The Whitmore Legacy – Generation 3 Bachelor (Day 10)

Welcome back to the Whitmore Bachelor! Last episode, Tara and Hermes went on their first date, leaving Lori in the dust…

But will she be able to catch up in this episode’s challenge?

It seems Tara has impressed Hermes, as an early-rising Elsa found them already in the computer room, chatting away happily.

Hermes: I mean, I know that llamas are known for bad tempers, but Izzy was the sweetest llama– Oh, hi Elsa!

Elsa: So, your date went pretty well then?

Tara: Actually, yeah, it did. I know that things aren’t set in stone, but I really like him. He really listens to everything you say, and I like that in a partner.

Elsa: I have to agree on that point. He’s definitely pretty caring…

In the gym room, Lori had approached Hermes.

Lori: I just wanted to tell you that I’m going to do my best in today’s challenge, Hermes. I…Really want to win this.

Hermes: I appreciate what you’re saying, Lori. I’m pretty nervous about today myself.

And of course, our regular visitor was walking by in the same clothes again.

Daphne: What, I can’t check up on my little brother?

So, moving on to today’s challenge…

Well, it’s a best of three of Don’t Wake the Llama! If our contestants each win a game, then they’ll play another best of three round and compare scores, but the prize is a little different this time. Before, they would win dates, but as the next challenge is a simple date with each remaining contestant, winning will simply grant immunity against elimination.

The stakes (and tension) are high…

Everyone seemed to be carefully considering their best move, in and out of game.

Lori: Careful…

Tara: You know, this will be the last challenge we all do together, right? Should we have an honest chat?

Lori: What do you mean?

Tara: Well, I know that we’ve all been trying our best to win. We’re the last three standing, after all, and I feel like we could definitely get along if we tried, but I wanted to know why you guys did this.

Lori: Well…I’m from a legacy family myself, and I understand the drive to find a spouse, but I’m not the heir. My sister’s doing her own Bachelorette to find a spouse, and I know I can do just as well as anyone else, but honestly, I wouldn’t be trying so hard if I didn’t really like Hermes. He’s so kind, understanding…

Tara: So, you wanted to join something just because you know it? I mean, I’m not knocking your reasons, it’s just…well, to a lot of us this is a pretty new experience. Legacy families aren’t the norm for a lot of the rest of us.

Elsa: Yeah, it was about the new experience for me too. Plus, if I win, my life is almost guaranteed to be exciting, and the prize doesn’t look too shabby either.

Lori: You don’t understand, that’s fine. I like Hermes, and I’m pretty sure he likes–

Lori: Me! Oh, plum!

Elsa: Oh, man, they’re going to have to edit that out, princess.

Lori: Princess? What do you mean by that?

Tara: She means- Oh, seriously?! Elsa, did you jog the table?

Elsa: No, you’re just both bad at the game.

Tara: Well, I guess I can’t argue with the giant pile of sticks…

Tara: All right, I knocked it over last, so I go first…

Tara: Easy does it…

Lori: Again?

Elsa: Immunity is mine, ladies!

And, of course, Noelle was at the front door during all this.

Noelle: Whatever is going on in there?

With the challenge concluded, Tara could feel her heart getting heavier. Elsa had immunity, and she could only hope that their date had impressed Hermes enough to keep her in the running.

While Tara was reflecting on her situation, Noelle jogged by, trying to look like a passerby. No chance of that. We know what you look like, Mrs Mother of the Bachelor.

All too soon, evening came, and with it…the elimination.

The three girls waited patiently in front of Hermes, dressed up and waiting for him to speak.

Hermes: I’ve enjoyed the memories we’ve made together, and the time that has gone by. Each of you are wonderful women who I’ve had the privilege of getting to know, and each of you would be a wonderful addition to my family’s legacy, and knowing that has pushed me to be honest with myself about everything.

Hermes: So, Lori, I can only hope you’ll accept my first rose, and with it, the regard for you that has become unshakeable. You are sincere, passionate, and full of life.

Lori: I accept, Hermes.

Tara could only watch as Lori walked away, trying not to tear up.

Hermes: Elsa, you always surprise me, and I know this is not surprising, but I want you to accept this either way. You’re interesting, fun, and a pleasure to be around.

Elsa: And you always know what to say.

Tara: (Is that a headache coming on? Oh, no…)

Elsa left, leaving Tara and Hermes to have a last conversation.

