The Whitmore Legacy – Remembering Nia Whitmore

The founder of our Legacy, Nia Whitmore, has passed away. I thought a look back on her life was in order, and I hope you enjoy the memories shown here.

Nia started as the founder of this Legacy with nothing much, as per the rules. However, she was a cheerful Sim and I really took a delight in creating her.

In Memoriam of Nia Whitmore

Nia Whitmore started her Legacy when young, and fought to establish herself with the little she had.

Soon she met Ritvik, who she chose as her spouse, and he came to join her in what was then a very tiny house that barely had room for them both, but they had each other.

And then, they had their first child, Luca.

Soon both their family and house had grown. It wasn’t much, but it was theirs.

It wasn’t long before Nia was expecting their second child, either!

Rowan was born, and Nia truly loved him too. Their little family was growing rapidly, and both she and Ritvik were working hard to provide for their children.

Nia was a good mother, teaching her sons and supporting them as they grew up under her watchful eye. She read to them…

Gave them advice…

And created memories with them that they would never forget.

She was always happy with their achievements, and helped them where she could.

And nothing could halt the love she had for Ritvik.

One Winterfest, Nia brought the boys the biggest present they could have wished for…

A sister!

With Noelle as part of the family, the Whitmores truly felt complete. Nia loved her little daughter and was happy that they could provide a home for her.

Of course, as more time passed, the children grew older…

And so did Nia.

But time, unfortunately, wasn’t on everyone’s side.

After the heavy blow of losing her husband, Nia turned to the comfort of her children.

And yet, her children were also finding love in their lives. Both Rowan and Luca had found love.

Nia welcomed her daughters-in-law wholeheartedly, with all the happiness in the world. Just as she had with her own children, she offered them advice and a shoulder to lean on.

Within a few years, Lea had been welcomed into their home and was expecting a baby. Nia was able to hold her first grandchild, Tabitha.

Noelle, in the meantime, was excited to be an aunt.

Tabitha grew up to look just like her father, and Nia was happy to be her grandmother.

Eventually, Tabitha, Luca, and Lea moved out, and the family was small once again. But Nia still worked her hardest to provide for them.

Cali and Rowan had the first grandson, Poplar, who Nia adored. But by this time, Nia truly was a grandmother. The years had been kind to her, but they had been years all the same.

Finally, she had to decide upon an heir, and she decided to give the Legacy to Noelle. Cali and Rowan took their son and moved out, and now it was just Noelle and Nia.

Nia was a devoted mother, a kind and caring grandmother, and even got to see Noelle’s first child.

Minthe was loved very much by Nia, and the last grandchild she saw enter this world.

She was still there for her daughter, too, up until the end.

After her death, Nia was laid to rest beside her husband in the family graveyard, where it is hoped they are reunited.

To the end, Nia never stopped supporting her children and family. She was a cheerful mother, a loving partner, and a caring grandmother. Her portrait will be displayed for future generations to see for a long time to come, so that they may know the wonderful woman who founded their family.

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