The Whitmore Legacy (1.4)

While I haven’t been as adamant about this as I have in other legacies (my first one had a very impressive garden!) I have built up a tiny garden outside.

From memory, I have two Catnip plants, one Napnip, one Blackberry bush (I found one when fishing at the start and immediately planted it) and one Lily. Lilies really help boost your income, so I was really happy to find a bush of them growing nearby!

We also added Elvira Clamp to the MySims collection! She’s so serious…

I tried really hard to keep from using any aspiration points, but there comes a time where you have to manage your Sims both being exhausted at the same time…with potions. Yep, Nia had to use her precious points and buy a Sleep Replacement. Luca is a surprisingly exhausting toddler.

Speaking of Luca, he’s gotten into a regular habit of throwing his food on the floor and then grizzling later because he’s hungry. So glad this isn’t a 100 Baby Challenge, because Nia would already be failing…

However, we’re about to up the ante, because Rowan was about to age up, and I had enough money to make the nursery bigger! It’s not much, true, and in all honesty I don’t know how I’m going to manage it when they need separate rooms…but, tada!

One in-game day later, and Rowan aged up! I can’t decide whether he looks more like Nia or Ritvik, but I think he looks adorable either way, and very like his brother!

He immediately got unhappy, though, because there was a thunderstorm going on. Can’t blame you, kid.

And to top it all off, I managed to get this adorable picture of Nia reading to him on the sofa, while behind them Ritvik was grading homework. What a cute family tableau!

Plus, while Luka may not have been thrilled with having a baby in the house, he’s pretty chill with Rowan now that Rowan’s old enough for them to interact! Rowan can’t talk at the same level as Luca, though, so I think the conversation is probably pretty one-sided.

Also – Alice came to visit! She and Nia are friends from Nia’s spouse hunting days, and she kept asking to come over. She was uncomfortable the entire time for some reason, but oh well!

That wraps up Chapter Four! See you all next time!

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