The Whitmore Legacy (2.7)

We’re back! And just as I predicted, I’ve been walking on eggshells around my legacy save.

Nia completed Noelle’s portrait, and it’s now in the plant/portrait room, which I should probably vacate of plants at some point. Ah, well!

Here’s the actual screenshot of Noelle sitting for the portrait – it actually went pretty well given how getting Sims to sit for a portrait usually goes!

I also redecorated the kitchen like I was planning to, and did it up in Noelle’s signature pink. We now have slightly better things to cook with, and I even splashed out on a bin that should be pretty catproof. I think everything looks really lovely!

Nia also retired, because I really don’t want to make things worse by tiring her out with work.

Plus, she’s looking after the family! She’s the best cook in the house, and I assure you that neither Loario or Noelle are particularly great cooks yet.

As well as painting Noelle’s portrait, Nia also managed to paint a Masterpiece – I’m not one to collect them but this is absolutely beautiful.

Nia’s actually been painting a lot recently, and her skill in that is getting higher all the time! It’s really strange to think how she and Ritvik started out when they were first together, because now the house is just beautiful and things are much better.

Speaking of beautiful, Minthe aged up!

She’s very like her mother at the same age, and just so cute! Nia definitely thinks so as well.

I also got a cute shot of Minthe being put to bed by her grandmother. Look at these two! They’re so cute! Fun fact, Minthe has the Weak Bloodline trait from Noelle being a Spellcaster, but I don’t know if she’s a Spellcaster too – I don’t think so, but it’s interesting all the same!

Rowan’s old room is officially the nursery now, and Noelle is also pregnant again. I’m definitely looking to have multiple children this time round.

Loario looks tired already, which is making me giggle. This poor man, he’s going to be EXHAUSTED for the first few bits of this generation. Noelle’s also getting morning sickness right away, which has to be rough.

Still, she and Loario did briefly go to the Festival of Lights, and it seems like they had a fun time!

So our little family is most definitely growing, but I’m always more and more worried for Nia. I’m planning on doing a commemorative episode when she does pass away, but she’s lived for 99 days so far, which is pretty astonishing.

See you all again soon!

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