The Whitmore Legacy (1.9)

We last left off with Rowan aging up at the start of Harvestfest, but Harvestfest itself was really eventful. As in, REALLY eventful. (Too much for my liking.)

I’d found some things previously that I couldn’t sell from the Sim inventory, so I assumed they couldn’t be sold (the metals and stuff you get when lightning strikes) but happily, I found out I was wrong. Combining that with the funds from our budding garden, I was able to do some minor upgrades around the house!

First upgrade: a shelf for all our current Simmis! This one is really nice, and it holds a lot of items!

As for the previous shelf, I filled it with the MySims that had been on Ritvik’s desk and put it above the Harvestfest table. Cute, right?

We also have a new MySim! Hopper! I think Ritvik found him using the Treasure Map. I actually wish there were more MySims, they’re super cute!

Anyhow, I bought a pumpkin carving station too, which I’ll be packing away into the inventory for the next Harvestfest once autumn is over, but I sent Ritvik out to make a pumpkin.

Aaaaand then the gnomes turned up. Or rather, one gnome. Rowan gave him pie.

He didn’t like it.

After Rowan went inside for safety, Ritvik tried his hand at appeasing this horrible gnome and also got electrocuted by him.

He then teleported into the kitchen and brought FRIENDS. What is this? What actually is this?

One of them was pleased, but the other was not, so Nia got the lightning treatment too. Harvestfest is TERRIFYING.

Who thought adding gnomes that electrocute you was a fun thing for Harvestfest? I’m just…I don’t even know what to say. We left the gnomes alone after that. Ritvik finished carving his pumpkin, and I added it to the table. It’s so cute!

After the pumpkin, it was time for everyone but Rowan and Daisy to go to work/school. I decided to send Rowan to Mt. Komorebi, because I just love that place and I wanted him to hang out there and get a Simmi capsule too, just like his big brother.

While there, he met this girl, Cali Chauhan! I actually created her, not the game, because I like to make sure that all the Sims in my world have families and continue on (had a bad experience in my first game where I checked on the other Sims and most of the main families had died off.)

She also seems pretty responsible, because she was cleaning up a mess from the playground floor later on when Rowan saw her again.

And for the grand finale, the Simmi capsule!

Rowan kept getting all ones we already had – I think he got Gabby three times, one Jasmine Holiday, and one Princess Cordelia? One of the machines actually stuck, so he had to go use another. (One of his parents will have to shake the machine later.)

On the last try, however, he landed a GOLDEN YAMACHAN! I’m so pleased! I put the shelf in his bedroom so he can have this Simmi all to himself as a reward. I actually think it goes well with the bedroom’s theme!

So, Harvestfest was terrifying, but Rowan’s first day as a Child was definitely rewarding. I was almost tempted to have Nia and Ritvik try for another baby, though, as it seems a little sad that there’s no longer a toddler in the house.

Overall? I hate the gnomes. I do not like the gnomes.

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