The Whitmore Legacy (1.11)

After the excitement of the festival, it seemed appropriate for the Whitmores to have a lovely, slow weekend. It also seemed like a good time to work slightly on aspirations and promotions!

I sent the boys to the Windenburg park to work on skills, friendships, and aspirations. Rowan needed to play three games of chess with other people to start gaining his!

While Rowan was busy working on chess (I forgot to take a picture of that, but he’s on his way to completing the first stage of his aspiration) Luca hung out on the rocket ship!

He met Lea Ember, the daughter of my Gallery Sim Jenny Proserpin and Morgyn Ember!

As soon as Lea turned up, so did a bunch of other kids! This allowed Luca to really interact with everyone.

The girl playing in the middle is Gavin Richards’ daughter, by the way! Like I said before, I love playing about in CAS with the premades.

Luca had a really good time playing out and about while Rowan was working on his aspiration! You can just about see Rowan in the background, and the blond boy is the youngest Landgraab. I think the girl at the front here is Mitchell and Zoe’s daughter Mckenna? I think that’s right, anyway!

Nia also briefly came to the park to work on her friend of the world aspiration! She needs to introduce herself to a lot of people, so the park was the perfect place to do so.

Back home, the boys had a Voidcritter battle, which Rowan ended up winning.

Meanwhile, Nia and Ritvik had some alone time relaxing in their bedroom, Ritvik marking homework while Nia ate some leftover cake.

Nia then helped Luca finish his project, which turned out good and was even finished early! As this is the first generation, we sold it, because our funds are nearly always low, but she looked so proud of him. It was super cute!

Ritvik finished this part of his Aspiration, which was to read to a child for two hours – which also neatly tied into Rowan’s Aspiration, which was to read with an adult for two hours.

With his Aspiration points, I decided to give Ritvik the Frugal trait, as this would help keep our bills down. He had just enough to get it, too.

However, for the rest of his Aspiration, Ritvik apparently needs to have three children. I could change his Aspiration, but I’ve decided to have Nia and Ritvik adopt a third child, as I do miss having a kid around the house, and I think adopting a toddler is probably the best thing to do. I’ll be showing that in the next update, though!

As for why I chose to do this so soon, well, here we go. First, I got a notification that it was Ritvik’s birthday on the Sunday, so I decided to use our updated funds to expand the kitchen.

Nia made him a Hamburger cake, and it looked absolutely fantastic!

However, when I went to double check it was his birthday, I found he was about to age up into an Elder. I guess he was an Adult when he and Nia got together, and I never noticed? But he was going to age up anyway, so I had him blow out the candles.

So here is Elder Ritvik! I tried to give him ‘fun grandpa’ vibes, even though he’s not yet a grandpa. Oops.

So, yeah, our next big spend is going to be an adoption. It might cost us a bit, but honestly, I’m excited for it!

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