The Whitmore Legacy (1.13)

After all the excitement, Nia was pretty exhausted, so I had her take a day off so she didn’t pass out at work or something. She really enjoyed her vacation day, and, guess what!

It started to snow!

The house has been modified again, as it was the day before Winterfest, and I was determined that we could use our saved up funds. We had quite a lot at this point, so I created the room and started working on getting together what we would need.

I really though it would be cute for us to have a Winterfest baby, too. But at the same time, some things needed to happen first!

The boys had their first snowball fight, of course, because some things are traditional…

And when Ritvik got back, I decorated the new nursery!

And then, because of technical reasons, Nia and Ritvik eloped! It was a short, sweet ceremony…in their pajamas.

Of course, with the marriage safely over with, it was time for another event! In order for an adopted child to be adopted by both parents, they have to be married. With the marriage official, it was time for Nia to bring home the latest member of the family….

Meet Noelle Whitmore!

I, for one, think she’s absolutely adorable. She has Rowan’s old hamster toy, too!

While Noelle was settling down for a nap, Nia and Luca set about decorating the Winterfest tree (it was 2am, so, absolutely warranted.)

I think it ended up looking really good! Luca made the crafts that are right behind the tree, which I think look really cute, and Father Winter almost looks like he’s the tree topper!

I had Ritvik look after Noelle for the time being, so that they could get to know each other for his Aspiration. I don’t think he’s going to live long enough to complete it, so I think any points he gets, I’ll convert into potions for the next generation – Sleep Replacement, etc.

However, I think they look cute!

I ended up using the Father Winter Simmi to decorate the fireplace! I figured it counted as Winterfest decoration.

After that, it was time for the kids to open presents! (I admit, I ended up selling a few.)

In the midst of this, Rowan went outside in his normal things and turned blue.

Oh dear.

I did immediately get him inside, but I guess I need to keep a closer eye on him if his survival instinct is like this.

Finally, Father Winter came! I don’t know exactly why he was different to Normal Father Winter, but he decided Nia had been bad this year and gave her a Large Pet Poo. I didn’t even know that could happen!

To round things off, I used some of the Winterfest funds to buy Ritvik an easel! I figure he can paint a portrait of Nia if he skills up enough, and in my first legacy I did have a portrait room, so I’m into doing something like that this time, too.

The Whitmore Legacy (1.12)

So, after Ritvik’s birthday, we got a notification of the Festival of Youth! Heck yes. I sent both the boys over, along with some of their friends. Here they are with Nanami Ito and Lea Ember!

The festival itself looked really cute, and of course, Yamachan was in attendance! He told the boys about the Voidcritter hunt!

Dina and Don’s twins, Troy and Trevon Lothario, were also at the festival! They’re adorable, aren’t they?

Luca definitely had more luck at the Voidcritter hunt (he found four) but unfortunately didn’t find enough to claim a prize from Yamachan. Maybe next time! Rowan found a Wisp, though, and the animations were pretty cute.

Also, we added to our Simmi collection – we got Golden Father Winter! Yay!

As we’re saving up to add a new member to the family, I sent Nia out fishing that evening, for the first time in yonks. I don’t actually remember when she last went fishing, but she did find a Lump of Clay for $150, so that added nicely to our saved up money!

Meanwhile, Ritvik and Daisy were just chilling together on the sofa, which was adorable.

The next day after school, Luca invited Lea over to hang out! I think her little winter outfit is adorable.

Unfortunately Luca was tired out by being at school, so Rowan hung out with her for a little while so that Luca could sleep (she didn’t seem to mind!)

Then when Luca woke up, they all got to hang out together! I still really like Luca’s pajamas.

I like getting to interact with the children of NPC Sims, it makes me smile – especially as Lea is the daughter of Morgyn and Jenny, who was my very first Sim back in the day.

Also…Nia and Ritvik got engaged! Nia was the one who popped the question, and I think that this photo is super cute. Of course, my reasoning for them getting married is pretty much so they’ll both be parents at the time of adoption…but hey, it’s romantic anyway!

