The Whitmore Legacy (1.10)

So, we eventually appeased all the gnomes. I discovered they leave little seed packets around when appeased, and they’re all seasonal! Ritvik gathered them up while the gnomes were, uh…worshiping the tree outside?

After Harvestfest ended, they turned into regular gnome statues. I know it’s better to keep them if you want more packets next Harvestfest, but I ended up selling them, plus some of the garden stuff, and was able to upgrade the garden a bit as well as plant some of the seeds!

By digging for treasure, we also updated our MySims collection…we got Zombie Carl! Yay! I just hope he doesn’t eat Hopper, haha.

I then got a notification that the Festival of Light was happening! Of course, I had to go check it out – it would be the Whitmore family’s first festival!

Rowan went first, inviting Cali to come with him (friends are good!) He spotted Yamachan and immediately went over to go talk to him! Yamachan gave him a Simmi Capsule, which ended up being a Golden Pit Beast!

He then went to hang out with Cali by the fire that was going. Everyone else was in beautiful festival gear, and I was excited to see some familiar faces – namely, the Fengs! I guess they like festivals as well as taking over San Myshuno?

After that, I found the machine where you can purchase Simmis and festival attire! I had to see how Rowan looked in the yukata, and the answer is adorable.

Luca came along to join him shortly after, and got a Strawberry Taiyaki (it was actually also the event where all vendors give you free food, so we could try whatever we wanted!)

He and Rowan ate, and then hung their wishes on the Tanbata tree! Everything about this is just so cute! I wonder what they were wishing for?

I then had Luca chaange into Festival gear and go say hello to Yamachan! They did the Mountain Move together, which is just adorable.

Ritvik was also summoned at this point to unstick the Simmi capsule. I know, I’m shameless. He didn’t seem too happy about it, either, but he at least got to change into festival gear!

I also spotted Don at the festival. I think in this save he’s with Dina? Anyway, he’s a Sim dear to my heart, so it made me smile to see him.

After this, everyone went home, and Luca and Ritvik had a short conversation while still in their festival attire. Dawww, they match!

Here’s a look at the Simmis we collected as a result of the festival! We got Golden Pit Beast, Golden Princess Cordelia, and Gnome! I’m really happy with all of these, and when the house is a lot bigger they’ll likely have a collection room.

We have nine out of the twenty-four available, but I think we can definitely complete the collection if we work hard! I also really enjoyed everything that the Festival of Light had to offer.

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