Episode Two: Eggs and Dates (1.2)

Last time on Mermaid Bachelorette, we were introduced to our contestants and Amira, the siren they hope to swoon. Friendships were formed, and our contestants are settling in. But will today be as egg-citing for them?

The next morning rolled around, and for Zissy, that meant an early start. She loved getting up early, and given their location, she decided to take an early morning swim.

05-16-20_9-48-42 PM

By the time she finally made it out of the water, the rest of the house had already started to wake up (minus one or two who were still asleep, and she ended up sat with Callum, eating breakfast and telling him about the benefits of morning swimming.

05-16-20_9-50-34 PM

“I just love feeling hydrated in the morning,” she said, smiling widely. “There’s nothing better than a good swim.”

“I mean, maybe when the sun’s in the sky,” he said, munching. “But, girl, you were out before it was even properly light.”

“I’m an early riser,” she said, proudly. “Always have been. Besides, Sulani never sleeps.”

“Yeah, pretty sure you’re misusing that term,” Ursula said as she walked into the kitchen. “What are we discussing?” She popped a pastry into the microwave, which Zissy couldn’t help but make a face at. Pre-packaged junk turned her stomach.

“Early morning swimming.”

“Oh?” Amira entered the kitchen, followed by Arhun. “I’d love a swim. Besides, you haven’t seen me in the water.” She gave them all a mischievous look. “Meet you out there?”

“I’m…not a strong swimmer,” Arhun admitted, while Ursula gave Amira an appraising look that might even be construed as flirty. Zissy lit up.

05-16-20_9-52-55 PM

“Come on, Callum!”

“I’m game,” Ursula said, winking. “Let’s go!”

A beautiful sight greeted them as they stepped out onto the porch. Mermaids differ, from pod to pod, and Amira’s pod was known for vibrant colours.

05-16-20_9-54-23 PM

“Oh, wow…” Callum said, awestruck, before both girls slipped into the water, leaving him to jump in after them.

05-16-20_9-56-23 PM

Ursula swam out towards Amira, calling over to her, while Zissy stayed with Callum, flicking her tail strongly.

“See? It’s so warm in the morning,” she said, encouragingly. He dipped below the surface with a whoop.

05-16-20_9-57-02 PM

Eventually, the four of them headed back inside, still in their swimsuits and dripping water, just in time to hear a little airhorn sound effect.

“Will all contestants please gather at the gazebo?” a voice asked, loudly, over the speaker system. “Please gather at the gazebo for your first challenge!”

I should probably go inside,” Amira said, a twinkle in her eye. “Good luck, everyone!”


While some were up bright and early, Skye had not been one of them.

“Why the hell is the contest so early in the morning?” she grumbled.

“It’s a challenge,” Zissy corrected her. If Ursula hadn’t shot Skye a warning look, the blonde might have regretted making that little comment.

05-16-20_10-00-28 PM

Arhun spotted a letter at the gazebo table. “Hey, guys, I think that might be what we need?” He pointed it out.

“On it.” Ursula strode forward, opening it and reading the letter inside, which was covered with bunnies.

Greetings, contestants!

Today you’ll be hunting for eggs, not love! We’ve hidden eggs around the house. You have three tries to find eggs in this first round. Each egg equals a point in today’s Egg Day activities — 

Ursula stopped reading. “It’s Egg Day?” She sighed when everyone looked at her. “Fine, okay.”

–in today’s Egg Day activities. Once you’ve finished, come into the kitchen. Good luck!

They all dashed off immediately, Ursula dropping the letter and starting her hunt around the gazebo.

05-16-20_10-02-08 PM

The egg hunt’s first round wore on. Some were lucky…

05-16-20_10-06-55 PM

Others not so much.

05-16-20_10-05-12 PM

They all gathered in the kitchen once they’d had three tries to find eggs.

“So, what now?” Skye asked, looking around. She’d found two, but Zissy had managed to find three, which irked her. Of course her rival would find one on every try.

05-17-20_10-08-22 AM

A voice came over the speakers again, causing a couple of contestants to jump.

“Greetings, contestants! 