Nia immediately fell ill afterwards, though. Dangit.

Daughters of Hesperia – The Arrivals (1.6)

Molpe was waiting in the throne room. Word had been sent that a Provider had been found, and from her calculations and the assurance from Septimus that the ship would have arrived early this morning, she awaited the arrival of her new Provider with bated breath.

There was, of course, more than one reason for this. Not only was she in need of someone who could manage Anikka, but she was quite certain that she was with child. So far she had missed a cycle, with no sign of the second, and she had noticed that she felt slightly sick from time to time. On top of that, she was more tired, and had startled Pallas by refusing to eat the little honey cakes that he’d made.

Anikka had been given a second one, instead, which seemed to have cheered her up slightly from her gloomy mood. She had been withdrawn and upset since their argument, and Molpe knew better than to go to her until she was ready.

So, yes, she was looking forward to meeting the new Provider. The message had stated that her name was Polgara, and that she had previously been part of a small island tribe. Molpe knew of the tribe from the meetings with her mother – it sprawled over the lush, green island, and was well known for its honey. As a young girl, Molpe had even met their queen, who had come to ask aid when faced with a possible invasion. Perhaps her mother had finally asked for a favor in return.

She was pondering the implication of such a thing when two women were shown in by Septimus. One stepped forward, and smiled at her.

“Greetings, my Queen.” She seemed very calm as she spoke. “I am Polgara, the Provider sent from the Isle of Metis.”

Molpe stared for a minute at her, and Polgara waited for her to speak, while behind her, the younger-looking red-haired woman looked nervous.

“I had heard of your arrival, but I do not know of the young woman you bring with you,” Molpe said, eventually. No need to hide her surprise, especially as this was the first she had known of it.

“My lady, this is Andromeda, also from Metis. When your lady mother sent word, we asked if I might bring another member along with myself, and she accepted. I have been instructed to tell you that Andromeda is a gift to you, from your mother, and from the Isle of Metis.” Polgara’s air of calm was soothing, far more soothing than it had right to be in this situation. “She is a Gatherer, my Queen, though young, and brings gifts from Metis unto you.”

“Let her speak, Polgara.” Molpe watched the young woman. She seemed nervous, but at the same time, if she was a Gatherer, she was of use, and if she was a gift from two queens, it would be hard not to accept her. But Molpe wanted to hear from the young woman herself, and see if she could tell anything of her character beyond nerves.

Polgara stepped back, and the young woman stepped into where she had been stood.

“I am Andromeda, Queen Molpe.” Andromeda looked at the floor. “I am daughter to Phoebe, who is head beekeeper of the northern hives. I have been given a swarm as a gift to you, though the route we had to take caused us to arrive later than planned.”

A swarm? Honey of their own?

Molpe looked at the girl with as impassive a face as she could manage. “And you have the skill to be a Gatherer as well as a beekeeper, Andromeda?”

“Yes, Queen Molpe. I was one on the Isle.” She still did not meet her gaze, but the more she talked, the more she relaxed. “I have brought plants with me as well, as my own gift to you. I know how to grow them here, although we will need to go up into the mountains of the island to fetch the soil. Though…I apologise, my Queen, if you do not wish to hear this.” She looked suddenly embarrassed. “But I plan for you to have a garden here, with bees and plants, growing strong.”

Molpe felt as though her breath might be stolen from her at any minute. Here was this young woman, as unassuming as a girl, casually telling her of such wonderful things! How could she not see the jewel she had been given?

She smiled, finally, and saw Polgara relax at the sight.

“Welcome, Andromeda, and welcome, Polgara.” There were many different ways to formally accept someone to your tribe, and she knew her wording must be careful. “Hesperia welcomes you home.”

Both women looked immensely pleased, and Molpe felt the tension go out of her as though she were a strung bow.

“I am relieved to have you here,” she admitted, “and must ask you, Andromeda, if you might find a site for your swarm as soon as possible. Pallas will help you. He is the son of a Gatherer, so you will find him an impeccable assistant, but I must discuss matters with Polgara straight away.”

