The Proserpin Legacy – 1.14 Exhaustion

Oh my goodness, I hate when all your Sims have to work so hard! I can barely do anything except send them to bed when they get in – they’re always so tired! Of course, in a Legacy Challenge, you can’t do anything except sort them out manually – no cheats allowed – and while we’re saving up nicely, it’s still kind of hard to have to watch my Sims go through it! I’m trying to save up enough that my next generation won’t have to have a job for a while, really.

Jenny aged up into an adult, but we didn’t really celebrate? I’m sorry, Jenny! Luckily, she has Prissy to cuddle to make her feel better (featuring a cameo by our new bathroom).

06-23-18_8-47-08 PM

And yep, a couple of rooms have been added. We now have two bathrooms (practically next to each other, but one will eventually be moved upstairs) and a study, where the bookshelf, computer, and brand new chess table are. This is pretty much so I can work on Kengo’s Aspiration, which is the Renaissance Sim one. He’s taken well to it!

06-23-18_9-50-53 PM

Also, I didn’t get a picture of it, but he and Araminta played a game together and it was so adorable!

GeekCon came around, just before Jenny had to go to work, so I sent her there for a little while (because snowglobe collection!) and she now has a brand new tee! I’m thinking of changing the rest of her look now she’s an Adult, so if I do that, pics next episode.

06-23-18_9-57-48 PM

Also, introducing this guy – I’ve forgotten his name, but he’s Candy Behr’s son, and he and Lillian are slowly becoming a thing! He’s quite cute, and was in a Flirty mood when he came to see Lillian. They’re at school together, and heck, she seems to like him a lot.

06-23-18_10-48-56 PM

I mean, to be honest, I don’t think anyone else would have been as good for Lillian? There are quite a few teenagers around, but he’s Romantic, and seems pretty nice.

06-23-18_10-49-16 PM

Elizabeth, on the other hand, hasn’t had much time to see Jean-Luc. She got a job, briefly, as a fast food employee, but it tired her out so much I had her quit it. Teenagers having jobs just does their head in, frankly.

06-23-18_9-33-47 PM

But at least I’ve learned from this. You don’t give your poor teenagers part-time jobs, and jobs in themselves are harrowing for your Sims. At least in the next generation, we should have enough money to rest on our laurels.




9 thoughts on “The Proserpin Legacy – 1.14 Exhaustion

  1. I promise it gets so much easier in the later generations! I think that’s the point though. >.< However, it can be kind of a pain later on when the bills are higher and you're at a lower part of their career track.

    The family is looking great! ❤

      1. I think the kittens are annoying in the sims personally. They are cute in other peoples stories but when I have to play with them in my family I get so irritated! Hahah.

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