The Whitmore Legacy (2.8)

I’ve been trying to improve the Whitmore family home in bits and pieces, and also trying to get Loario and Noelle’s skills up as I realised how heavily this household relies on Nia.

First up, I expanded the greenhouse room and moved as many plants as I could across from the portrait gallery. I’m thinking that in the future, moving the portrait room upstairs could mean a bigger greenhouse, but for now we have this.

I’m also getting Noelle to focus on her painting as much as I can, because while neither she or Loario actually need a job at the moment (the funds are pretty good) it’s still important to have someone in the family who can paint portraits.

Nia also went to visit Rowan, and Poplar’s all grown up now! Though automatically assigned fashion is still…debatable. The boy standing next to him is his cousin and also Lucas Munch’s son.

Luca also autonomously came to visit, which had me worried at first, but all he really did was shout at Blarffy…

And while Minthe was sleeping right behind him. Sigh.

Noelle and Nia had an autonomous chat on Nia’s bed, which I felt was kind of bittersweet, because in my mind it was like Nia was passing on as much advice as she could to Noelle.

And then it happened.

I was just watching with utter sadness as Nia fell slowly to the ground. I know we’ve already lost Ritvik, but Nia was my founder.

Her family found her pretty quickly, and were understandably devastated. Noelle by this point is in her third trimester, which made it even harder, because Nia wouldn’t get to see this grandchild.

And of course, Grim showed up. Noelle pleaded for Nia’s life with him, but he wasn’t having any of it.

After he left, I put Nia to rest alongside Ritvik in the little graveyard outside, and put some flower vases around them. Finally, they were together again in death.

I’ll be doing a second update in memoriam of Nia, which is probably going to be a little lengthy, but this really broke my heart a little. Even though I knew it was coming, I still feel quite sad about her.

Till next time.

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