Episode Three: The First Rose (1.3)

Welcome back to Mermaid Bachelorette! Today, our lovely Bachelorette will be going on a date with every contestant, and at the end of the day, one will be sent home. Who will go – and who will make a splash?

As Day Three rolled around, everyone was excited and nervous. While Zissy had a head start, none of the rest had been on a proper date with Amira yet, and in addition, they would be going to the places they’d put down on the application as their ideal date spot. Although each date was going to be short, they knew it had to make an impression, as today also held the first elimination.

First up was Scorpius, who met Amira at a popular beach in Sulani.

“I think there’s going to be a lot of outfit changes today,” she joked, smiling at him. “So…we haven’t really had the chance to talk much.”

05-19-20_1-29-49 PM

“I guess we haven’t!” He laughed. “Sorry about that. It’s just been amazing already, coming to the mansion and meeting so many new people. Can you blame me for saving the best until last?”

He was rewarded with a shy smile. Amira, he thought privately, was very pretty when flustered.

“Besides, you’ll love it here. It’s a real popular spot among mermaids and humans alike. Have you ever been before?”

05-19-20_1-30-27 PM

“I think when I was younger?” She looked around. “My family likes to keep to the more secluded places.” Still, there was a sparkle in her eyes as she looked around the beach. “I’d love to take a swim with you.”

“Awesome!” Scorpius grinned at her.


“So…tell me about your family.”  Scorpius floated gently beside Amira, admiring her colourful mermaid form. He hadn’t had a chance to see it before.

“Well, they’re very chilled out, compared to some. My mom and my dad are super in love, too, and both of them were happy for me to come onto the show because they believe you should find love in your own way. I have two older sisters…” She trailed off. “Anyway, what about you? What’s your life like?”

05-19-20_1-48-16 PM

“Well, I…” Scorpius smiled, softly. “I like to be around people. I like making friends, and I’m a great believer in the idea of found family. But…I can’t help but feel like I want a family of my own.” He flushed slightly. “I want someone to share my life with, so that’s why I came onto the show.”

“I’ve…got similar reasons.” Amira drifted a little closer. “I love my family, but…I want to find The One, you know? The person who I can truly call my other half. This might not be the most conventional way of doing it…”

“It’s worth a shot, though,” Scorpius said. “You know, you’re really nice.”

The compliment seemed to hit home, from the way she smiled and looked away, so he dived away from her. He didn’t want to pile it on too thick and make her uncomfortable.

“Last one to the beach is a rotten fish!”

05-19-20_1-46-52 PM

“Hey!” She laughed, and dived after him. Scorpius was kinder than she could have imagined, she thought, as she swam along trying to catch up to him.


“So…I’ve never been here before,” Amira admitted, as she took a bite of pastry. Ursula was halfway through her dish already, and looked as though she was thoroughly enjoying herself.

“Oh, this is my favourite place to come. I’m not really a ‘little cafes’ kind of girl, but…” She waved a hand. “This place has the best pastries in Windenburg.”

05-19-20_1-56-46 PM

“I’m certainly a fan. So, Ursula…I don’t think we’ve managed to get to know each other much yet.” Amira gave her a bright smile. “I’d love to know more.”

“Well, I like alternative stuff. What’s your experience of that?” Ursula seemed to be giving her an appraising look. “I’m pretty into fashion, too.”

“I can tell. You’re always very put together.” Amira spread her hands. “And your make-up is always incredible. I’ve always just gone for anything that says it’s waterproof, and even then it’s hard.”

05-19-20_1-57-49 PM

“Well, I’ve always liked darker colours anyway, and as for the makeup, practice makes perfect.” Ursula flicked her eyes downwards. “Waterproof make-up doesn’t always work, though.”

“I know…” Amira sighed. “It’s always so difficult to find anything that’ll survive a swim.”


“Zissy, this is beautiful!” Amira exclaimed, looking around the ruins of the island. “How on earth did you find it?”

“Oh, it’s a Windenburg beauty spot, but I was swimming past it one day and just had to see it for myself.”

05-19-20_2-00-54 PM

“I don’t often leave Sulani, and I’ve not been to Windenburg that much when I do.” Amira turned around. “It feels so old.  And it has a pool?”

“Yes, isn’t it amazing?” Zissy felt her enthusiasm well up. “I can’t help but love it. Places like this need to be taken care of, and they’re just so  beautiful.” 