Tara: So, our date…

Hermes: It truly was wonderful, but I wish we could have gone on one earlier. I do find you to be a lovely person…

Tara: I…Sorry, excuse me. I just need a moment.

Hermes: Tara, listen to me. This doesn’t take away from the person you are, and I really do wish we could have connected more. You’re talented, and you push yourself to be better than you already are with a driving passion. If things were different, I would have been lucky to spend my life witnessing you shine brighter each day.

Tara: Elsa’s right. You always know what to say, but…Hermes, I wish things were different, and I don’t think I can really feel happier after a speech, even if it’s from one of the nicest men I know.

On such a sad note, I’m afraid we have to end this episode. Tara will be leaving us, and next episode, we’ll see which of our two remaining contestants will be chosen to be the legacy spouse in an extra long finale!

Please tune in next time to find out who will be the winner of this season of the Whitmore Bachelor!

The Whitmore Legacy – Generation 3 Bachelor (Day 9)

Welcome back to the Whitmore Bachelor!

Once again, it was the day between challenges, but this would be the last one.

Lori warmed herself up in front of the fireplace that morning.

Lori: Okay, I’ve still got this. There’s no way that one date could affect my ranking, right?

The fireplace didn’t respond.

Tara: I’m so excited for my date with Hermes! Where do you think we’ll go?

Lori: Shush, I’m trying to stress-knit.

Hermes and Tara headed off to a cafe in Windenburg, where they sat down at a little table in the corner.

Hermes: So, Tara, we finally get to be on a date by ourselves…do you want to tell me about yourself a bit?

Tara: Well, I’m excited for this date! Um, I’m really into music, and I love writing…I’m currently working on this historical romance based on tales of this vampire who fell in love with a mermaid. I know a lot of historical romance features vampires, but it’s always a bit of a mixed bag and I know I can do better than some of the ones I’ve read. Accuracy is a huge selling point for historical novels, and I’d love to write something like Capes and Parasols.

Hermes: You didn’t strike me as a history buff, but it sounds like an interesting premise.

Tara: Vampires were still pretty secretive at that point, so they tended to stick together. But with vampires more in the spotlight now, things have become a lot more open for us, and it’s important to recognise that.

Hermes: Well, I think it’s very important for vampires to feel just as comfortable in the open as anyone else. I know that research into sunscreen that works has been yielding mixed results, and I know that it can be difficult in blended families for anyone – I mean, my mother’s a Spellcaster, but she only had one Spellcaster child and I know that both of them felt a little isolated.

Tara: I’m guessing it wasn’t you?

Hermes: Weirdly, it was my twin. Hephaestus barely even practices magic, too, which my mother’s always telling him off about.

Tara: So…could our kids end up Spellcasters?

Hermes: You’re the first contestant who’s been brave enough to bring that up. I think that they could, maybe, but I’m still not sure. I mean, I probably have a little spark, but not enough to cast.

Tara: I guess it’s kind of an unknown element. I might not have been a vampire if we hadn’t lived where we did, because my mother isn’t one.

Hermes: I guess we both have unknown elements in that case.

Tara: Yup! It’s definitely something to think about when it comes to the future.

Dulce Caliente: Ma’am, could you make your order?

Noelle: Oh, just give me a minute. I’m watching my son.

Again with the family members!

Lori: Say, Elsa, how do you think the date’s going?

Elsa: Don’t care, really.

Lori then went downstairs to blow off some steam by washing up.

Lori: It’s just one date. How deep can it be?

Well, we’ll see in the future! Tune in next time for our final challenge, and penultimate elimination…

Until next time, viewers!

The Whitmore Legacy – Generation 3 Bachelor (Day 8)

Welcome back, dedicated viewers, to the Bachelor! With only four contestants left, the competition is heating up, and today, that number will be reduced to three following our newest challenge. But first, let’s check in on our contestants!

Natasha was demonstrating some moves to Hermes in the kitchen, bouncing the football delicately on her knee.

Natasha: Me and my brother used to play this all the time back home. We used to make a game out of who could bounce it for longest – and sometimes it used to get a bit out of hand!

Hermes: I’m guessing your siblings were competitive too?

Natasha: Nah, more like we used to dare each other too much. This one time, Uriah actually kicked my football through the window of Dad’s shed, but Dad saw him do it and we both got in trouble again.

In the living room, Lori was focusing on Only You Can Save Simkind.

Lori: Guess who’s a space captain now?

Elsa, in the meantime, was meditating upstairs in the gym.