Andromeda smiled in that unassuming way of hers. “Most call me Meda, my Queen, and I answer to it better. I shall do as you ask.” She paused. “Which is Pallas?”

“Not the man who showed you in, but the other.” Molpe watched her as she left, the fox-like tail of her red hair swaying as she turned around to go follow the order.

Two new Amazons. Well, it was not as though they could not manage it, but it was certainly unexpected.

Polgara was waiting, still, calling her back to her purpose.

“You seem tense, my Queen.” She seemed concerned, as any would be.

“Was my sister mentioned to you?” Molpe asked. She did not want to linger when it came to this, and she stood, walking over to where Polgara stood.

“Yes, my Queen. I do not know her age, but your mother mentioned that your need for me was centered around her.”

“Not entirely, but I do indeed need you here, Polgara.” Molpe sighed. “My sister has a temper that would rival a wronged goddess, if I must be truthful.”

“Is it not so with all young people? They see the world through different eyes.” Polgara smiled. “But I sense that is not everything.”

“She cannot accept Hesperia,” Molpe said, quietly. “She blames me for her being here, and I cannot give her an answer as to why she is here, for my mother has not explained her reasoning. If it was for companionship, she was sorely mistaken, for I have needed to confine her to the palace. She openly disrespected myself and my authority as Queen in front of the slaves.” A wry smile crossed her lips. “She swears my mother is her Queen, but does not listen to the very order our mother gave her.”

Polgara went silent. Such a thing was shocking to anyone, even from a princess such as Anikka, and her feelings were plain on her face. Still, Molpe pressed on.

“I could not risk such behavior continuing, but I feel as though I have failed her.”

“You have not failed her.” Polgara spoke, quietly. “She is striking out in anger, and while I understand, it could not be allowed. But I promise to you, my Queen, I shall be her friend. I shall be of comfort to her, and I will care for her as best I can…although, if you are to lay with either of the men, my attention may become split.” Her open honesty was refreshing, and Molpe felt hard-pressed not to laugh.

Here, at last, was someone she could be open with! Here at last was a woman who she could talk to on the same level. How she had missed this!

“I am no stranger to my duty,” she said, confidingly. “In fact, the man who showed you in…I feel quite strongly he will not be with us by this time next year, but in his place there may be a blessing for us all.”

Polgara looked delighted. “Truly, my queen? Oh, but what excellent news? You are sure?”

Molpe nodded. “I am almost certain. He has been visiting my chambers for three months, but I am sure that in the first month, I became with child. I am sure of it, Polgara, but I do not wish to make an announcement until I am positive.”

“Then we must start preparations at once, my Queen!” Polgara was beaming. “What a blessing for us to arrive to!” Her warm smile was a joy to behold. “Now, shall we see to the young princess?”

The Whitmore Legacy (1.11)

After the excitement of the festival, it seemed appropriate for the Whitmores to have a lovely, slow weekend. It also seemed like a good time to work slightly on aspirations and promotions!

I sent the boys to the Windenburg park to work on skills, friendships, and aspirations. Rowan needed to play three games of chess with other people to start gaining his!

While Rowan was busy working on chess (I forgot to take a picture of that, but he’s on his way to completing the first stage of his aspiration) Luca hung out on the rocket ship!

He met Lea Ember, the daughter of my Gallery Sim Jenny Proserpin and Morgyn Ember!

As soon as Lea turned up, so did a bunch of other kids! This allowed Luca to really interact with everyone.

The girl playing in the middle is Gavin Richards’ daughter, by the way! Like I said before, I love playing about in CAS with the premades.

Luca had a really good time playing out and about while Rowan was working on his aspiration! You can just about see Rowan in the background, and the blond boy is the youngest Landgraab. I think the girl at the front here is Mitchell and Zoe’s daughter Mckenna? I think that’s right, anyway!

Nia also briefly came to the park to work on her friend of the world aspiration! She needs to introduce herself to a lot of people, so the park was the perfect place to do so.

