The Whitmore Legacy (2.4)

Without further ado, I would like to introduce….Noelle’s birthday! I’m hyped, are you hyped?

Her birthday cake meant that Nia mastered the Cooking Skill, which I adore because I don’t think that’s ever happened in game for me before. It was winter in game, so I chose the winter cake, which is actually also thematic given she joined the family at Winterfest!

Sadly I didn’t get a picture of her blowing out the candles, but here’s a picture of her as she is now! She’s pretty much 100% Dream Home Decorator for her outfit, and I absolutely adore her. Look at how cute she is!

So now I absolutely have to redesign her room, as it’s now the master bedroom! I wanted to really go for a pastel pink theme for Noelle overall, and I really love how it turned out (with some space left over for hobbies and such later on!)

With that out of the way, it was time to send our girl spouse hunting! I decided that San Myshuno was probably the best place for her to scout out potential partners, so I sent her over to the art gallery.

(Rowan showed up here, and I was so excited to see him in his painter’s outfit. Look at him!)

However, pretty soon I noticed two young men at one of the stands outside.


I sent Noelle over to make Polite Introductions (she’s got the Good Manners trait as well as Responsible as a Young Adult) and she got to chatting with both of them while I weighed up who I thought it should be.

Eventually, I decided on the lovely man behind the counter, Loario, and Noelle and he had a really lovely time talking.

I think he’s going to be an excellent addition to our legacy! Welcome to the family, Loario!

Here he is after a clothing makeover! I tried to make sure his clothing would complement Noelle’s style, and honestly, it really suits him.

I’m very excited to see how this will go! Roll on, Generation Two!

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