The Whitmore Legacy (1.15)

So, it’s birthday time!

Nia was chosen to make the cake this time! She’s really levelled up in Cooking, so it actually came out quite well.

And….it’s Noelle’s birthday! Luca helped her blow out the candles. I feel like we haven’t gotten a lot of good shots of Noelle as a toddler, but then things tend to fly by when they’re at that stage.

I chose the same Matcha cake that Luca had for his birthday all that time ago, I just really love it.

Aaaaand here we go! Here’s Noelle Whitmore, aged up!

Here’s a better look at her full outfit. It feels very vintage to me, and I really like how it looks on her!

To my surprise, Daisy aged up as well. She’s now an old girl, and we love her new socks.

However, she got sick not long after, and Ritvik took her to the vet clinic. Look at our poor Rudolph girl!

The vet examined her…

And Daisy ended up with a Cone of Shame. Unfortunately, because I noticed late at night, we didn’t have the usual funds from the garden. Sorry, Daisy…

After school, Luca invited Lea Ember over (you remember Lea?) and they struck up a conversation. She actually aged up before Luca did and I had a lot of fun choosing her wardrobe.

(Behind them, you can see the recycler we needed for Luca’s aspiration, though I’m not quite sure what I’m supposed to be recycling.)

Anyhow, I’ve decided that even if Luca isn’t going to be the heir (we don’t know yet, after all) that he and Lea have been good friends since they were kids, and so I’ve officially started their romance…although he hasn’t really asked her to be his girlfriend yet, just ‘courted’ her thanks to his Proper trait.

She also gets on well with Noelle, although a point decidedly not in her favor is that she didn’t seem happy with Daisy for some reason.

I also got all three kids a portrait from Ritvik, and they’re now in the portrait room next to their mother! Noelle’s portrait is definitely my favorite, and Luca…kept doing that every time, for some reason.

As for Rowan, well…surprise, it was actually his birthday and I’d completely forgotten until I got the notification. So, one more Strawberry cake later…

And Rowan became this striking young man! Again, he looks a lot like his dad. I think both the boys took after Ritvik.

Also Nia set her grilled cheese on fire. No big deal, I guess. She kept hitting it with a spatula?…

So, we officially have no more toddlers in the house, Ritvik is now close to death according to the game, and two teenage boys (one with a sorta girlfriend.) I really look forward to seeing where this is going to take me!

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