The Whitmore Legacy (1.7)

So, I was about to go about my business of ensuring promotions and needs not being completely empty when I noticed a little black cat curled up asleep just outside the lot.

I’ve not really explored pet owning all that much, but my interest was piqued, so I had a look and her name was Daisy! Nia went outside to say hello to her.

I couldn’t help it, I instantly fell in love. She’s Skittish, but also adorable and happy to play, and I think Vocal is the name of the trait? You can Request a Song from her, which is so cute. So, Daisy officially became part of the Whitmore family!

Look at this cuteness. Look at these two cuties getting along. (Besides, it’s getting cold and I didn’t like the idea of poor Daisy being out in the snow.)

This also meant I got to add several cat upgrades around the house, wich was a lot of fun. Daisy actually looks a lot like my dad’s cat, which is endearing.

So we have a new family member, yay! Also, close up of her egg-shaped bed.

And she’s adorable sleeping in it!

However, if you think Rowan’s bed is a toddler bed, you are sorely mistaken. Oh, no. That there is also a Daisy bed, apparently.

Daisy doesn’t like a lot of things around the house, though, due to being Skittish – apparently it’s normal to take complete offense at random appliances. She hates the computer and the TV, apparently.

Luckily, Nia was on hand to calm her down and soothe her after she had a bit of a tantrum when encountering the TV. I just love Daisy, she’s so precious!

Nia was also able to upgrade our sink so it breaks less often. Hurrah!

After work, Nia and Ritvik both came home with promotions and bonuses, and I was able to finally upgrade several bits of the house. Here is how it looks now!

The biggest change is Luca’s bedroom – it has an activity table, a decal, a rug, is bigger, and of course, the best part – a Voidcritter Battle Station. I really want to try and complete his Aspiration if I can, or at the very least save points to buy traits later on.

We also got a new computer from Nia’s promotion, so I sold the old one and kept this one. I’ve had issues in past games where the big chunky computer breaks all the time, so I was very pleased to have this new one. In addition to that, they now have a comfortable bed instead of the used futon they’ve had from the start. It feels almost sad to let it go!

Their room is also bigger, and Ritvik’s work desk with the MySims has been moved into the bedroom.

And yes, Luca brought home a new project! I don’t know how much will get done, given that, well, we’re still battling low needs. But he’s doing his best!

I also sent Luca to Mt. Komorebi to work on our Simmi collection. I’m very determined to get them all, and we had some cash left over even after paying a staggering amount of bills. (I guess expanding the house upped them?)

He got so lucky – not a single one of the three got stuck, and we got two new Simmis! Plus, the double was Izzy Fabulous, so we could sell it and make money back.

Our two new ones were Izzy, of course, and to my delight, Jasmine Holiday! They’re in Luca’s room for the time being. I think they match the decal quite nicely!

Nia was very run down, so I had to go with another potion. Sigh. She also had a small performance loss at work.

Luca finished up by making some Fall Crafts that look so cute under the shelf in the living room! I love seasonal crafting, I think it’s a great feature of the game.

Tune in next time for more Daisy content!

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