Elsa: Calm, and steady…focus…

However, unlike other challenges, today we would be starting a little earlier, and so all four contestants found themselves gathered in the living room, waiting for instructions.

So…welcome to today’s challenge, the Egg Hunt! Contestants will be given three chances to find an egg, and any ties will be disputed with another best of three. As usual, the winner will be awarded a date with our dashing bachelor!

Up first was Lori!

She had no luck with the bookcase…

She did find one nestled behind the cushions of the couch, which lifted her mood.

Lori: Okay, we can do this!

However, the cat-shaped planter had no such luck for her.

Lori: Awwww…

Tara was up next, and headed straight for the pot of flowers.

She found an egg in the sofa cushions as well, and also in the other room, giving her three points and placing her at the top of the scoreboard.

Elsa’s egg hunt was next, and while she tried her best to search through the sofa in the other room, she found no eggs hiding there.

Elsa: Maybe I should try upstairs?

The plant pot upstairs yielded an egg, thankfully…

And so did the plant decoration on the wall on the other side of the corridor, placing Elsa second in the rankings.

Lastly, Natasha was up to search.

Natasha: Okay, so the sofas are probably the best bet…

Sadly, she found no eggs in the first sofa…

Or the second…

Or the bookcase, leaving her with zero eggs or points.

This leaves Tara as the winner of this challenge, and the winner of the date!

Tara: I…can’t believe it. I’m going to go on a date with Hermes, alone!

A familiar face cropped up outside, meanwhile.

Noelle: So, this is where my future daughter in law is…

Noelle, go home! No family is allowed to visit!

We also spotted Daphne jogging by again, freezing in her exercise clothes.

This family really seems excited to meet their newest member! Still, hold your horses – we’ve still got several episodes before all of that can happen!

The eggs we found have been placed around the house, and they look beautiful!

After the challenge, Lori ended up taking out some of her frustrations on the punching bag upstairs.

Lori: Stupid egg hunt. Stupid challenge.

Tara, on the other hand, was in a great mood, humming away while she painted.

Elsa and Natasha ate lunch downstairs, sitting side by side.

Natasha: I knew I had a reason to feel nervous…

Elsa: Hey, this was all down to chance. Don’t beat yourself up about it.

Elsa then headed upstairs for a chat with Hermes, who was hanging out in the hobby room.

Elsa: Hey, just wanted to catch up with you. How are you doing?

Hermes: I mean, I’m kind of nervous about tonight, I won’t lie. It gets more difficult every time.

Elsa: Well, whoever you end up with has to be worth the effort, right?

Well spoken words indeed, but who will that person be? Tonight, we become one step closer to finding that out…

The ladies lined up, waiting for Hermes, nervous and a little cold thanks to the chill of winter.

Hermes did eventually step out, looking equally as nervous and clearing his throat.

Hermes: Tonight, one of you will be going home, and tonight, that will be a tough decision to make. As always, I appreciate the time that we’ve spent together, and I hope that you do as well.

Hermes: Lori, my first rose goes to you. You’re warm, passionate, and I’ve enjoyed our time together every day. I hope you’ll accept this, along with my regard.

Lori: Oh, Hermes, of course!

Hermes: Elsa, you lead the way in all things, and I’m surprised in all the best ways. I hope you’ll continue to do so, and I hope that you’ll accept this rose.

Elsa: Duh, of course I will!

Lori and Elsa left, leaving Tara and Natasha standing there. But, as there was precedence, they both knew what was coming.

Hermes: I know that we’ve spent so much time together, and I have enjoyed it. I’ve looked forward to more of it, and I wish that there could be more, but in the end, I have to make this decision…

Hermes: Tara, you push yourself to be the best, and your excitement in what you do is truly inspiring. Please accept this rose?

Tara: Of course, Hermes. Thank you.

She left, leaving Natasha and Hermes alone.

Natasha: So…I suppose that I wasn’t wrong for being nervous.

Hermes: I really do appreciate you, Natasha, but I don’t feel as strong a connection with you. You’re warm, you’re funny, and I can relate to you, but…it just isn’t the same. But I don’t want you to think that takes away from any of your qualities. You’re an amazing woman, and I was lucky to even have had a chance.

Natasha: You’re even nice when you’re letting a girl down. Well, Hermes, maybe we weren’t meant to be, but it was…nice, wasn’t it?

Hermes: Yes, it was.

And with that, we come to the end of this episode. Next time, we will see Tara and Hermes on their first date, so tune in for all our coverage of that!

