The Proserpin Legacy – 1.15 Love and Death

Hector Behr has been hanging around a lot more these days, and he and Lillian have finally had their first kiss! I’m super hyped about it, because they make SUCH a cute couple.

06-28-18_1-23-28 PM

However, not everything is positive. We had another vet bill, as Prissy had to go to the vet’s, and even though I spared no expense with the medicine…

06-24-18_8-51-15 PM

…Prissy passed away shortly after.

06-28-18_4-39-06 PM

The Grim Reaper came to collect her soul, and everyone witnessed it. It was awful, and we put her gravestone out at the front of the house.

06-28-18_4-47-53 PM

It’s very sad, and even though her ghost has been coming back, it’s not exactly been good, as everyone gets spooked and sad. I meant to create a kitten in CAS, but she died before I could, so I’m saddened by it. I suppose this kind of thing just tends to happen, though, as much as it does in real life.

Hector’s sister Eloise came over to visit and hang out with Lillian, as they’ve met before, and she and Lillian get along pretty well – good to know in case Lillian ends up moving into the Behr house!

06-28-18_6-42-52 PM

Also, I finally spent Kengo’s aspiration points on some potions to help the girls out! I’m going to keep filling up the table with these, especially sleep ones, as when you have toddlers you get NO sleep. And even with high school – the girls have absolutely been wiped out each time they come home, so we actually have used up both sleep potions since this picture.

06-28-18_6-46-38 PM

I actually got the idea off of somebody else, although I can’t remember who. A YouTuber, I think, who had a table out in the garden with all these potions so that the heir and their spouse could be comfortable while raising their kids.

Lillian went to the Humour and Hijinks festival to pick her spirits up, along with Elizabeth, and their team, the Pranksters, won! She gained some levels in Mischief, too. (I decided to stick with the Festival Shirt she has at the moment, though.)

06-28-18_7-05-36 PM

We then had some drama with the fireworks we won, though, because we very nearly didn’t HAVE an heiress vote!

Elizabeth set off a firework but set herself on fire, instead!

06-28-18_7-43-51 PM

So not only were my Sims panicking, but was panicking too, trying to get Lillian to extinguish her – only to have LILLIAN catch fire as well. At which point, Jenny stepped in and extinguished them both.

Leaving them both a little singed.

06-28-18_7-45-41 PM

I think it’s safe to say Elizabeth is looking a little sheepish there. This is EXACTLY why fireworks are not to be messed with! I’m still shaken by the incident – I could have had two dead Sims on my hands.

(I’m shivering.)

Not long after this, however, Araminta’s birthday rolled around (Eeep!) and Jenny made her a Blue Confetti Cake so she could age up. (I…could have had a party, but I don’t have good memories of trying to complete the event in the past.)

07-01-18_3-29-04 PM

And here we have the moment that ends Generation One! I’m super proud of how much I’ve achieved in this time, and also super excited for what the future will bring! (Also, the last photo of Araminta as a child!)

07-01-18_3-33-47 PM

And….ta-da! (She’s a Perfectionist and Creative!)

She looks very like Jenny and Kengo! I kept her blue theme, of course, and I’m loving her overall look, if I do say so myself!

07-01-18_5-24-24 PM

Stay tuned!




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