The Proserpin Legacy – 2.3 Magical!

Welcome back to the Proserpin Legacy! Firstly, Vihaan and Araminta are getting along splendidly, and Vihaan has a job, although Araminta is mostly skill building at home. They’re really cute together, though! Araminta keeps kissing him on a whim, which is absolutely adorable.

07-19-18_4-03-12 PM

With her legacy ensured, Jenny’s making sure to kick back and relax. Hey, she’s put in a lot of work, and now she’s retired, it’s time to reap the rewards of that! Which absolutely means with our basement gym we also have a relaxing massage room where she can do just that.

07-19-18_12-37-27 PM

And recently, her legacy is definitely ensured, because…Araminta is pregnant! Woop woop! I’m super excited about this!

07-19-18_12-26-52 PM

Vihaan was more than happy to hear the news, too! And I am super, super hyped for this! Gen 3, everyone!

07-19-18_12-28-26 PM

This also means I have the chance to show off the nursery I’ve put in upstairs! It’s pretty basic at the moment, with Big Puds and mint blue wallpaper, but it’s pretty, I think! I’m not exactly a master builder, but I think I haven’t done a bad job here.

07-19-18_12-27-10 PM

Overall, actually, our family house is looking pretty good, although the layout of upstairs does need updating. However, like I said, I’m not good at building things so that they look that pretty, so I’m happy with how everything looks, overall.

Anyway, in updated family news, Melusina came to visit her FAVOURITE auntie, and she’s aged up into a Child! (She’s got the Genius trait, if anyone’s interested!)

Gosh, she looks so much like Hector.

07-19-18_2-00-32 PM

She was very excited to hear about her new cousin-to-be! (Ah, she’s so cute!)

07-19-18_1-59-47 PM

Shortly after her visit, a certain someone decided it was time to arrive, as Araminta went into labour.

07-19-18_3-04-45 PM

I honestly thought she was going to have twins, from the size she got to, but nope – meet our newest baby, Iolanthe Proserpin! She’s named after Iolanthe Peverell, the woman who married into the Potter family and brought the Invisibility Cloak with her.

07-19-18_3-12-26 PM

(All this generation’s babies will have Harry Potter names!)


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