The Whitmore Legacy – Generation 3 Bachelor (Day 7)

The next day, bright and early, Lori and Hermes headed out for their date in Mt. Komorebi, headed to a little bar just outside of the hot springs.

Lori: Oh my gosh, it’s so nice in here! Have you ever been skiing before? Or to the hot springs.

Hermes: No, actually, but that does sound like a good time. Especially the hot springs.

Lori: I hear they’re really relaxing, though they’re public and not private here. Can you imagine anything better than a nice trip to the springs after a day of skiing?

Hermes: Is that a hint for our next date?

Lori: Well, we did already go to Geek Con…But really, where would you pick for a holiday destination?

Hermes: I suppose it would depend on the time of year. It would be nice to come up here over Winterfest, but for a summer holiday it would have to be Sulani, or maybe Selvadorada. None of my family have ever even been there, and I hear the culture is amazing.

Lori: Ooh, that’s true…I mean, my great-grandmother went as part of her journey to become my great-grandfather’s spouse, and I always loved hearing the story of how she fought her way through the temple when I was a kid, though when I got older Dad told me she did it, um, naked.

Hermes: Wait, for real?

Lori: Yes. Mind you, the gutsiness of it is pretty impressive, but whenever she haunts us, she’s always flirting with Great-Grandfather. There’s even more stories, too, but what about your family?

Hermes: Well, my grandmother was our founder, and her graveyard is out in the garden along with my grandfather. There’s a bunch of family stories…Let’s see, one time Hephaestus set the barbecue on fire in the wrong way and nearly burned down the graveyard…

Lori: Oh, is that your brother?

Hermes: Twin brother, yes. Oh, and one time, my mom was trying to make a potion of curse cleansing, and it went so wrong she actually cursed herself by accident. Luckily, we were able to get one that actually worked off Plopsy, but I still remember when we came into the kitchen and she turned around. Apparently she’d gotten two of the pages stuck together and made this bizarre mix.

Lori: That sounds…kind of funny, I’m not going to lie.

Hermes: It was funny later, but at the time it was absolutely wild. Oh, and I remember my uncle telling me that one time at Harvestfest, when he was a kid, he tried to appease the gnomes with no idea what they wanted to eat, and he got zapped pretty much all day long.

Lori: When he was just a kid? I thought gnomes were supposed to be nice! But I guess that’s why the adults are the ones who try and give the gnomes what they want first…

Hermes: Yeah, I guess! Uncle Rowan says he doesn’t mind too much these days, and he’s always been careful around gnomes ever since.

Lori: So, you said that you used to be into Voidcritters?

Hermes: Oh, yeah, absolutely. Me and my brother used to battle it out all the time when we were kids, and it was amazing. I’m so glad they’re still around, there’s so much stuff from back when we were kids that isn’t.

Natasha, meanwhile, was enjoying the benefits of the open fire.

Natasha: You know, I could really get used to this life.

Tara has still been working on her painting thanks to the encouragement she’s been receiving from everyone.

Tara: Okay, so…if I want the perspective to be right…

After his date with Lori, Hermes decided to take some well-earned alone time with some video games.

Hermes: Ah, this chair is so comfy…

Meanwhile, Lori went upstairs to find Natasha and Elsa now engaging in a game of…whatever the hell this is.

Lori: What–

Elsa: Ping Juice Pong.

Natasha: We’re still working on the rules.

Lori: Okay, then…

She went back to her room, and picked up a book, but was still raving about the date.

Lori: That date was so much fun! I really feel like I’m getting to know him better every day, and I won a second date with him, and we even talked about holidays! Can you imagine, a romantic holiday with Hermes in the mountains? It would be amazing.

Natasha and Hermes met up in the kitchen, with Natasha having made some stress-cooked mac and cheese.

Natasha: I really hope I do better with the next challenge, I’m more nervous now than I want to be.

Hermes: My grandmother always said that if you worry too much about something, you’ll only end up suffering twice, and I say that you should have more confidence in yourself. I mean, we don’t know what the challenge is yet, so it’s not like anyone will be prepared.

Natasha: I think that helps a little, but I still feel nervous…

Hermes also went to go see Tara, who was just ordering a fresh round of Plasma Packs.

Tara: Hermes! Hey, thanks for the other day, I’ve been practicing a bit more.

Hermes: No problem. What are you up to, anyway?

