The Whitmore Legacy (1.12)

So, after Ritvik’s birthday, we got a notification of the Festival of Youth! Heck yes. I sent both the boys over, along with some of their friends. Here they are with Nanami Ito and Lea Ember!

The festival itself looked really cute, and of course, Yamachan was in attendance! He told the boys about the Voidcritter hunt!

Dina and Don’s twins, Troy and Trevon Lothario, were also at the festival! They’re adorable, aren’t they?

Luca definitely had more luck at the Voidcritter hunt (he found four) but unfortunately didn’t find enough to claim a prize from Yamachan. Maybe next time! Rowan found a Wisp, though, and the animations were pretty cute.

Also, we added to our Simmi collection – we got Golden Father Winter! Yay!

As we’re saving up to add a new member to the family, I sent Nia out fishing that evening, for the first time in yonks. I don’t actually remember when she last went fishing, but she did find a Lump of Clay for $150, so that added nicely to our saved up money!

Meanwhile, Ritvik and Daisy were just chilling together on the sofa, which was adorable.

The next day after school, Luca invited Lea over to hang out! I think her little winter outfit is adorable.

Unfortunately Luca was tired out by being at school, so Rowan hung out with her for a little while so that Luca could sleep (she didn’t seem to mind!)

Then when Luca woke up, they all got to hang out together! I still really like Luca’s pajamas.

I like getting to interact with the children of NPC Sims, it makes me smile – especially as Lea is the daughter of Morgyn and Jenny, who was my very first Sim back in the day.

Also…Nia and Ritvik got engaged! Nia was the one who popped the question, and I think that this photo is super cute. Of course, my reasoning for them getting married is pretty much so they’ll both be parents at the time of adoption…but hey, it’s romantic anyway!

Nia immediately fell ill afterwards, though. Dangit.

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