Back home, the boys had a Voidcritter battle, which Rowan ended up winning.

Meanwhile, Nia and Ritvik had some alone time relaxing in their bedroom, Ritvik marking homework while Nia ate some leftover cake.

Nia then helped Luca finish his project, which turned out good and was even finished early! As this is the first generation, we sold it, because our funds are nearly always low, but she looked so proud of him. It was super cute!

Ritvik finished this part of his Aspiration, which was to read to a child for two hours – which also neatly tied into Rowan’s Aspiration, which was to read with an adult for two hours.

With his Aspiration points, I decided to give Ritvik the Frugal trait, as this would help keep our bills down. He had just enough to get it, too.

However, for the rest of his Aspiration, Ritvik apparently needs to have three children. I could change his Aspiration, but I’ve decided to have Nia and Ritvik adopt a third child, as I do miss having a kid around the house, and I think adopting a toddler is probably the best thing to do. I’ll be showing that in the next update, though!

As for why I chose to do this so soon, well, here we go. First, I got a notification that it was Ritvik’s birthday on the Sunday, so I decided to use our updated funds to expand the kitchen.

Nia made him a Hamburger cake, and it looked absolutely fantastic!

However, when I went to double check it was his birthday, I found he was about to age up into an Elder. I guess he was an Adult when he and Nia got together, and I never noticed? But he was going to age up anyway, so I had him blow out the candles.

So here is Elder Ritvik! I tried to give him ‘fun grandpa’ vibes, even though he’s not yet a grandpa. Oops.

So, yeah, our next big spend is going to be an adoption. It might cost us a bit, but honestly, I’m excited for it!

The Whitmore Legacy (1.10)

So, we eventually appeased all the gnomes. I discovered they leave little seed packets around when appeased, and they’re all seasonal! Ritvik gathered them up while the gnomes were, uh…worshiping the tree outside?

After Harvestfest ended, they turned into regular gnome statues. I know it’s better to keep them if you want more packets next Harvestfest, but I ended up selling them, plus some of the garden stuff, and was able to upgrade the garden a bit as well as plant some of the seeds!

By digging for treasure, we also updated our MySims collection…we got Zombie Carl! Yay! I just hope he doesn’t eat Hopper, haha.

I then got a notification that the Festival of Light was happening! Of course, I had to go check it out – it would be the Whitmore family’s first festival!

Rowan went first, inviting Cali to come with him (friends are good!) He spotted Yamachan and immediately went over to go talk to him! Yamachan gave him a Simmi Capsule, which ended up being a Golden Pit Beast!

He then went to hang out with Cali by the fire that was going. Everyone else was in beautiful festival gear, and I was excited to see some familiar faces – namely, the Fengs! I guess they like festivals as well as taking over San Myshuno?

After that, I found the machine where you can purchase Simmis and festival attire! I had to see how Rowan looked in the yukata, and the answer is adorable.

Luca came along to join him shortly after, and got a Strawberry Taiyaki (it was actually also the event where all vendors give you free food, so we could try whatever we wanted!)

He and Rowan ate, and then hung their wishes on the Tanbata tree! Everything about this is just so cute! I wonder what they were wishing for?

I then had Luca chaange into Festival gear and go say hello to Yamachan! They did the Mountain Move together, which is just adorable.

Ritvik was also summoned at this point to unstick the Simmi capsule. I know, I’m shameless. He didn’t seem too happy about it, either, but he at least got to change into festival gear!

I also spotted Don at the festival. I think in this save he’s with Dina? Anyway, he’s a Sim dear to my heart, so it made me smile to see him.

After this, everyone went home, and Luca and Ritvik had a short conversation while still in their festival attire. Dawww, they match!

Here’s a look at the Simmis we collected as a result of the festival! We got Golden Pit Beast, Golden Princess Cordelia, and Gnome! I’m really happy with all of these, and when the house is a lot bigger they’ll likely have a collection room.

