The Proserpin Legacy – 1.13 Promised

I know this is the second time I’ve started an episode with pictures of the house, but I managed to add a little something to both girls’ rooms and I wanted to show it off! First off, Lillian got a brand new easel, to learn how to paint…

06-21-18_4-20-23 PM

And Elizabeth got a lovely meditation stool in her thematic pink/purple. And yep, that is the picture of her and Lillian as kids on her wall! (Cute, right?)

06-21-18_4-20-31 PM

Lillian started painting as soon as she could, although I’ve never…quite got on with the creepy Freezer Bunny painting.

06-21-18_5-46-56 PM

As soon as she woke up, I had Elizabeth use her meditation stool. It seemed to do wonders for her peace of mind, and I’ll definitely try and develop the wellness skill with her.

06-21-18_5-12-38 PM

In sadder news, Prissy is now an Elder cat, and she had to go to the vet with Swamp Mouth. She’s never gotten sick before, so I can only assume her health is deteriorating.

06-21-18_5-30-35 PM

She’s honestly such a lovely cat, and all of the family love her. I’ll be very sad when she goes.

BUT! Breaking news! Romance HAS happened in a big way between Jean-Luc and Elizabeth!

He asked to come over, and they ended up having their first kiss…

06-21-18_5-42-32 PM

And not only have they since become boyfriend and girlfriend, but they’ve exchanged promise rings!

06-21-18_5-49-08 PM

They’re super duper happy together, too!

06-21-18_5-49-37 PM

Meanwhile, we’ve gotten a TV, which I’m super pleased about. It means that we can up skills, no longer have a low fun need, and basically have the best time!

06-21-18_5-45-29 PM

Also featuring Lillian and Jenny both wearing their festival tees. C’mon, guys!

I’m really pleased that Elizabeth and Jean-Luc ended up together.  I mean, I have been planning that one for a while, and it’s always good for potential heirs to have significant others. Plus, either way, they’re too heckin’ cute together! I mean, childhood friends who fall in love is such an anime trope, I’m glad I got to use it!

See you next time!


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