The Whitmore Legacy (1.14)

So Ritvik skilled up enough, and guess who’s posing for her very first portrait? That’s right, our beautiful matriarch!

Here’s a picture of it in progress! I think it looks pretty good at this stage…What about you?

Cali came over after school, and built a snow pal with Rowan. Well, it looked more like an abomination or a Snow Karen, if I’m honest, but they had a lot of fun.

She also said hello to Daisy while she was here! I really like Cali, she always seems to have such positive interactions with the Whitmore household while she’s here.

Ritvik then finished Nia’s portrait, and I made a room for portraits with the money that’s started to slowly build up. I’m putting some plants in there, too, to shelter them. Here’s the current floor plan of the house!

And here’s a closer look at Nia’s portrait!

We also expanded our MySims collection by finding Yuki and Dr F, who I of course put next to Zombie Carl. I hope we can keep finding different figures, because this and the Simmis collection are two I really enjoy completing.

I also got this cute shot of Nia playing with her daughter. Look at them! They’re so cute.

Nia joined the Garden Gnomes at some point, and so went to a meeting with them. It was actually more fun than I thought it would be, as usually I’ve had experience of Paragons meetings which are generally boring. She and Moira are actually striking up a bit of a friendship, weirdly enough.

Meanwhile, the boys headed off to the Festival of Snow to have some fun! They got the Festival Outfits, which I think are very cute, and talked to Yamachan…

And Luca even went skiing!

I’m not sure exactly which Simmi was added in this picture, as I’ve slept since then, but I think I might have organised it. It might be Golden Princess Cordelia, Pit Beast, and Mayor Whiskers? Yup, I think that’s it!

And how fitting that there was a festival to celebrate one last day of being a kid…That’s right, Luca’s birthday was the day after. Ritvik baked him an awesome-looking Zombie Cake.

And here he is, aged up! I didn’t manage to snag a picture of him blowing out the candles, sadly, but I think he aged up to look more like his dad. I was so sure he’d look like Nia, but I think he’s turned into a fine young man, haha.

He got the Maker trait, if I remember rightly, and I gave him the matching Aspiration!

I renovated his bedroom, giving him a Candlemaking station as well as some other bits and pieces. I think it looks very cool!

He also has a little mini Daisy on his desk, because I know that I’ve always liked cat things that look like my cats. I think it looks super sweet!

I got him started right away on making candles, and his skill seems to be going well. I really like this addition to the Sims, because they’re adding a bunch of hobbies and crafts.

He also tucked Noelle into bed while his parents were asleep. He’s such a good big brother to her!

Around this time, we actually had a birthday cluster. The day right after Luca, Nia had her birthday and aged up to Adult! Seeing as how she was now an Adult, I decided to give her a makeover with a bit of an elegant twist.

Just as an added bonus, here’s her formal outfit, as we don’t really get to see that often:


As for the next birthday, join us next time! Thank you for reading!

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