“It’s the perfect place for a date,” Amira said, shyly. “Thank you for bringing me here.”

05-19-20_2-01-38 PM

“Of course…” Zissy said, looking mischievous. “After all, two natural beauties together? What’s not to like?”

“You charmer.” Amira stifled a giggle. “So, how old is this place?”

05-19-20_2-03-17 PM

“No one’s really sure, because it’s got all sorts of contradicting documentation, but the Sloth Society – you know, the Princess Cornelia Foundation’s people? Well, they claim that they have a diary entry of her visiting this place before it was ruined, but given that her diaries are so precious, and the Foundation has exclusive access, it’s a bit unsure whether it’s true. They say it was a private island palace before it was like this.”

“Oh, imagine…” Amira looked out over the pool, delighted. “A palace with a pool…It sounds perfect!”


“Oh!” Amira breathed in the scent of chlorine as she stepped into the lounge. A pool glittered out on the balcony, but while she longed to have a swim, she was sure that it wouldn’t be a good idea in the cold of San Myshuno.

05-19-20_2-05-22 PM

Callum was waiting for her at the bar, looking very nervous.

“I, uh, thought that…it would be pretty romantic,” he said, quickly. “It’s supposed to be a good place to go on dates, so…”

“It’s, um, very lovely!” Amira couldn’t help but shiver, however. The cold weather nipped at her shoulders and she knew almost instantly that she wasn’t dressed for the weather here. She’d not anticipated an open lounge.

However, company could make up for it.

05-19-20_2-08-12 PM

“So, um, the pool would usually be open and we could go swimming, but they don’t open it until night, and then it’s uh, heated? And you can swim under the stars.” Callum hadn’t anticipated having to go to his chosen spot during the day. He’d kind of shot himself in the foot, and he couldn’t help but want to tell her how it was.

“That sounds…lovely.” Amira smiled. “Have you been here before?”

“Yeah, uh, a few times with my friends. We like to come here for karaoke and even if we’re not good, it’s nice to try new things, don’t you think?”

“Yes, you should always try your best.” Amira fidgeted on her stool, looking at the bartender who was mixing her drink.


“So…” Skye gave Amira a grin. “We finally get to go on a date!”

“Hah! I admit I’ve been looking forward to it.” Amira smiled warmly. “How have you been finding things?”

Skye looked directly at her. “Well, yesterday made me a bit more determined, let’s just say that.”

05-24-20_11-10-23 AM

Amira blushed, but looked around. “So… tell me about this bar.”

“Well, it’s the only place they don’t just play what’s on the radio, and the owner has a decent taste in music. Plus, they’re pretty good people, and my roommate used to work here.” Skye looked around fondly. “I mean, I’m not too buddy-buddy with my roommates but at the same time, this place has a lot of good memories.”

05-24-20_11-11-10 AM

“I hope I’m not too bold in hoping for this date to be one of them,” Amira said. She liked Skye – the other girl was interesting, honest, and sparky.

“Well, I think it’s going to be a great date, even if it has to be a short one.” Skye winked at her. “Partially because the bartender knows how to make some of your fancy Sulani drinks.”

05-24-20_11-11-26 AM

“Really?” Amira lit up.

“Yeah, he’s a bit of a cocktail whizz. Don’t tell him I said this, but his Cupid Juice is so good it’s practically Cupid in a glass.” Skye raised her eyebrows. “You and I should try it together sometime.”

05-24-20_11-14-19 AM

“That sounds like a date to me,” Amira said, with a shy smile.

“I’m in if you are,” Skye said, in a low voice, before calling down the bar. “Hey, Arch! Mind getting my date here one of your coconut specials?”


Amira’s next date was somewhere far grander. Somewhere with fountains, fine art, and lots of glass windows.

Shiro might not know a lot about Sulani, but he did know a lot about where in San Myshuno was a good place to take a date.

05-24-20_11-18-13 AM

As he’d hoped, Amira was suitably impressed. The bright colours, gorgeous paintings, and modern art surrounding her was overwhelming, and she looked at Shiro with an expression he’d never seen on her before.

“Shiro…I’ve never been anywhere like it.”

“Let me be your tour guide, then.” He spotted a painting behind her that she might like, a muted one showing off trees in different colours.

05-24-20_11-19-32 AM

“It’s like seeing all the seasons at once!” she whispered, as though she had to keep quiet. “Winter, spring…summer? But there’s no autumn…”

“I like to come here and look at the different pieces when I can.”