We have nine out of the twenty-four available, but I think we can definitely complete the collection if we work hard! I also really enjoyed everything that the Festival of Light had to offer.

The Whitmore Legacy (1.9)

We last left off with Rowan aging up at the start of Harvestfest, but Harvestfest itself was really eventful. As in, REALLY eventful. (Too much for my liking.)

I’d found some things previously that I couldn’t sell from the Sim inventory, so I assumed they couldn’t be sold (the metals and stuff you get when lightning strikes) but happily, I found out I was wrong. Combining that with the funds from our budding garden, I was able to do some minor upgrades around the house!

First upgrade: a shelf for all our current Simmis! This one is really nice, and it holds a lot of items!

As for the previous shelf, I filled it with the MySims that had been on Ritvik’s desk and put it above the Harvestfest table. Cute, right?

We also have a new MySim! Hopper! I think Ritvik found him using the Treasure Map. I actually wish there were more MySims, they’re super cute!

Anyhow, I bought a pumpkin carving station too, which I’ll be packing away into the inventory for the next Harvestfest once autumn is over, but I sent Ritvik out to make a pumpkin.

Aaaaand then the gnomes turned up. Or rather, one gnome. Rowan gave him pie.

He didn’t like it.

After Rowan went inside for safety, Ritvik tried his hand at appeasing this horrible gnome and also got electrocuted by him.

He then teleported into the kitchen and brought FRIENDS. What is this? What actually is this?

One of them was pleased, but the other was not, so Nia got the lightning treatment too. Harvestfest is TERRIFYING.

Who thought adding gnomes that electrocute you was a fun thing for Harvestfest? I’m just…I don’t even know what to say. We left the gnomes alone after that. Ritvik finished carving his pumpkin, and I added it to the table. It’s so cute!

After the pumpkin, it was time for everyone but Rowan and Daisy to go to work/school. I decided to send Rowan to Mt. Komorebi, because I just love that place and I wanted him to hang out there and get a Simmi capsule too, just like his big brother.

While there, he met this girl, Cali Chauhan! I actually created her, not the game, because I like to make sure that all the Sims in my world have families and continue on (had a bad experience in my first game where I checked on the other Sims and most of the main families had died off.)

She also seems pretty responsible, because she was cleaning up a mess from the playground floor later on when Rowan saw her again.

And for the grand finale, the Simmi capsule!

Rowan kept getting all ones we already had – I think he got Gabby three times, one Jasmine Holiday, and one Princess Cordelia? One of the machines actually stuck, so he had to go use another. (One of his parents will have to shake the machine later.)

On the last try, however, he landed a GOLDEN YAMACHAN! I’m so pleased! I put the shelf in his bedroom so he can have this Simmi all to himself as a reward. I actually think it goes well with the bedroom’s theme!

So, Harvestfest was terrifying, but Rowan’s first day as a Child was definitely rewarding. I was almost tempted to have Nia and Ritvik try for another baby, though, as it seems a little sad that there’s no longer a toddler in the house.

Overall? I hate the gnomes. I do not like the gnomes.

Daughters of Hesperia – To Become a True Queen (1.5)

For several days now, Septimus had been visiting the queen’s chambers in the evenings.

As night would fall, he and Pallas would finish their duties, and do what was needed around the palace grounds. Once he had done what was needed, he would excuse himself and walk into the palace, knowing his fellow slave’s eyes were on his back.

Tonight was the same as most others. The first night, Molpe and he had simply sat and talked, before she had kissed him deeply and sent him on his way. But the next night had been…

He hesitated in front of her door.

“My queen?”

“Come in.” As always, her voice was quiet, and yet he felt that same reaction to it as he stepped through the doorway and into the room.

It was a modest bedchamber, with a beautiful bed, an elegant rug, and a small room off the side. Her chess table stood to the side, the pieces lined up and ready for a game.

Inside, Molpe was waiting, sat on the bed. Her dark eyes found his, and he could not look away.

“Septimus…” Her lips tilted slightly. “So you return.”

