The Whitmore Legacy (2.5)

It’s official, we’ve got an heir incoming!

I know it’s been quite a while since I last updated, but what an update! I’m seriously so happy! I’m kind of hoping for a girl if I’m honest!

Here’s the nursery, decked out in Noelle’s colours:

Of course, after that, the family had to drop round and approve of Loario. I swear they just showed up by themselves, I had nothing to do with this. I love this screenshot because it totally looks like Rowan is telling Loario embarrassing childhood stories about Noelle!

Speaking of Loario, he’s an interior decorator, and he took a gig for the Elderberries! It was my first time testing this feature and while it was a little stressful, it was also pretty fun!

I like the elegant style I ended up going with!

And the clients were certainly very pleased! Rohan in this save is married to Morgan Fyres, and they have two children together. (In my other save, he’s kind of a deadbeat dad while Morgan is the best friend of my Sim, so this is kind of funny.)

But it was a fun experience and I think the house looks really nice!

Happily, it’s also that time of year again, which brings back so many memories for me. Noelle joined the family during Winterfest, as I mentioned before, and it looks like she might have her baby the day after.


And now!

It’s a good reminder of how much the house has changed, too. I remember desperately trying to squeeze everything into the house for Winterfest, and now we have a greenhouse room, several bedrooms, and everything one could want. I still feel like it’s pretty basic, but I’m sure that as time goes on we’ll eventually get there.

Also, Ritvik swung by to officially approve of Loario. I think Rowan’s just here to pet the cat at this point.

Ritvik also makes cake every time he pops up. Is this a normal thing?

Ah well, at least Noelle isn’t going hungry.

Until next time!

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