Episode Five: Penguin Party (1.5)

Last episode, we saw the rising tension between Zissy and Skye come to a head with a fight that Arhun broke up. Will they overcome their differences, or is their rivalry for Amira’s heart too powerful? 

The soft sound of the waves lapping against each other in the bay woke Amira from her slumber. She’d been dreaming of something, she was sure…something she could barely remember.

05-29-20_8-50-31 AM

But as she woke up, she remembered what day it was on the timetable and felt her heart lift.

Today was a party – not just any party, but a Black and White Bash! She got out of bed with a smile on her face. Everyone had had an outfit prepared for them by the wardrobe team, and she couldn’t wait to see what hers would be like.

05-29-20_8-51-11 AM


Ursula sighed aas she headed towards the gazebo where they’d once again been told to gather. The outfit she’d been given wasn’t her style at all – she really felt like she could have given the wardrobe team some pointers on personality and what to do with black and white.

05-29-20_9-15-35 AM

Arhun, on the other hand, was delighted with the dapper black suit he’d been given. Just for today, he’d opted for contact lenses, which usually he disliked having to put in.

05-29-20_9-14-45 AM

Shiro was similarly pleased with his outfit, feeling quite sharp, although he usually would have preferred a tie with more…pizzazz.

05-29-20_9-15-17 AM

“I feel like we’re in a band,” Skye joked to Ursula, as they headed to the gazebo together. “We look…”

Ursula shook her head. “I’m never going to hear the end of this. This is so not my style.”

05-29-20_9-18-20 AM

At the gazebo, they found a bartender waiting along with a smartly dressed Amira, already chatting with Scorpius.

“Everyone, I’m so glad you could make it! Please, help yourselves to Zebra Fizzes, and let’s get the party started!” Amira’s eyes were shining, and she smiled happily at Scorpius. “I’ve never actually  been to a Black and White Bash, not before. It’s a real novelty!”

He laughed. “Well, at least you get to see us all in formal clothing.”

Skye took a proffered Zebra Fizz from the bartender, smiling as Amira kept talking. She was really loving how animated Amira could become when she became passionate about something.

05-29-20_9-22-34 AM

“And, um, the zebra says, well, if I’m not a donkey, how come I’m such an ass?” Amira blushed as she said it and Skye laughed at the joke.

Scorpius smiled, and Shiro headed to the bar. It was nice to see Amira so in her element, even when she was experiencing something new. She really did take to new things so easily.

Zissy passed behind Skye as she was sipping at her drink, and almost said something, but hesitated. If Skye and she had another fight, now, it would be in front of Amira, and it would definitely put the energy of the house at risk again.


05-29-20_9-24-00 AM

So, she said nothing, moving to sit down with Scorpius instead.

“Amira, you look lovely,” Shiro said, giving her a sunny smile. She blushed again, and Skye smiled too.

“I think you’re looking very handsome yourself, Shiro. And all of you, of course.” She patted her dress down. “I wasn’t too sure about whether it suited me.”

“No, black definitely suits you. Maybe we can goth you up sometime,” Skye said, winking at her.

05-29-20_9-25-31 AM

“Scorpius?” Zissy said, quietly. “How am I doing?”

“Well, I’d say you’re doing well considering that you’re very close and neither of you have tried to pick up the argument again.” Scorpius smiled. “Well done, Zissy. Everything seems to be going well.”

Zissy breathed a sigh of relief.

05-29-20_9-26-45 AM

After drinks, they looked to Amira, who gave them a shy smile.

“The show has also provided us with entertainment. Today, we have Baron Gold with us to sing!” She looked down, embarrassed. “Sorry, my mom’s a big fan of his, so I’m really excited. She’s not going to believe it when she sees this episode!”

“Oh my gosh!” Zissy looked up, delighted. “I’ve heard him before! He’s–” She squealed, and even Skye looked impressed.


When they went inside, Baron Gold gave them all a smile. He’d been ushered into the living room next to the piano.

“Ladies and gentlemen, for this private entertainment, I’d like to ask if any of you have any requests. I am Baron Gold, and I’m here for one day only.”

“Please…” Ursula stepped forward. “I’d like to hear ‘Heart of the Sea’.”

It was a bold move, but the Baron winked at her and began. It had been a hit single of his a while back, and was wildly popular among mermaids, being considered a romantic classic.

05-29-20_9-35-38 AM

“Oh, this is my favourite…” Zissy whispered.

“When we are parted

Don’t cry for me

We’ll meet again

At the heart of the sea,”

05-29-20_9-34-21 AM

“Hold a shell to your ear

Hear the sound of the sea

Swim to its heart someday

And there you’ll find me,”

05-29-20_9-35-18 AM

Amira closed her eyes, seeing herself back home, hearing her father sing along as he danced her mother around. This particular song was full of so many memories. Her sister had even said that when she got married, she was going to have this as her first dance.


