The Whitmore Legacy (2.2)

So, it turns out that if your Sim messes around with the cauldron, they get a Glimmerstone. Now, I could have just destroyed it, but honestly, Scruberoo and Repairo are really useful spells, especially as Ritvik haunts and breaks things a lot…

So, I sent Noelle to Glimmerbrook.

Once there, she approached the Sage of Practical Magic.

And of course, was sent to collect motes.

She was successful in her quest, and congratulations to the legacy, because Noelle is now a Spellcaster! I’ll be going into practical magic with her, because I think it would be a useful branch of magic for a parent later down the line.

She ended up duelling someone after a day or so, which was fun. I think she got challenged by someone who was also a teen?

But in the end, Noelle won!

She was quite smug in victory, in my opinion.

So, Noelle is on her way to becoming a powerful sorceress! I’m really loving Glimmerbrook at the moment, anyway. It’s something you can spend aages exploring.

In other news, Tabitha aged up, and wow, does she ever look like her dad!

Her uncle is still one of her favorite people, too!

And of course, Nia adores her granddaughter. It’s still so strange to me that Nia has a granddaughter, even though this is all down to me. She was just a young adult at the start of all this!

But, as per my previous stipulation, I moved Lea, Luca, and Tabby out into the Ember household. The house needs to be a bit emptier, and it’s only getting emptier from here. I’ll still see them from time to time, but I’m set on this now.

Nia will stick around, but both boys will be moving out, as their sister is the heir. Speaking of which, Cali moved in, and she and Rowan were expecting a baby! Nia looks so smug in the background, now.

I guess Rowan decided he needed to workout as a result?

Also, Noelle is currently cursed. How do you get rid of that? I tried sending her to talk to a Sage, but essentially, her spells are all going wrong at the minute. Darn. I guess my plan for fixing and cleaning things has drawbacks.

Luca invited Rowan to the Spice Festival, and they got to see each other again! I feel like we’re going to see them less and less as time goes on, but that’s just how it goes with Legacy spares.

Cali joined him later on, too. As you can see in this screenshot, she’s pretty preggo.

She’s also a fire hazard, apparently, because she set the oven on fire by mistake while cooking.

Noelle looks super annoyed here. Well, I’d be annoyed too if I just inherited a legacy and someone tried to burn down my new house.

Not long after that, Cali went into labour, and we’ve officially welcomed Poplar Whitmore to the family – our first boy of the next generation! Again, like Tabitha, he’s not a potential heir, but I like that the tree name thing is continuing.

So, when he ages up to a toddler, they’ll move in with Cali’s family – I realised it was far easier to move Cali’s family to be ‘in world’ rather than save up and by them a house. I think he’ll look more like his mother, truth be told, but I don’t know – Tabitha overrode the Ember and Proserpin genes to look JUST like her dad, so maybe the Whitmores have those strong genes.

Stay tuned, and I’ll be updating again soon!

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