The Proserpin Legacy – 2.2 Old Age Suits You

It’s an all-round aging up episode! There hasn’t really been much to comment on throughout Araminta being a teenager, sadly, and what little there was, I covered last episode. Pretty much, it’s been an endless cycle of school, taking care of needs, saving money, and preparing for this time, when she becomes old enough to be a proper heir…but just before it was time for her to become a Young Adult, Kengo aged up to Elder!

Which he…kinda suits? I don’t know, I think he makes a snazzy old man.

07-18-18_9-15-41 PM

Anyway, as it turned out, Jenny and Araminta shared their birthday this time around, so I had Jenny make another gorgeous Strawberry Cake that they could share!

First, it was Araminta’s turn…

07-19-18_10-59-09 AM

She now has the Creative, Perfectionist, and Geek traits! I hope they do pretty well for this legacy?

As for Jenny, she became a classy lady once she hit Elder! I miiiiight have reworked her wardrobe with stuff from the Vintage pack, but doesn’t she look nice?

07-19-18_11-00-59 AM

Araminta got a new makeover as well, and was invited by Elizabeth on a night out the next day. It’s a nice look, considering that it’s summer! (And I did just buy the Backyard Stuff Pack…)

07-19-18_11-25-58 AM

(Also minty blue suits her, haha!)

Anyway, she went to the bar in San Myshuno, and started to look for a nice guy. There were a lot of options, given that it was one of the nicest bars in the city – and hey, we’ve got to keep the legacy going!

But she got a little hungry, so I sent her to the bar to get a snack, and while she was there, this guy started chatting her up!

07-19-18_11-29-25 AM

His name is Vihaan, and he seems quite nice, despite having the Kleptomaniac trait. He and Araminta had a good ol’ natter, and when she moved away from the bar, he came with her!

07-19-18_11-35-59 AM

It’s safe to say they hit it off pretty well, and it’s such a shame that Minty had to go home and take care of her needs. Oh, well! There was definitely a lot of flirting going on, too, so they have a nice romantic interest going.

Oh, and just before she aged up, I snapped this picture of Minty taking care of our upgraded garden – which now is all in boxes and bringing in a lot of cash! How great is that? It looks so much neater, and it’s easier for her to build her Gardening Skill this way!

07-19-18_10-25-45 AM

The next day after this, Minty was feeling super happy, and sent a happy text on a whim to Vihaan, who invited her out for coffee at the Hare and Hedgehog. Before you could say first date, they were ordering coffees together, and went to hang out outside once they’d eaten and drank.

07-19-18_12-01-11 PM

Finally, Araminta invited him back to our house, and they had their first kiss! And thanks to their date, they were close enough that he moved in with us!


07-19-18_12-12-31 PM

As Araminta has now picked out her spouse, I’ve redone her bedroom to suit them both – including a picture she picked up out in town! It’s really pretty, their room, and I had a lot of fun designing it!

07-19-18_12-17-30 PM

As asked, I’ve put together a family tree, which can be found at the top of the chapter list, but until the next episode, I would say it contains spoilers! 🙂

See you next time!


5 thoughts on “The Proserpin Legacy – 2.2 Old Age Suits You

    1. I’m glad her traits are so good, even if it means her painting stresses her out at the moment! It should mean when she gets better at painting, she produces good work, right? Anyway, for an heir, they’re very good traits!

      1. Oh, yeah! She should do everything well! I’ve seen creative perfectionists prepare excellent meals their first time in the kitchen !

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