It was a slight joke. He had learned a lot about his queen, these past few days. She had a hidden sense of humor, but to his surprise, she could be shy, too. He had assumed that she was more proper than most of her sisters, as she had always been a quiet one, but the way she blushed and smiled when they talked was enchanting and surprising.

She did not talk with him about important matters, not really, but she did tell him about how she missed the palace she had grown up in, and how she missed playing with the others. How they used to dare each other to steal fruit from the trees, how they would read of queens gone by, and how they would wander around the gardens.

She missed the gardens particularly, he could tell. She spoke of them wistfully, and sighed as she did so. He had never been quite as enamored of them, and for some reason, that made hearing her speak of them all the more interesting. She would describe the roses, and the crowns of flowers that the girls would make for each other.

Tonight, she was a little more restless than usual. She smiled, and watched him, and he felt drawn to her again.

“Did you know that Penelope was adored by so many of the girls?” she asked, her eyes twinkling. Penelope had been a warrior a couple of years older than both of them.

“No, my queen.” He looked at her, wanting to hear more. Penelope had been very skilled, although he himself had not taken too much notice of her beyond that.

“She was. I remember we used to write poems to her – I did not, I must confess – but the others would, and we had a little box hidden in my rooms where they were kept. We would pick flowers, and leave them at the door to her chambers, and we would have races. Whoever lost would have to attach their poem to their flowers! I never lost, you know.” She looked proud. “And I know that they did not let me win, because they shoved me a couple of times, but I think perhaps a couple of the girls lost on purpose so Penelope would see their poems.”

Septimus could not help a smile from crossing his face. He did know that the women would often find love among each other, but to think of a group of young girls all fawning over the very sensible Penelope made him smile.

“Once she actually caught poor Lydia putting down her flowers and poem. Lydia just dropped them and ran away!” Molpe giggled. “I remember her face was so red, and Penelope did not even mention it to her when they met again, but every time she saw her, she would blush. We all used to tease her about it.” She sighed happily, and stood up, and he was unprepared as she stepped towards him and leaned in.

Her delicate hands settled on his waist, and she leaned in, kissing him. He kiss her back, gripping her while still not quite believing that he was allowed to kiss her. To kiss a queen, to make love to her.

He had been chosen.

That night, as Septimus left to go back to his quarters, Molpe slept peacefully. She had done as she needed to, and chosen someone to help her fulfill her duty as queen. As she closed her eyes, she murmured a prayer to the Goddess.

Please. Bless me with a child for this tribe. Bless us with a baby, and watch over us, my Goddess.

She thought of her mother, and how many children she had borne. She though of the other queens, with their daughters and the tribal sons.

She needed to be on their level, and ensure the survival of her Hesperians.

She needed to be a true queen.

Daughters of Hesperia – A Princess Alone (1.4)

Although Anikka was feeling lonely, she did not appreciate it when Molpe came to her quarters, while she was in the middle of writing in her journal.

She tried to ignore her, but Molpe approached the desk and began talking.

“Anikka, I would like to invite you to come downstairs with me.” She seemed to almost be looking forward to something, but Anikka just knew that it had to be some sort of little ceremony or something that wouldn’t be worth it.

“Sister, I am busy.” She hunched over her journal so Molpe would not be able to read it. It felt embarrassing to have her standing there near the open journal.

In truth, it was partially about Molpe herself, and how Anikka wished to return home. It had a whole section at the moment about how she felt about Molpe agreeing to bring her here.

However, it also had a small section recording the interesting tales that the captain of the ship had told her on the way, and with Molpe interrupting her it was harder to focus on them. She wished her sister would leave.

Molpe instead sat on her bed, and waited, and eventually Anikka came to sit next to her.

“Anikka, I have been more than accommodating of your behavior, and I am willing to continue being so, but you must not show disrespect to your queen in front of the men.” Molpe was about to say more, but Anikka cut her short.

“How can you ask me to consider you my queen? How can I be asked to put my sister so high above myself when, when…” She looked angrily at her. “How can you ask this of me?”

