The Whitmore Legacy (2.3)

Guess what, we had a birthday! I know things seem to be speeding by, but Noelle is still a teenager, so there’s not much I can do at the moment. However, Nia has finally become an Elder!

First, Ritvik autonomously made her a cake, which was the sweetest thing ever – look at this man remembering his wife’s birthday even when he’s dead! Look how proud he is!

They also flirted for a bit, because they always do.


Tada! Nia Whitmore, the Elder!

I think she’s still pretty cute, though! One step closer to a reunion with Ritvik, however….

But I really love how she looks. Thank you, Snowy Escape! (It’s got a lot of my favourite fashions.) I’m also able to spend a little more time letting her do what she wants, although she still has a job.

By the by, Rowan is completely devoted to baby Poplar. Look at him being such a devoted dad! This is such a cute picture!

However, it wasn’t long after Nia’s birthday that Poplar’s rolled around! He’s so cute, and the Whitmore genetics are definitely strong…He looks so much like his father! This could almost be baby Rowan, I swear.

And Nia loves him too! She’s a doting grandmother, and I’ll have to see if I can invite the babies around at the same time for a playdate in the future!

So with Poplar grown up, Cali and Rowan have moved out into the Chauhan household, leaving Nia, Ruby, and Noelle in the very, very big house.

Noelle still has the curse, which is a bit of a problem as it means she can’t really do magic, but I’ll be looking for the potion on Plopsy. We still have our indoor garden, which is helping out majorly when it comes to providing funds, and I’m really enjoying the new features that have come along with Dream Home Decorator, which a friend kindly bought for me as a gift. Nia has decided she likes Writing, and I just think it’s amazing that Sims can develop their own likes and dislikes now!

Harvestfest rolled around again, and Power Conservation hit at the same time…

But later in the evening Rowan swung by to see how his mother and sister were doing (Noelle is going through a Distant phase, but Nia was delighted to see him!)

Noelle was also challenged to a duel by Morgyn Ember, who is also now an elder, and OOF, Noelle, that poor man! (She won!)

Next time, we have some exciting changes coming up, so watch this space!

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