Tara: Oh, I’m just ordering some packs, we’re running low and I know this great site that sends you these cute little bat stickers when you order. Adorable, right?

Hermes: Yeah, actually. Are there a lot of sites like that?

Tara: So many, but you’ve got to do your research. Not all of them are as good as they seem, but my dad says you’ve got to support small vampire businesses, especially ones like these. Did I mention the bat stickers?

Lori and Natasha met up in Lori’s bedroom.

Natasha: I can’t help but wonder what the challenge will be tomorrow. I mean, we’ve done some pretty wild stuff already…

Lori: Yeah, it really could be anything. Maybe it’ll be a video game tournament?

I think Lori would have an unfair advantage if it was…

Next time on the Bachelor, we will see an odd challenge, and another elimination – but who will be going home empty handed? Find out next time on The Whitmore Legacy Bachelor!

The Whitmore Legacy – Generation 3 Bachelor (Day 6)

Welcome to our extra long Winterfest special! Today, we have a challenge, a happy Winterfest, and an elimination.

Tara started the day off with a balanced breakfast – a Plasma Pack, as always.

Tara: What’s this doing out here? Isn’t it supposed to be in the computer room?


Tara then headed for the gym, joining Lori for a morning workout.

Tara: Hey, Lori, how’s yoga going?

Lori: Calming. How about you?

Tara: Um, let’s just say that vampiric strength isn’t among my gifts.

Natasha dropped by to give Tara a pep talk.

Natasha: Hey, Tara banana! How’s the workout going?

Tara: I don’t think I’m the best at this, honestly.

Natasha: Well, practice makes perfect! Come on, you know you can do this!

Even Hermes dropped by, and clearly Natasha’s pep talk helped Tara’s confidence.

Tara: Oh, I like your pyjamas…

Hermes: Ah, I was just coming upstairs to see if anyone was using the gym. Do you enjoy fitness?

Tara: I’m starting to…

Hermes: Oh, so you’ve just started up? It’s good to try new things, and exercise is a great way to balance things.

Tara: Maybe we can workout together sometime…

Not too long afterwards, all five contestants were summoned to the upstairs landing.

Tara: So…the challenge is inside again? I wonder what it…oh, no.

Welcome to the Juice Pong challenge! The rules are as follows:

Each contestant will play three games to determine who moves on to the finals. To move on, you must win at least one game, and the finals will operate on a sudden death policy – even one loss, and you’re out! As always, the prize for this challenge is a date with our Bachelor!

(Thanks to MaggieMarley for the idea!)

Our first match ups were Tara versus Natasha and Elsa versus Alicia!

Elsa: Well, this could be interesting, don’t you agree, ladies?

On the right side, Tara seemed to be holding her own pretty well.

Tara: I’ve got a good feeling about today, you know?

Evidently, that feeling was right, as Tara won the first match!

Tara: Bullseye!

The next match, Lori versus Natasha, was set up quickly, with no hard feelings between Natasha and Tara.

Tara: You got this, Tasha! Show her how it’s done!

And indeed, Natasha’s first throw hit home spectacularly!

Over at the other table, Alicia had secured a swift victory against Elsa.

Alicia: That’s four to two. Good game!

Our next match was the first two winners facing off against each other, both raring to go.

Tara: You watch, Alicia. I’m going to win this date!

Alicia: You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? Come on, Stoker, let’s see what you’ve got.

Back at the other table, Natasha’s juice was going down quickly.

Natasha: Down the hatch…

Lori: Okay, steady…steady…(This is too easy!)

Tara ended up winning her match again, although Alicia didn’t seem to mind.

Alicia: Okay, so you can walk the walk! We should have a rematch sometime, though.

Lori won her match against Natasha, and was next up against Tara, while Elsa was next up against Natasha. Tara and Lori eyed each other across the table.

Tara: You know, I’m going to win that date…

Lori: Is that a fact?

Elsa: Woah, looks like the competition’s heating up, right?

Natasha: Clash of the titans, for sure…

Elsa: Okay, Natasha, drink up!

Natasha: Again? Aw, nuts…

We have this excellent shot of Lori about to take a winning shot in her game.

Lori: Oh, I’ve got this in the bag.

Natasha, unfortunately, lost her game with Elsa, eliminating her from the challenge.

Natasha: Well, that was kind of my limit on the juice I could drink, anyway.

Elsa was up against Alicia again next.

Alicia: I’m looking forward to this rematch.

Elsa: Oh, yeah, it’s on.