“Oh…do you live in San Myshuno?” She looked surprised. “I didn’t know.”

05-24-20_11-20-24 AM

“I do now.” He sighed. “I grew up in Sulani, but I wanted to see the world, and this was the bit of it I happened to find a home in.”

“That sounds…like something I’d want to hear more about.” She tilted her head. “I don’t hear of many people leaving Sulani, though.”

“Well, I used to work in my family’s restaurant, until I took it over. It…wasn’t always the best, and then when it was my turn to make ends meet it just wasn’t what I wanted to do.” The quiet of the gallery seemed to pull the words out of him easily. “I’m a mermaid, like you, though, and San Myshuno just doesn’t feel like home did.”

05-24-20_11-20-50 AM

“What did home feel like to you?” she asked, quietly.

“Oh, it’s not…you can’t put into words. The heat, the sound of the waves, the songs on the radio they never play anywhere else…” He sighed, happily, and stretched his arms out. “Home was all that.”

05-24-20_11-21-49 AM

“Then…” She hesitated, but he could hear in her voice the next question.

“Why don’t I come home? Well, I guess San Myshuno also has a bit of it as well. It’s so beautiful and just as full of life. The festivals, the people, the sound! Sulani’s not that busy and even in holiday season it’ll never be a city.” He smiled at her. “Come on. Let me show you my favourite painting here.”

05-24-20_11-22-10 AM

She hurried after him as he walked confidently towards where two paintings lay. One was dim, muted, and the other had more colour than she’d ever really thought to see on one canvas. It was full of life, despite only being buildings.

She stopped beside him, looking at the painting. It was clearly the city that they were in. San Myshuno, full of life, even if you could only tell from all the lights in all the buildings.

05-24-20_11-23-16 AM

Taking a deep breath, she took his hand, looking directly ahead at the painting.

“It’s beautiful,” she said, softly. “Really, really beautiful.”

05-24-20_11-24-41 AM


It was raining when she and Arhun arrived at Brindleton Bay, and she winced as heavy droplets hit their head.

“It’s so overcast…” She looked around. “It was so sunny earlier.”

“Oh, I like the weather,” Arhun said, nervously. “So, um, usually this place would be closed, but I happen to, er, know the owner.” He rubbed the back of his head. “He said he’d leave it unlocked and if we lock up after ourselves, he’ll come check everything in the morning.”

This surprised Amira, but she followed him into the open museum. It was pretty nautical, which caught her attention.

05-24-20_11-28-47 AM

“Now this is my favourite piece of the collection.” Arhun stood fondly in front of a sepia painting of a sailor and his dog. “This is the great-great-uncle of the current owner. Lovely guy, uh, apparently.”

“He looks like a kind man,” Amira said. Her attention was on the piece next to Arhun, however.

05-24-20_11-29-39 AM

She loved paintings like this, where the artist had painted craashing waves, capturing the sea at its finest. Arhun noticed her gaze.

“Ah, yes. This was painted years ago, but it’s very haunting. There’s just something about a stormy sea…” He let his eyes flick to Amira. “Don’t you think that’s just beautiful?”

05-24-20_11-31-11 AM

She seemed lost in the painting, and he snapped out of his own little art trance.


“Oh! Yes, sorry. I just…I love that painting.”

“It’s very beautiful.” He gestured around the museum. “As is everything here. There’s something about this whole place that just…speaks to you.”

05-24-20_11-31-52 AM

He wasn’t wrong. A nautical museum might not typically be a great place for a first date, but for a mermaid, it was very romantic, bottled ships and all.

Sooner than she’d have liked, it was time for the ferry back to Sulani…

05-24-20_11-35-18 AM

And also time to make a difficult choice.
“Hey, so…” Scorpius looked around at the other contestants. “How did things go with your dates?”

“Oh, you know, not bad.” Zissy smiled, and Skye smiled back even more forcefully.

“I think mine went pretty well too,” she said, pointedly. Ursula ignored them. She kind of hoped it wouldn’t always be this pointless bickering.

05-24-20_11-41-19 AM

“Thank you for coming,” a voice said from behind them, nervously. They turned to see Amira, in a beautiful green and orange formal dress, a smile on her face but obviously still nervous.

05-24-20_11-43-26 AM

So this would be it. No matter what, one of them would be going tonight. Amira took a bunch of six roses out from behind her back and laid them on a bench, picking one out.

She walked towards Skye, holding out a rose.