Each of you has as many tries as you have eggs to find more. Do your best, and return here afterwards!”

“That’s me and Scorpius out, then,” Arhun said, sadly. Whether it had been through distraction of trying to avoid a severe sunburn, or pure bad luck, he hadn’t found a single egg. Scorpius hadn’t either, but seemed pretty chilled out about it.

At the end of the second part of the egg hunt, Zissy proudly had six decorative eggs, while Shiro and Skye each had four. Callum hadn’t found another, but Ursula had.

“What now?” Shiro asked, bemused. Amira walked in, smiling.

“Well, now it’s a knockout.” She smiled. “The rules are that whoever has the least eggs this round is disqualified–”

“Me.” Callum sighed. “Oh, well.”

05-17-20_10-12-07 AM

The third round saw Shiro, Skye, and Zissy all find more eggs, but no such luck for Ursula.

“I wasn’t going to win anyway.” She grinned. “Might as well go change, huh?”

05-17-20_10-14-22 AM

Unfortunately, the fourth round was a tie. Shiro and Skye both had six eggs, while Zissy had managed to score eight.

“How do we solve this?” Skye asked. She really didn’t want to lose at this point.

“I mean, neither of us is going to get more eggs than Zissy,” Shiro said, reasonably. ” So I think we both lose this round.”

“Okay, then.” Amira opened a letter that she’d been holding. “Winner of the Egg Challenge…You and Amira will be going on a solo date this evening to the Spice Festival! Dress to impress!” She smiled. “I guess you and me are going on a good old-fashioned date, Zissy!”

05-17-20_10-20-30 AM




San Myshuno was luckily just a ferry ride away from Sulani, and one that wasn’t even that far. A private boat was assigned to each girl, and they agreed to meet at the entrance to the festival before they left.

“Wow…” Zissy looked impressed as she looked Amira over. “Nice outfit.”

“It’s, um, kind of party gear for me.” Amira smiled. “You look really lovely too.”

05-17-20_10-32-53 AM

“Pretty party gear.” Zissy gave her a flirty look. “Are you ready for the heat?”

05-17-20_10-34-31 AM

“Ooh, spicy.” Amira laughed. “I want to check out the merch first, for sure.”

“Oh, they always have all the spices there! Let’s go!”

Zissy watched as Amira started chatting away to the vendor, asking her about what she had in stock. Eventually, she decided on a t-shirt, but Zissy couldn’t help but be a little impressed at the way she seemed to be as at ease in the city as she was on Sulani.

05-17-20_10-35-25 AM

“Meet me at the fountain in five minutes,” Amira said, grinning, once she’d bought the tee, before heading off in the direction of the toilets.


Five minutes later, as promised, Zissy returned to the fountain, looking around for Amira.

“Oh my gosh…” Zissy laughed when she spotted the difference. Amira was already wearing her new shirt, the happy little chicken leg plastered across her front. “This might be the only time I’ve been happy to see chicken.”

05-17-20_10-37-18 AM

“I know, it’s so cute!” Amira already seemed to be having a good time. “Everything smells wonderful, and you know, I saw a stall back there that said all its food is vegetarian-safe.”

“Oh, yeah, most of the Spice Festival stuff is!” She smiled brightly. “I’ve been a few times, ’cause it’s really pro-veggie, and even though the curry challenge is pretty spicy, there’s always really nice stuff like samosas, bhel puri…” She stopped, and gave her date a quick smile. “Like, it’s pretty welcoming for someone with dietary requirements.”

“You seem to really know your stuff.” Amira looked impressed. “How many times have you been?”

05-17-20_10-44-06 AM

“I read a review in one of the blogs I followed and came to check it out a few years ago. I basically come as often as I can. It’s not as beautiful as Sulani, but…it’s pretty close.” Zissy smiled brightly. “And honestly, I really love it.”

As the evening wore on, Zissy found that she was very much enjoying herself. She tried a Simsmopolitan, a drink she usually thought of as being quite fancy, while Amira headed over to the food samples.