Lori managed to win her match against Tara, with a score of four to one.

Lori: Oh my gosh…

Lori seemed extremely pleased by this win.

Alicia and Elsa’s game wore on, with both of them neck and neck.

Alicia: I’m scared to ask what sort of juice is bright purple, but it does taste good.

Even with the juice flavour a mystery, Alicia still managed to win against Elsa again, qualifying to move on for sudden death along with Tara and Elsa.

Alicia: Awesome!

Our next match was Lori’s qualifier and Elsa’s first sudden death match.

Lori: Okay, let’s do this!

Elsa: Slow your roll there, Lori. I could win this too.

One tough match later, and that’s exactly what happened, with Elsa staying in the game and Lori qualifying to move on to sudden death!

Elsa: Hah!

Our next matches were Lori versus Alicia and Tara versus Elsa.

Tara: Ooh, I’m actually kind of nervous now!

Elsa: Relax, there’s only two ways it can go.

Lori: So, if we lose even once, we’re out?

Alicia: Yeah, that’s pretty much the rules. Kid gloves are off now, I guess.

Things started to move quickly, with both Tara and Alicia taking a drink of juice. Elsa seemed particularly pleased by this.

Elsa: Oh, I’m so headed for a second date with Hermes!

Alicia managed to drop the ball while aiming.

Alicia: (Plum!)

Tara was eliminated shortly after, too, losing her spot in the challenge.

Tara: No, it was going so well!

Alicia was also eliminated, with Lori landing a perfect shot in the last cup.

Lori: Yes!

It all came down to one last game, a showdown between Lori and Elsa. Each contestant had been on one date with Hermes, and a second date was on the cards for both.

But in the end, only one could win…

And Lori landed the final blow.

Elsa: Are you kidding me?

Lori: Yessssss! Second date, here I come!

With that, we concluded the Juice Pong Challenge, and Lori was set for a second date with our handsome Bachelor! But our episode is not over, for today was Winterfest, and also the day of an elimination more permanent than a mere Juice Pong tournament.

Hermes waited for the contestants in front a tree and a roaring fire – quite the attractive picture, and for one of these ladies, their future.

The contestants gathered to light the tree together and decorate it.

Lori: Aw, it looks so good!

Hermes: Happy Winterfest, everyone.

Present opening commenced, and not too long afterwards, Father Winter appeared to hand out even more presents.

Father Winter: Ho, ho, ho! Natasha, what a pleasure to see you! Wait, am I on the Bachelor?

Father Winter: Here, take this gift! And my manager will contact the producers, of course.

The contestants crowded around Father Winter, receiving presents and sharing the holiday spirit.

Alicia: Oh my gosh, just what I wanted! You shouldn’t have!

Elsa: So, do I get a present too?

Lori: A gift for me? Oh, thank you! I was kind of worried with my family being busy this year things might be a bit difficult…

Father Winter: Nothing is too difficult when you’re magical, my dear.

Lori: Huh, tell that to my sister.

After gifts and merriment, it was again time for that dreaded time…the rose ceremony. Five nervous contestants waited, wondering which of them would be the next to leave.

Elsa: Hey, at least we got to celebrate Winterfest together, right, girls?

Before anyone could answer, Hermes walked out, dressed formally as always.

Hermes: Thank you for your patience, everyone. I have enjoyed our time together immensely so far, and as always, getting to know you is an honour. But even though that’s true, I have to make another decision tonight.

Hermes: Lori, this rose is for you. You’ve proven yourself yet again, and our date was just amazing in every way – your passions are wonderful to see, and you enjoy yourself with every fiber of your being.

Hermes: Tara, I can see that since you’ve been here, you’re starting to open up, and your confidence is impressing me more and more every day. I can only hope that you’ll accept this rose, and the respect that comes with it.

Hermes: Natasha, I can feel that our connection has deepened, and I’m dazzled by the warmth of your personality. I’d love to spend more time around you, and I hope that the connection I feel will bloom like this rose.

With those glowing words of praise buoying them up, the other three contestants left Alicia and Elsa standing alone in the room. Both could feel their nerves standing on edge.

Hermes: Now that I know both of you better, this was an incredibly hard decision to make. I really do enjoy your company, and I’ve had wonderful experiences around you both…

Hermes: But my final rose has to be for Elsa. Elsa, you never fail to broaden my experiences, and I think that’s a good quality. I enjoyed our date, I enjoy our conversations, and this rose is yours, if you’ll accept it.

