Daughters of Hesperia – A Princess Alone (1.4)

Although Anikka was feeling lonely, she did not appreciate it when Molpe came to her quarters, while she was in the middle of writing in her journal.

She tried to ignore her, but Molpe approached the desk and began talking.

“Anikka, I would like to invite you to come downstairs with me.” She seemed to almost be looking forward to something, but Anikka just knew that it had to be some sort of little ceremony or something that wouldn’t be worth it.

“Sister, I am busy.” She hunched over her journal so Molpe would not be able to read it. It felt embarrassing to have her standing there near the open journal.

In truth, it was partially about Molpe herself, and how Anikka wished to return home. It had a whole section at the moment about how she felt about Molpe agreeing to bring her here.

However, it also had a small section recording the interesting tales that the captain of the ship had told her on the way, and with Molpe interrupting her it was harder to focus on them. She wished her sister would leave.

Molpe instead sat on her bed, and waited, and eventually Anikka came to sit next to her.

“Anikka, I have been more than accommodating of your behavior, and I am willing to continue being so, but you must not show disrespect to your queen in front of the men.” Molpe was about to say more, but Anikka cut her short.

“How can you ask me to consider you my queen? How can I be asked to put my sister so high above myself when, when…” She looked angrily at her. “How can you ask this of me?”

“I understand it is difficult, Anikka, but I will not have you show your queen disrespect in front of the men. Even allowing for your age, I know you would never have shown disrespect to anyone in front of the men at home. Why do you consider it appropriate now, of all times? I am trying to establish us and ensure our future–“

“Your future! How can I have a future here? You have ripped the one meant for me away!” Anikka’s voice was raising as she spoke. “I was happy back home, and now you expect me to submit to what authority you think you have? I listen to Mother! She is my queen!”

“Anikka, that is enough!”

She jumped back, startled. She had not thought of her sister as angry, not once in her entire life. Pretentious, favored, and even meek, yes, but never angry. She had always been understanding to a fault.

But now, Molpe was angry, and angry at her.

“You speak as though you honor our mother as your queen, when you are dishonoring her with these displays? When you shame her with such behavior? Did it never occur to you, Anikka, that one of your sisters would have one day been your queen when the time came, and likely at the edict of our mother?” Molpe glared harshly at her. “She gave you the command to come with me and be part of my tribe, and while you have indeed come to this island, you are refusing to obey our mother’s command. How can you name her your queen?”

Anikka felt her own temper swaying along with the rest of her emotions, but Molpe gave her no time to speak.

“If she were your queen, she would have jurisdiction over you for your insolent displays, do you hear me? She would have say over what to do. But I am your queen, by her decree.” She looked grim as she stood up. “You are to remain inside the palace until the Provider arrives. I will be telling her of how you have behaved, how you have spoken to me in front of others, and I will say nothing, Anikka, nothing that is not the truth.”

The idea of a stranger being told of her behavior shocked Anikka. She had not thought her sister might do this, but she opened her mouth to say something, only for Molpe to shake her head.

“I am sorry that it had to be this way, Anikka. By right of birth, I consider you a princess, and I had thought to start your personal training today. But it is clear to me that you are not ready to accept your position, your duty, or me.” At that last, her voice stumbled slightly. “I must do what is best for all of us, including you, but I will not let you act in such a way.”

With that, she turned and left, leaving Anikka to start crying tears of rage and shock behind her.

Molpe almost felt like crying herself. Anikka seemed to hate her, and it did not seem fair that her mother, the cause of this situation, was adored while she was loathed. But Anikka was a child, and she could not hold it against her.

What she could do, however, was ensure she never went as far as to openly disrespect a queen again. It was too dangerous to allow her to do that, especially when she might cause others to lose respect for Molpe. As things stood, their tribe was not big enough to survive an attack from those who saw Molpe as a weak young woman. Respect was everything in a situation like this. Molpe and Anikka had to present a united front, and if they could not, then Anikka could not present anything.

But she still cared deeply for her little sister, as wild and unmanageable as she had been. She loved all her sisters, with all her heart, and for Anikka to act as though she hated her hurt the young queen deeply.

4 thoughts on “Daughters of Hesperia – A Princess Alone (1.4)

  1. Molpe makes SUCH an excellent point! Anikka would surely not have disrespected her back at home, but she does so very openly and vehemently here. Of course she had no reason to at Sirena. The fun starts when you realize that even though she might have had more of everything there – friends, money, luxury, admirers – her rank is actually very much higher in Hesperia. She’s the queen’s only sister, not one of seven (?) princesses. She’ll be a powerful adviser or something similar in Hesperia while that wouldn’t be so sure in Sirena with all the competitors.
    Anyway, I’m glad Molpe told her off so strictly. I do understand Anikka’s resentments but she has to see Molpe’s point of view, too and Molpe brought up a few very good points. It will give Anikka something to think, and since she has little other distractions in her room she WILL think about it until the provider comes 😁

    1. I was so pleased with myself when I found the right words for Molpe. I didn’t want her to be overly harsh or mean in any way, but I wanted her to be frank and honest with Anikka. And while Anikka’s rank is higher here, being as she’s the only sister of the queen in the tribe, she just doesn’t see it because all she sees is what she doesn’t have. It’s unfortunate, but true.

      You made a lot of very good points here and I’m so glad you liked this chapter!

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