05-17-20_10-45-26 AM

“Samosas….Zissy said these were pretty good…” Amira mused to herself, reaching out. She was enjoying herself just as much as Zissy was. The bright lights, good food, and dare she say it, charming company, was making for a really fun evening.

05-17-20_10-45-54 AM

“No, I mean it! Mom’s there watching as this tiny little fish is hanging off Dad’s tail, and…” Amira laughed. “He just refused to admit it was a fish. All, ‘I’m telling you, Laila, this thing’s a shark!”

Zissy giggled. “He sounds like a fun guy.”

05-17-20_10-50-37 AM

“Yeah, he and Mom both. They were so hyped about me coming onto this show, too. I think they were pretty proud I was chosen. I’m excited, though, mostly.”

“I…” Zissy took a sip of her drink for courage. It was easier to be brave about the environment than to be brave in these situations. “I hope I get to meet them.”

05-17-20_10-51-56 AM

Both girls blushed.

“Wow, you can be pretty bold.” Amira gave her another impressed look. “It’s pretty refreshing.”

“You have no idea how nervous that made me!” Zissy laughed.

05-17-20_10-50-49 AM


At 9pm, as scheduled, the crew brought them back to the mansion via boat, and the girls were stood outside, waiting to go inside. Both of them had thoroughly enjoyed their evening out, and if they went past those doors, it was officially over.

Amira turned to Zissy, a big smile on her face.

“I really enjoyed our date, Zissy.” She seemed to flush slightly. “It was a lot of fun.”

05-17-20_10-55-55 AM

Zissy almost wanted to reach across and hug her with joy. She’d also enjoyed herself hugely on the date, but more importantly, there hadn’t been a boring moment in their conversation.

Instead, she gave Amira a brilliant smile. “Me too!”



Oh, man.

Skye felt hurt and gloomy as she sat upstairs, listlessly pushing pieces around the board. She’d been doing her best in the challenge, but Zissy had somehow managed to knock it out of the ballpark. Amira had seemed really excited for the date too, which hurt.

05-17-20_10-54-27 AM

Maybe it was because she’d gotten way too ahead of herself, but she’d thought she had a bit of a lead because of the conversations she’d had with Amira already. However, challenges took more work than that, and sometimes they were completely luck-based. She’d done well, sure, but not well enough.

Shiro, the other runner-up, was out on the porch with Scorpius, chatting away idly.

“I really…I guess I thought I didn’t have much of a chance, before,” he said.

“No, man, you totally do. Me and Arhun, we tapped out first round, but you came joint-second? That’s something special!” Scorpius was in his element, hyping the other man up. “Amira’s real nice, and I bet if you talk to her, you know, have a real chat, you’ll find you really get each other.”

05-17-20_11-03-55 AM

Shiro had, actually, felt a rise in confidence. He’d done pretty well in the first challenge, and while he might not have had a proper talk with Amira yet, he wanted to now that he felt he had a chance.

“You know, you’re a pretty good listener, Scorpius.”

“Anytime!” Scorpius patted his shoulder. “Remember, talk to her.

What a spicy episode! Looks like Zissy is moving in for a win…But will she be able to deal with all of Skye’s salt? We’ll be here all night, folks…

Tune in next time on Mermaid Bachelorette!

(Shiro belongs to 15aewar, Callum belongs to Simslover163, Ursula belongs to VanPelt81, Skye belongs to Irishsong, Zissy belongs to marryacheesecake, Arhun belongs to Butterfreeguy, and Scorpius belongs to INFINILoki!)

6 thoughts on “Episode Two: Eggs and Dates (1.2)

    1. She seemed very determined from the bio I was given! And yeah, she just kept finding eggs! I have them all on a table in the upstairs of the house, but getting a decent picture was hard.

  1. I’m happy (and a little surprised) that Shiro came in second. I hope we get to see more of Skye. I want to see her develop. I want to see everyone develop!

  2. An egg hunt is a great idea!! It’s a shame Callum did not find any more eggs in the second round. Congratulations to Zissy for winning the Egg Challenge and scoring that first date with Amira! I’m glad the girls had fun at the Spice Festival!

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