“I understand it is difficult, Anikka, but I will not have you show your queen disrespect in front of the men. Even allowing for your age, I know you would never have shown disrespect to anyone in front of the men at home. Why do you consider it appropriate now, of all times? I am trying to establish us and ensure our future–“

“Your future! How can I have a future here? You have ripped the one meant for me away!” Anikka’s voice was raising as she spoke. “I was happy back home, and now you expect me to submit to what authority you think you have? I listen to Mother! She is my queen!”

“Anikka, that is enough!”

She jumped back, startled. She had not thought of her sister as angry, not once in her entire life. Pretentious, favored, and even meek, yes, but never angry. She had always been understanding to a fault.

But now, Molpe was angry, and angry at her.

“You speak as though you honor our mother as your queen, when you are dishonoring her with these displays? When you shame her with such behavior? Did it never occur to you, Anikka, that one of your sisters would have one day been your queen when the time came, and likely at the edict of our mother?” Molpe glared harshly at her. “She gave you the command to come with me and be part of my tribe, and while you have indeed come to this island, you are refusing to obey our mother’s command. How can you name her your queen?”

Anikka felt her own temper swaying along with the rest of her emotions, but Molpe gave her no time to speak.

“If she were your queen, she would have jurisdiction over you for your insolent displays, do you hear me? She would have say over what to do. But I am your queen, by her decree.” She looked grim as she stood up. “You are to remain inside the palace until the Provider arrives. I will be telling her of how you have behaved, how you have spoken to me in front of others, and I will say nothing, Anikka, nothing that is not the truth.”

The idea of a stranger being told of her behavior shocked Anikka. She had not thought her sister might do this, but she opened her mouth to say something, only for Molpe to shake her head.

“I am sorry that it had to be this way, Anikka. By right of birth, I consider you a princess, and I had thought to start your personal training today. But it is clear to me that you are not ready to accept your position, your duty, or me.” At that last, her voice stumbled slightly. “I must do what is best for all of us, including you, but I will not let you act in such a way.”

With that, she turned and left, leaving Anikka to start crying tears of rage and shock behind her.

Molpe almost felt like crying herself. Anikka seemed to hate her, and it did not seem fair that her mother, the cause of this situation, was adored while she was loathed. But Anikka was a child, and she could not hold it against her.

What she could do, however, was ensure she never went as far as to openly disrespect a queen again. It was too dangerous to allow her to do that, especially when she might cause others to lose respect for Molpe. As things stood, their tribe was not big enough to survive an attack from those who saw Molpe as a weak young woman. Respect was everything in a situation like this. Molpe and Anikka had to present a united front, and if they could not, then Anikka could not present anything.

But she still cared deeply for her little sister, as wild and unmanageable as she had been. She loved all her sisters, with all her heart, and for Anikka to act as though she hated her hurt the young queen deeply.

The Whitmore Legacy (1.8)

Our pear tree finally yielded some crops, yay! I’m so happy… They sold for quite a bit too.

Meanwhile, Luca got his first Voidcritter! It’s a Pleuro, which…okay, I’ll be honest, it looks like Horsea with legs. But hey, it’s an uncommon Voidcritter, so that makes it cool!

He also took the trash out! I’m starting to think that I want him to earn the responsible trait, so I’m going to try working on that.

But for the major news of this update: Harvestfest, also known as Rowan’s birthday! I did some decorating around the house, because I actually really love autumn.

I decided that Ritvik should bake a Hamburger Cake, and I was really excited to see this play out. Notice the past tense?

Because apparently, Ritvik decided the best thing to do with this cake was immediately take a slice. This is the saddest cake I ever did see.

I made this heartless man cook another cake right then and there. Shame. Shame. Shame!

Meanwhile, Nia and Luca joined the Cake Crimes squad and ate some cake, because at this point why not. Why not just eat the toddler’s birthday cake now that Ritvik has ruined it?

Anyway, one hastily-made chocolate cake later, and it was time for Rowan’s birthday! I snapped a pic of Nia picking him up for the last time, and she looks so sad. Aw, it’s okay, Nia! It’s going to be okay!

