The Proserpin Legacy – 2.1 The New Reign

Our new heir, as determined by votes…is Araminta! As she’s still a teenager, this allowed me to do all kinds of sorting, with regards to the house. Between the garden, Jenny, and Kengo, we’re bringing in a lot of money, and definitely enough for us to rest easy!

And rest easy is a motto our lovely heir can cope with!

07-17-18_1-44-51 PM

Both Lillian and Elizabeth have moved out to be with their partners, and we had the house relatively to ourselves – even with a new arrival! As head of house, Araminta adopted a new cat – a beautiful Tuxedo called Emma.

07-17-18_4-22-35 PM

At the moment, Jenny tends to be the one who Emma likes the most, though! I’m pretty happy we have a cat again, though. (Prissy’s ghost is still hanging around, but it isn’t the same at all…)

I’ve also added some upstairs rooms, including a tiny nursery and a room to store the potions table, alongside the bar now that we no longer have a resident mixologist.

07-17-18_4-12-44 PM

Speaking of our mixologist, Lillian and Hector had their first baby – she is a lovely little girl called Melusina!

07-17-18_5-09-16 PM

After a little while, Araminta was invited over by Lillian, and Melly aged up that very day! I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye on both Elizabeth and Lillian when I can spare some time (not so much that it affects the legacy family!) because oh my gosh, Melly as a toddler is ADORABLE.

07-18-18_10-45-31 AM

She’s so cuuuuute!

I can only hope our third generation babies will be as cute, but it’s looking like a good sign that Melly is so adorable!

I’m aware that this seems like a little news update, but as Araminta’s still a teenager, there isn’t really more news I can give regarding her. I’m planning on remodeling the house a bit, though, and I’m slowly working on her gardening skill, as well as her painting and guitar skill. She doesn’t really have a potential love, yet, and I’m planning on waiting until she’s a Young Adult to start looking around. Thanks to Kengo and Jenny’s combined efforts, we don’t really need another person in the house very urgently.

Really, I’m glad that I decided to stock up on money! I’ll be dipping into it to sort out the house, and maybe sort out some new rooms and a spa-like place downstairs, and update bits and pieces, but stocking up has done me a world of good. It’s meant I’m sitting comfortably, and so is our lovely Minty!

See ya!


4 thoughts on “The Proserpin Legacy – 2.1 The New Reign

  1. What I do is at the end of each week I check in on my side families to see how they are doing and get updates! If you need any ideas of course. 😀 Glad to see the family is growing. Have you made a family tree for us readers to check out?

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