The Whitmore Legacy (1.17)

So, after their last date, Luca and Lea were pretty okay with each other, and when Lea invited him to hang out, Luca went along with it. He probably should not have, because it was a disaster.

First, Trevon Lothario crashed their hangout.

After he did so, Lea just wasn’t feeling it, and the rain made her Uncomfortable and their hangout tanked really badly. Argh! Teen romances aren’t any easier in the Sims than in real life.

I got a pop up the next day about the Festival of Youth, and decided to send Noelle. There were a ton of faces to recognise while I was there, so I got quite a few pictures.

First, the vendor was a certain Nina Caliente, who (just for your information) is now married to Maurice, one of my Gallery Sims. They have a couple of kids, too!

Next, Don Lothario showed up after Noelle got her Ice Cream Crepe, which is so cute, I think it’s like a little Yamachan? How adorable is that?

She ended up eating it while chatting to this little girl, though I’ve forgotten her name. Noelle made a few friends while she was at the festival!

Lillian Feng also showed up to the festival (Victor and Lily’s daughter…)

Along with two very sad people – Cynthia Caliente and Colt Lothario! I thought it was a glitch they were both sad at first, but it turns out that Katrina has died, so they’ve both lost their grandmother.

I did get Noelle to wear a paper kabuto, along with getting two Simmi capsules – we got normal and Gold Jasmine Holiday, although Rowan had to come and shake the machine for her.

Speaking of Rowan, he and Cali Chauhan hung out at the house and are now officially dating!

They seem to get along really well, too! She’s really nice and they’re just so cute together!

Both she and Lea have been given Residence Keys, and to boot, Cali seems to get along very well with Nia!

Also, I found out Lea has the Childish trait, because I occasionally find her playing with Noelle’s toys, which is pretty cute.

The above was taken in Noelle’s old room, however, as I’ve now done as I said I would and moved Noelle upstairs! Her room upstairs is HUGE. I didn’t have to cram everything in at all, because everything just fits!

Then, it was just a few touches of personalization…

And we were done!

We also found DJ Candy, so she’s on the shelf along with the rest of the MySims! I really cannot wait to complete this collection.

Ritvik came haunting back, angry for some reason, so I sent Nia to talk to him and to try and get him to calm down. Ghosts break so many things…

Luckily, Cali autonomously does good things like cleaning the sink, which I was so pleased to discover!

Also, Nia, I’d make that face too if my bills were that high. The cost of the house looking this nice is not cheap.

However, this is the face she made upon getting a promotion! Yep, our style queen is now a bit higher on the ladder, and making more per hour than before.

So on that happy note, I’m going to end this update, because the next one is going to have a lot of news. We are (in game terms) nearing the end of Gen 1, because pretty soon Noelle is going to be a teenager and the polls will open for the Gen 2 heir!

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