Then it was time to blow out the candles…

And tada! I present to you, once more, Rowan Whitmore! He has the Gloomy trait, and the Whiz Kid Aspiration. He also ended up with more skills than his brother, surprisingly enough.

I decided to go with a blue/mountains theme for his style. Even though his new bedroom isn’t quite as good as his brother’s, they can share the desk and all the cool stuff until I can upgrade it! I actually really like his room.

I also think that he ended up looking a lot more like Nia than Luca did. Both boys share their father’s skintone, but he looks like her around the eyes a bit more.

And finally, a very funny picture of Daisy that I took! She’s so cute.

I will miss having toddlers around the house, but it’s going to be a relief having kids that can sort out their own needs. I wonder which will end up as the heir, though? I plan to do a poll once they’re both teenagers, so I don’t know. I do have a favourite, but I won’t say that here.

The Whitmore Legacy (1.7)

So, I was about to go about my business of ensuring promotions and needs not being completely empty when I noticed a little black cat curled up asleep just outside the lot.

I’ve not really explored pet owning all that much, but my interest was piqued, so I had a look and her name was Daisy! Nia went outside to say hello to her.

I couldn’t help it, I instantly fell in love. She’s Skittish, but also adorable and happy to play, and I think Vocal is the name of the trait? You can Request a Song from her, which is so cute. So, Daisy officially became part of the Whitmore family!

Look at this cuteness. Look at these two cuties getting along. (Besides, it’s getting cold and I didn’t like the idea of poor Daisy being out in the snow.)

This also meant I got to add several cat upgrades around the house, wich was a lot of fun. Daisy actually looks a lot like my dad’s cat, which is endearing.

So we have a new family member, yay! Also, close up of her egg-shaped bed.

And she’s adorable sleeping in it!

However, if you think Rowan’s bed is a toddler bed, you are sorely mistaken. Oh, no. That there is also a Daisy bed, apparently.

Daisy doesn’t like a lot of things around the house, though, due to being Skittish – apparently it’s normal to take complete offense at random appliances. She hates the computer and the TV, apparently.

Luckily, Nia was on hand to calm her down and soothe her after she had a bit of a tantrum when encountering the TV. I just love Daisy, she’s so precious!

Nia was also able to upgrade our sink so it breaks less often. Hurrah!

After work, Nia and Ritvik both came home with promotions and bonuses, and I was able to finally upgrade several bits of the house. Here is how it looks now!

The biggest change is Luca’s bedroom – it has an activity table, a decal, a rug, is bigger, and of course, the best part – a Voidcritter Battle Station. I really want to try and complete his Aspiration if I can, or at the very least save points to buy traits later on.

We also got a new computer from Nia’s promotion, so I sold the old one and kept this one. I’ve had issues in past games where the big chunky computer breaks all the time, so I was very pleased to have this new one. In addition to that, they now have a comfortable bed instead of the used futon they’ve had from the start. It feels almost sad to let it go!

Their room is also bigger, and Ritvik’s work desk with the MySims has been moved into the bedroom.

And yes, Luca brought home a new project! I don’t know how much will get done, given that, well, we’re still battling low needs. But he’s doing his best!

I also sent Luca to Mt. Komorebi to work on our Simmi collection. I’m very determined to get them all, and we had some cash left over even after paying a staggering amount of bills. (I guess expanding the house upped them?)

He got so lucky – not a single one of the three got stuck, and we got two new Simmis! Plus, the double was Izzy Fabulous, so we could sell it and make money back.

Our two new ones were Izzy, of course, and to my delight, Jasmine Holiday! They’re in Luca’s room for the time being. I think they match the decal quite nicely!

Nia was very run down, so I had to go with another potion. Sigh. She also had a small performance loss at work.

Luca finished up by making some Fall Crafts that look so cute under the shelf in the living room! I love seasonal crafting, I think it’s a great feature of the game.

Tune in next time for more Daisy content!