“Skye. I really enjoyed our date today, and I enjoyed talking to you as much as I always do. This rose is for you.”

05-24-20_11-44-31 AM

Skye took it, feeling as though fireworks were going off. She had received the first rose! She smiled at Amira, and went to sit down.

“Zissy, I loved both of our dates, and I think you’re a very interesting person who I’d love to get to know better. This rose is for you.” Amira handed the next rose over, and Zissy gave her a peaceful smile.

05-24-20_11-46-24 AM

“I’d love to as well,” she said, taking her rose.

“Well, that’s put the cat among the pigeons,” Ursula murmured to Arhun.

“Shiro, this rose is for you.” Amira smiled brightly at him, their hands almost touching again. “I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed our date today. Seeing San Myshuno with you was amazing, and I’d love to do it again.”

Shiro felt his heart beat just a little faster. He took the rose, but he couldn’t shake the feeling of holding hands with Amira like that.

05-24-20_11-47-38 AM

He really, really did want to win. Scorpius’ talk hadn’t been the only spark to the fire. Getting to know Amira today had given him more determination than he rightly knew what to do with. But before he could say anything, she had gone back to the bench for another rose.

“Scorpius, this rose is for you. I’d like to get to know you further, and I enjoyed our date.” She grinned. “I plan to win our next race.”

05-24-20_11-48-49 AM

“I’ll swim with you anytime,” he said, gallantly, and took the rose gently from her.


The next name had everyone stand a little still as Amira held out a rose.

“I’d like to give you this rose, although it’s a shame it can’t be the colour that suits you. I loved getting to know you, and I’d like to do so again.”

05-24-20_11-50-50 AM

Amira turned around as Ursula took the rose, looking nervously at the last two contestants, who watched her silently. One with a soft look, one with a worried one.

05-24-20_11-52-52 AM

She took a deep breath, and stepped over until she was standing in front of them.  Focus. Breathe. 

“My last rose…”

05-24-20_11-54-03 AM

“Is for Arhun.”

05-24-20_11-54-48 AM

“Today you took me to a place that we both loved, and I got to know you for perhaps the first time. I’d like to do so again, if you’d like to get to know me.” She gave him a nervous smile as he smelled the rose.

She then turned to Callum, who looked shocked. She bit her lip.

“Callum, I don’t have a rose for you.” She held her hands close. “I enjoyed meeting you, but I don’t think we’re too compatible.”

05-24-20_11-56-17 AM

Callum felt his heart sink, but not quite as much as he thought it might. Really, while Amira was really nice, he would more miss Scorpius, who he’d made friends with.

Amira wished she could hug him, but knew it wouldn’t be appropriate, and so instead turned and walked away. She looked over at Scorpius pleadingly, who’d been watching intently. He walked Callum over to the bar as soon as he could.

“I’ll miss you, man,” he said, quietly.

“Yeah, me too. Do you think we can still keep in contact? You’re a good dude, even if I screwed up.”

05-24-20_11-59-42 AM

“Don’t think of it like that. Think of it as fate having someone else out there for you. And hey, at least we became friends.” Scorpius gave him a smile as warm as the Sulani sun.

“Yeah. Yeah, I’ll think of it that way. I’ll be rooting for you, dude.” Callum patted his friend’s arm. “I really am gonna miss you. If you’re ever in the area, you can always crash with me.”

“Thanks, Cal. Now, come on. You’ve got some time before you have to go. Let’s go say goodbye.”

It’s our first farewell, but not our last…and the feud between Zissy and Skye looks like it’s only just getting started. 

Tune in next time on Mermaid Bachelorette!

(Shiro belongs to 15aewar, Callum belongs to Simslover163, Ursula belongs to VanPelt81, Skye belongs to Irishsong, Zissy belongs to marryacheesecake, Arhun belongs to Butterfreeguy, and Scorpius belongs to INFINILoki! And as always, Amira belongs to me)



6 thoughts on “Episode Three: The First Rose (1.3)

  1. Shiro forgot to mention the family curse, didn’t he? Oh well, I guess it can wait…
    Poor Callum. We’ll miss you, my dude!

  2. Aww RIP Callum, you shall be missed!

    Can I just say though, im so glad my little Scorpian has mad such a friend!
    AND OMG IM SO PROUD OF HIM!!!! He finally talked to the girl and, he was such a sweetheart.
    thas’ma babeh!

    Also congrats everyone else! Scorpius has some amazing competition 😀

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