Elsa: Oh, Hermes…Of course I will.

Elsa left to the other room to join the other contestants, and Alicia and Hermes looked at each other.

Alicia: So, I guess that’s that.

Hermes: Alicia, you’re a wonderful person, but I don’t feel as much of a spark between us. You’re caring, you’re kind, and you’re funny, too…but I don’t think we’ve gotten to know each other as well as we might have. Perhaps we just weren’t meant to.

Alicia: I mean, I agree, I’m pretty awesome, but at least we’ll always have Winterfest, huh?

Hermes: Always. I wish you all the best.

And with another heartfelt farewell, we draw our Winterfest special to a close. Tune in next time, and happy Winterfest!

The Whitmore Legacy – Generation 3 Bachelor (Day 5)

Welcome back, viewers! Last episode, the contestants went to Sulani for a fishing challenge, and we said goodbye to Haylee.

This episode, we’ll be following Hermes and Lori on their date – and what a special date it will be!

The contestants awoke to snow outside, including a frozen pizza.

Natasha and Hermes decided to start the day off with a friendly match of ping-pong.

Natasha: Ready?

Hermes: I should warn you, I’m not the best at this.

Despite that, he did manage to win against her, and without further ado, it was time for his date with Lori!

The stars must have aligned, because Geek Con had come around on the day they were to go out on a date – and of course, as a benevolent Bachelor show, we chose this location for their date! After all, this is Lori’s home turf.

Hermes: Can you believe that they managed to get us Geek Con tickets? I hope that the cold isn’t a problem for you or anything, we can go get something warm to eat or something…

Lori: Are you kidding? I’m so pumped, you have no idea! I thought I wouldn’t be able to go this year because of the show, but I’m so excited that we get to go together! There’s so many good Star Wars cosplayers this year, too!

Hermes: I’ve not really been to Geek Con before. Maybe you can show me around?

Lori: Oh my gosh, your first con? I’d be honored!

Lori and Hermes wandered for a little while, chatting to cosplayers, until they found the computer area, where they decided to relax for a bit before the Hackathon started.

Hermes: Now this is something I can do.

Lori: Oh, I’m actually pretty good at this myself. Want to race?

Hermes: Game on, Lori Straud.

Hermes ended up taking first place in the Hackathon, and Lori found herself more impressed than she’d expected.

Lori: (Smile, don’t swoon. Smile, don’t swoon. You are a functioning human being, Lorelei Straud!)

And here is Hermes’ prize – a top of the range computer! It’s now sat proudly in his room along with a new desk and chair, courtesy of the show.

Minthe also tried to visit the mansion to no avail. I suppose that older siblings really can’t help but want to check in on new relationships!

Minthe: I was only going to talk to the contestants…

Sorry, but no family is allowed over until the end of the competition.

Natasha made a beeline for Hermes after he returned from his date.

Natasha: Hey, you!

Hermes: Natasha! Just warming up with some fresh pancakes – I think there’s still some in the kitchen if you’re hungry.

Natasha: Oh, no need, but do you want to play an arcade game with me later? I need a player two for one of the levels.

Hermes: Sure! Sounds like fun to me.

Tara also hugged him, giving him an even warmer welcome.

Tara: Thanks for your advice on everything. It really means a lot that you don’t think I’m being too much of a perfectionist.

Hermes: No worries, I get it. Sometimes we all need a bit of encouragement.

Later on, Tara was working on a painting upstairs, and Elsa came in to find her.

Tara: I know I’m not getting the face right. Why are cats so difficult to paint?

Elsa: You should ask a medieval painter. Some of the faces they gave cats were hilarious. Want to see?

Tara: That sounds like it might make me feel better about my painting, so sure.

Hermes has also been painting recently, and was gracious enough to let us hang this piece on the wall of the mansion. Well, it’s certainly colorful enough!

Next episode, we’ll have a fun challenge for everyone at home to cheer along to! Please tune in next time to see who will stay – and who will go…

The Whitmore Legacy – Generation 3 Bachelor (Day 4)

Welcome back to the Whitmore Legacy Bachelor! Last episode, we saw tensions ease, and new flirtations take root – but who will take home the ultimate prize of Legacy Spouse?

The morning of the next challenge had come, and with it, the threat of elimination. Some were hyping themselves up…

Others were relaxing in the pool.

Hermes: This is so…stressful. They’re all so nice.

