The Whitmore Legacy (1.8)

Our pear tree finally yielded some crops, yay! I’m so happy… They sold for quite a bit too.

Meanwhile, Luca got his first Voidcritter! It’s a Pleuro, which…okay, I’ll be honest, it looks like Horsea with legs. But hey, it’s an uncommon Voidcritter, so that makes it cool!

He also took the trash out! I’m starting to think that I want him to earn the responsible trait, so I’m going to try working on that.

But for the major news of this update: Harvestfest, also known as Rowan’s birthday! I did some decorating around the house, because I actually really love autumn.

I decided that Ritvik should bake a Hamburger Cake, and I was really excited to see this play out. Notice the past tense?

Because apparently, Ritvik decided the best thing to do with this cake was immediately take a slice. This is the saddest cake I ever did see.

I made this heartless man cook another cake right then and there. Shame. Shame. Shame!

Meanwhile, Nia and Luca joined the Cake Crimes squad and ate some cake, because at this point why not. Why not just eat the toddler’s birthday cake now that Ritvik has ruined it?

Anyway, one hastily-made chocolate cake later, and it was time for Rowan’s birthday! I snapped a pic of Nia picking him up for the last time, and she looks so sad. Aw, it’s okay, Nia! It’s going to be okay!

Then it was time to blow out the candles…

And tada! I present to you, once more, Rowan Whitmore! He has the Gloomy trait, and the Whiz Kid Aspiration. He also ended up with more skills than his brother, surprisingly enough.

I decided to go with a blue/mountains theme for his style. Even though his new bedroom isn’t quite as good as his brother’s, they can share the desk and all the cool stuff until I can upgrade it! I actually really like his room.

I also think that he ended up looking a lot more like Nia than Luca did. Both boys share their father’s skintone, but he looks like her around the eyes a bit more.

And finally, a very funny picture of Daisy that I took! She’s so cute.

I will miss having toddlers around the house, but it’s going to be a relief having kids that can sort out their own needs. I wonder which will end up as the heir, though? I plan to do a poll once they’re both teenagers, so I don’t know. I do have a favourite, but I won’t say that here.

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