The Whitmore Legacy (1.19)

So, there’s going to be a lot of aging up in this chapter, and it is the last chapter of Gen 1! It’s a been a long haul, everyone, but I’m so proud.

First, Ruby aged up into an adult cat! Here she is with a spectral Daisy, showing off her beautiful chonk.

I’ve been having Luca work on a few of his skills. First, I’ve had him build his gardening skill…

And for his Aspiration I’ve been having him work more on making candles! It feels like if you only have the Candle Making Station, the Fabricating skill is quite hard to build compared to other skills.

Like I said in my last post, it was about time for Luca to age up, so Nia baked him this STUNNING cake (nobody else can cook as well as she can, so she’s always in charge of cakes these days) which I just love.

All that remained was for the birthday boy to blow out the candles…

And…meet Luca Whitmore, Young Adult!

I updated his room to include himself and Lea now, so it’s more of a shared bedroom. He still has a desk and the statue of Daisy, and I actually really like how this looks!

As for Lea, she’s been getting along with her ‘mother-in-law’ quite well. Obviously, as I’ll be doing a vote on the forums, I don’t know yet if she’s going to be the spouse of the next generation, but either way, she seems to be settling in nicely.

(Of course, if Luca loses the poll, she’s going to have to move out with him at some point.)

She’s also been working quite hard on gathering things, and while I’ll discuss that more later, I love how like her mother she looks in this photo. Jenny, in a previous iteration, wore an outfit VERY similar to this!

Nia has also been maintaining a friendship with Alice, still, that seems to have lasted a long time for both of them. Mom friends! How cute!

Also, Noelle and Rowan went to the Festival of Snow!

I always feel like Noelle is closer to Rowan than she is to Luca, because he’s given her hats and done a lot of sibling stuff with her, whereas Luca was old enough to be doing ‘parent’ things with Noelle quite rapidly after she joined the family.

That being said, Rowan did ditch her at the Festival of Snow to go to the Romance Festival with Cali.

Side note – this is Cassandra Goth these days!

Back at the Festival of Snow, Noelle was playing with the other kids. Here’s Colt Lothario…(the youngest Lothario boy)

And I believe this girl is Alexander Goth’s daughter, although I don’t remember her name.

She also got a capsule from Yamachan!

I seriously love the Festivals in Snowy Escape, they’re always so much fun! Noelle had a great time there.

As for Lea, I’d once again sent her to the Magical Realm on her day off, so she could gather some magical items and spend some more money in Casters’ Alley. I love how beautiful the gardens are there!

She ended up spending a fair amount of money in Casters’ Alley on wands, spellbooks, and potion ingredients.

She also challenged someone to a duel…

…And lost. Ouch.

One thing she did buy, however, was this Morcibus! Yay, collection! And of course, her two spare wands are now sitting here in the spare room/collection room.

She got to work studying the only spellbook that was on her level…

And I decided to treat her to a cauldron. Hey, they can always take it with them later if needs be!

She went back to the Magical Realm again, and won a duel! Yay! This gave her a duplicate of her wand, so we were able to sell it on for a good amount of money.

She also lost another duel, too, but applied for magical training, because we often lose to this woman.

And now…the final cake. I went with a blue confetti cake, because for a blue themed legacy, it seemed appropriate, and also, the black and white cakes are the only fancy cakes Nia can make.

Noelle blew out the candles…

And aged up.

Introducing Miss Noelle Whitmore, teenager and contender for the role of Legacy Heir.

I’ll be posting the poll on the forums, but I can’t believe the focus is going to shift like this.

I’m definitely going to be looking forward to where Gen 2 takes us!

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