The Whitmore Legacy (1.18)

Starting this off with Luca and Lea news, as I always seem to do these days…They’re officially dating now!

I also got this shot of Lea that was just too pretty not to share. (Rowan knitted that, by the way, and I thought it fit nicely with the theme of the house.)

Unfortunately, something very sad happened soon after. Cali was the only one at home at the time (apparently school just is not a thing for her), but Daisy passed away.

Cali was distraught, and cried in front of Grim, who probably felt like the worst reaper in the world.

So, that table in the portrait room now houses Daisy’s remains. I was actually pretty upset about this, but it seems fitting that her final resting place is our indoor garden.

However, I’d already been thinking about getting a kitten, because I knew Daisy was getting older, so I decided to get the adoption process going. The house did not feel right without Daisy.

Meet Ruby, our new kitten. I wish she’d gotten to know Daisy, but as the game wouldn’t have it, she got introduced to the house on her own.

She’s so TINY.

We finalised the adoption, and Ruby is now the proud owner of several Sims! That’s how it works, right? Cats totally own people.

I’m still pretty sad about Daisy, though. She was a stray who definitely chose us, and I wish we’d gotten more pictures to remember her by. Nia went to mourn her, and I wished I could give her a hug.

Ruby seems to be settling in nicely, though, because she came and sat with Rowan while he was knitting. That’s adorable, in my opinion…

Ruby is also not the only new addition to the household. As I have a plan for everyone to have ‘spouses’, I’ve moved in Lea, who, quite obviously, is a Spellcaster.

This was a day or so before Luca was due to Age Up, and Lea had aged up to Young Adult already. Apparently this happens whenever I blink, but hey, that’s the way it goes.

I made Noelle’s old bedroom (the collection room) into a spare bedroom for her. I tried to theme it to her.

Lea is honestly quite dear to my heart. I mean, she was initially supposed to just be the child of Morgyn and Jenny Proserpin, who some of you might remember from several of my games. Jenny was the first ever Sim I created, and along with Nia is a close personal favorite.

As I now could, I sent her off to the Magic Realm to explore it a bit. I’ve not really done that much before, and I was very pleasantly surprised. (By the way, that’s Grace Anansi, I think!)

I sent Lea off to Casters’ Alley, and she purchased some bits and pieces including a wand and a familiar. She also had this book, but it’s too high a level for her.

This is her familiar, Psood! It’s a nickname that my friend gave her pseudodragon in Dungeons and Dragons, so I couldn’t not name this boy Psood.

She also fought a duel, as a matter of course…

But failed miserably.

After that, she had to head back home, where the collection had grown slightly (we found Leaf!)

However, Lea continued practicing her magic in Luca’s bedroom.

Then, her brother, Royce (who’s still a teenager) challenged her to a duel over text. Welp, guess it was time for a sibling showdown!

Wands at the ready…

And yep, Royce lost pretty quickly.

Lea actually flung him up in the air, and then had the audacity to look this concerned when he hit the ground.

After that, she was late for work, so she had to head off (she’s a late night Fry Cook) and it was back home to…Daisy!

Yup, our girl is sticking around, it seems! She’s haunting the bin and her food bowl, but honestly, I was just so happy to see her again. I love that pets can be ghosts.

Stay tuned for next time!

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