Baron Gold performed a few more songs, taking requests, until he bowed, and looked around them.

“I was not sure about this, but I have to say, you’ve been a wonderful audience. Until next time!” He smiled, and Amira watched as one of her mother’s favourite singers left.

“I still can’t believe that actually happened.” She fanned her face. “My mom’s going to  combust.

“Let’s keep partying!” Scorpius cheered. “Come on, we should try showing off some moves, right?”

“Dancing? Sure, why not.” Ursula grinned. “Let’s do this.”


“Nice moves, Shiro!” Ursula said, as he spun past her. He grinned, pulling a stunt that he’d learned in one of the nightclubs.

“Thanks, you too!”

05-29-20_9-38-12 AM

While the alternative music wasn’t exactly up her street, Skye cast a flirty look over at Amira. True, Amira didn’t have dance moves as good as Shiro’s or Ursula’s, but seeing her dance was a treat in of itself.

05-29-20_9-39-01 AM

Amira caught the look, caasting a shy smile back Skye’s way.

05-29-20_9-39-12 AM

“I should go get a drink,” Amira said, breathless, a little while later. “I’ll see if there’s any Zebra Fizzes left…”

Zissy watched her go. She had been very sure that this party would be a chance to get closer, but somehow things hadn’t panned out that way. She’d need to step up her game tomorrow.

05-29-20_9-41-10 AM

“Hey, Ursula…” Skye said, quietly. “You know, that was a smooth move earlier with Heart of the Sea.”

“It’s a popular song,” Ursula said, grinning. “I was thinking–”

“Hey, guys?” Zissy cleared her throat. “I was thinking…should we watch a movie tonight?”

Skye was in such a good mood, she didn’t even challenge it.

“You know what, Zissy? That’s a pretty good idea.”

05-29-20_9-42-31 AM

Huh. Ursula smiled to herself. So those two could get along, given the chance.


At the bar, Amira was helping herself to one of the Zebra Fizzes. These were so  good, although she hoped her mom wouldn’t scold her for leaving to have a drink. Her feet hurt, and she’d been dancing for a while.

Today had been so amazing. She had been impressed by the romantic move on Ursula’s part, and she’d gotten to talk a lot with everyone. In fact, the party had been a resounding success as far as she could see.

05-29-20_9-43-37 AM

As the party wound to a close, she and some of the contestants decided to take a quick dip in the hot tub, seeing as how a cool breeze was starting to come in across the waves. As the heat soaked in, they ended up talking.

“You know, I’m really enjoying the competition,” Shiro said, with a smile. “There’s so much to experience, and I think because we’re together, it makes it even better.”

“Yeah, I agree,” Ursula said, giving him a quick smile. “Enjoying new things with other people…it’s a crazy thing, but it’s amazing.”

06-06-20_11-06-33 AM

“I’m just enjoying being in Sulani,” Scorpius said, with a smile on his face.

“You know what, buddy? Me, too. I didn’t think I would, but…” Shiro closed his eyes. “It’s beautiful here, and I’m more relaxed than I was in San Myshuno.”

06-06-20_11-07-13 AM

“Hey, you know what I enjoyed?” Skye broke in. “Today! The party was a lot of fun, and those outfits…”

“Hah! Not mine!” Ursula laughed. “Seriously, mine was…so not me? But you’re right, it was kinda fun. And those Zebra Fizzes are something else.”

06-06-20_11-07-27 AM

Amira gave them all a wide smile.

“I think I enjoyed it more because of the company,” she said, quietly and happily. “Baron Gold, the drinks, the conversation…it was everything I’d hoped it would be.”

06-06-20_11-08-28 AM

“Don’t forget the dancing,” Ursula reminded her.

“How could I!” She laughed. “I don’t think I’m going to be winning any trophies for that any time soon.”

It was true, Amira hadn’t been a particularly graceful dancer, but Ursula personally thought that was rather cute.

Later, Amira went up to her room, sitting down in the wicker chair as she breathed a sigh of relief. She’d been so excited for the party that now she was all worn out.

06-06-20_11-25-44 AM

Tomorrow would be a round of speed dating, again, and she was looking forward to it, getting to know the contestants all over again. She’d been surprised, today, by one or two, and she leant back in the chat, hearing it creak.

Tonight, with its soft breeze, was slowly making her more and more tired. Soon, she settled down to sleep, changing into her pyjamas and settling down underneath the covers. Tomorrow was another day.

Will the truce between Zissy and Skye last? Will our sweet siren follow her heart? Find out next time on Mermaid Bachelorette!

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