The Whitmore Legacy (2.1)

The results are in, folks – Miss Noelle Whitmore is the winner of the polls! I ran the polls over on the forums, and she was very popular.

However, as she’s still a teen and quite a way away from aging up, I’m not moving Luca, Rowan, or Lea out just yet. Instead, I’m going to focus on them a little bit for the time being. With Lea moved in and Cali coming over, the boys are set to create ‘cadet branches’, which will then merge with the rest of the NPCs.

I’m also not ready to let them go just yet, if I’m honest!

So, for the first announcement of our second generation…Lea and Luca are expecting a baby!

I downloaded a pose pack for this, and it crashed my game (so I had to get rid of all my pose packs, sadly) but this shot was so, so worth it. That’s right – we’ve got the first baby of the second generation on the way! As Luca didn’t end up as the heir, the baby won’t be in the heir pool, but I’m still super excited.

Speaking of Luca, he’s becoming a very successful artist! He’s been selling paintings to the art gallery, and I’ve basically been having him work very hard, as at least one couple will need to move into a brand new home (I don’t want to just send them to a new household without a physical location.)

It also means he’s been getting promoted very quickly at work, which I’m thankful for!

Nia also got promoted to a Botanist at work, and she’s really bringing home some nice money as well as showing off her gardening skills! I think it suits her, somehow.

I renovated the spare room to serve as a nursery, too. We really ought to build more rooms and give the house a makeover, but I figure I can do that when Noelle becomes an adult, so it more matches her style! Plus, we are really saving up at the moment…so, uh, collection nursery. (Sorry, future baby.)

Rowan’s birthday swung around really quickly, too – I think when I stopped playing for the polls his birthday was two days away! So, I had Lea make him a Winter Cake…

And, tada! Rowan aged up into the goofy, hand-knit man he now is! He’s even knitted a baby onesie for the expectant couple, something his brother absolutely loved.

As for Noelle, I decided to have her join the Paragons for her Aspiration! I’m not sure I still like the swimwear I picked for her, though.

But she really brought home the crown! As in, she managed to convince Siobhan to step down and let her lead the Paragons. I am AMAZED.

I also had her invite Cali to join Paragons, because, you know, it’s wiser to keep it in the family! So, now they chat whenever Cali comes over, even when Luca is just trying to paint.

Speaking of people who come over…Alice showed up out of the blue and was really surprised by Lea and her baby bump! I suppose it must be weird, given that she knew Luca when he was a toddler!

Lea also broke the news to her family during a visit – her mother invited her over, and it’s actually a good chance to show you all where Luca and Lea will be living in the future (yes, they’re moving in with Lea’s parents!), so I took a bunch of screenshots.

Here’s Lea with her siblings – her brother, Royce, who takes after Jenny, and her sister, Cassiel, who is the spitting image of Morgyn!

Morgyn was waiting inside the flat, as this is actually the first time any of them have heard of Lea’s pregnancy (because of how Sims works.)

Jenny, my beloved Jenny, was so happy to see her daughter! I mean, she still has two teenagers living at home, but still! She looks so wise here, and I’m so glad to have her in this game. (She was, after all, my first Sim, so I’m very attached to her and always will be.)

By the way, Nia and Ritvik are still lovebirds! Here’s Nia reading him some love poetry, because they’re adorable, with Noelle escaping the love fest in the background.

And, of course, because it’s me, I wouldn’t end on a low note! Lea went into labour a little while after this!

She looks just as happy as Nia used to.

But it was absolutely worth it, because after some time pushing, we had the lovely Tabitha Whitmore, the first baby of the second generation, and the very first grandchild!

Nia is besotted, by the way, and dressed Tabby up in a knitted onesie as soon as she could. Tabby gave her the most beautiful smile, and I just love this picture.

And of course, her uncle is a big softie too!

So, my plan for Luca and Lea is that once Tabitha ages up into a toddler, they’ll move in with the Ember family. I’m really excited that we have the first grandchild, and the first of this generation’s children, even if Tabitha can’t be an heiress. I’m just so excited!

Next episode, I’ll be showing more about Noelle, with a magical surprise! (Don’t mess around with cauldrons!)

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