The Whitmore Legacy (1.13)

After all the excitement, Nia was pretty exhausted, so I had her take a day off so she didn’t pass out at work or something. She really enjoyed her vacation day, and, guess what!

It started to snow!

The house has been modified again, as it was the day before Winterfest, and I was determined that we could use our saved up funds. We had quite a lot at this point, so I created the room and started working on getting together what we would need.

I really though it would be cute for us to have a Winterfest baby, too. But at the same time, some things needed to happen first!

The boys had their first snowball fight, of course, because some things are traditional…

And when Ritvik got back, I decorated the new nursery!

And then, because of technical reasons, Nia and Ritvik eloped! It was a short, sweet ceremony…in their pajamas.

Of course, with the marriage safely over with, it was time for another event! In order for an adopted child to be adopted by both parents, they have to be married. With the marriage official, it was time for Nia to bring home the latest member of the family….

Meet Noelle Whitmore!

I, for one, think she’s absolutely adorable. She has Rowan’s old hamster toy, too!

While Noelle was settling down for a nap, Nia and Luca set about decorating the Winterfest tree (it was 2am, so, absolutely warranted.)

I think it ended up looking really good! Luca made the crafts that are right behind the tree, which I think look really cute, and Father Winter almost looks like he’s the tree topper!

I had Ritvik look after Noelle for the time being, so that they could get to know each other for his Aspiration. I don’t think he’s going to live long enough to complete it, so I think any points he gets, I’ll convert into potions for the next generation – Sleep Replacement, etc.

However, I think they look cute!

I ended up using the Father Winter Simmi to decorate the fireplace! I figured it counted as Winterfest decoration.

After that, it was time for the kids to open presents! (I admit, I ended up selling a few.)

In the midst of this, Rowan went outside in his normal things and turned blue.

Oh dear.

I did immediately get him inside, but I guess I need to keep a closer eye on him if his survival instinct is like this.

Finally, Father Winter came! I don’t know exactly why he was different to Normal Father Winter, but he decided Nia had been bad this year and gave her a Large Pet Poo. I didn’t even know that could happen!

To round things off, I used some of the Winterfest funds to buy Ritvik an easel! I figure he can paint a portrait of Nia if he skills up enough, and in my first legacy I did have a portrait room, so I’m into doing something like that this time, too.

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