM

And one of the selfie Jenny and Lillian took! D’awwww.

06-21-18_4-12-57 PM


4 thoughts on “The Proserpin Legacy – 1.12 Out and About

    1. I’ve got a favourite, but it’ll be a public vote so I don’t know either, which is pretty fun! Watch this space though, there’s an important update on the way….

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