However, the pool isn’t the best idea in sub-zero temperatures, as Natasha found out. Don’t worry, we made sure she was warmed up right after this, but winter is a rough time to film a show!

In the kitchen, Haylee bumped into Hermes.

Haylee: Nice to see you again.

Hermes: Uh, you too. Do you need some coffee?

Haylee: I wouldn’t say no

But without further ado, the day’s challenge lay ahead!

Fishing, as a skill, is important when starting out in a legacy. It can reelly kelp! Bad puns aside, in honour of that, it was our next challenge…and time to see how our contestants scale up!

(Okay, that was the last fish pun.)

Just like before, the prize for winning this challenge will be a one-on-one date the next day.

First up, Alicia, Elsa, and Tara took their places at a pier in Sulani.

First up, Tara caught a cichlid, being the first contestant to catch anything – a good move, considering she’s a vampire.

Lori took her place next.

Lori: You know, this is the perfect challenge for me!

Elsa: Pride goes before a fall…

Alicia was next to catch something, allowing Natasha to take her place at the pier. (I don’t remember what she caught, but it might have been a minnow.)

Natasha joined the group fishing, while Alicia happily left them to it.

Lori managed to fish up…a Fingers of Sulani!

Lori: Oh, man! Does this mean I win the challenge?

Elsa: Hey, does that even count? It’s not even a fish!

Sadly for Elsa and Natasha, who fished up a Kava Root and a Bass respectively, it counts…

And then Haylee didn’t manage to catch anything at all, being bested by the sun.

Haylee: This is so unfair! I’m a vampire, I’m not supposed to be out in this heat!

However, her fishing skills aren’t as good as her painting, and she didn’t end up catching anything before having to retreat and recharge her energy, leaving her as the loser of this challenge. Had it not been for the rose ceremony, I would have sent her back at night, but she was still recharging right before it.

The six contestants gathered, refreshed and dressed to the nines, waiting for Hermes.

Hermes: Welcome to the second rose ceremony. I know that today was a bit more of a challenge, and I’m glad to see how you met it. I appreciate the effort all of you put in. But without further ado…

Hermes: I’d like to offer my first rose to you, Lori. Not only do we have a connection that I’m finding more enchanting by the minute, but you won the challenge, and I was really impressed with your skill. I know that if we had to start from scratch, I could depend on you, and I hope that you could depend on me.

Lori: Oh my goodness! Of course I accept!

Alicia: (Wow, first rose again? Good for her, though.)

Hermes: Tara, I hope you’ll accept this rose. I know that you push yourself to achieve better things, and as someone who’s creative, it’s something I can’t help but admire.

Tara: Hermes…I accept your rose.

Haylee: (I can’t believe Tara caught a fish during the challenge. I can’t believe I failed it like that, it doesn’t even seem fair.)

Hermes: Alicia, you’re both adventurous and level-headed, and I really admire you as a person. I think that you could climb mountains and be an anchor for anyone lucky enough to be chosen by you. Will you accept this rose?

Alicia: Of course I will.

Hermes: Elsa, you have a spark to you that I’m really glad I get to see. Our date really helped me to see more of you, and I hope to get to know you even more over time. You’re fun, witty, and a pleasure to spend time with. Will you accept this rose?

Elsa: Hermes, you’re determined to fluster me, aren’t you?

Finally, only two contestants remained, both nervous and worried. This was it, the moment that would decide whether they got to stay….or had to go. Even Hermes looked worried.

Hermes: I’ve had a great time getting to know both of you, and I appreciate how much effort has been put in by both of you so far. This was a tough decision, and I really had to think things over…

Hermes: But ultimately, I want to offer this rose to you, Natasha. I feel like we have a lot in common, and I do want to explore that connection more.

A rose had never smelled sweeter, or more like a saving grace.

Natasha left the room, leaving Haylee alone with Hermes.

Haylee: I…I don’t feel that the challenge was fair, but I don’t think it’s just that, is it?

Hermes: Haylee, I do think you’re a great person, and I agree that the challenge must have been difficult for both you and Tara. I really do agree, but I wasn’t the one who chose it. But you’re right, it wasn’t just that. I just don’t feel as much of a connection with you, and not for lack of trying. We’ve talked, and I think well of you…but there just isn’t that spark.

Haylee: So…I guess this is goodbye.

Hermes: I’m so sorry, Haylee, but it is.

And with that…we come to the end of this episode. I’m so sad to see Haylee go, but she did have the lowest friendship with Hermes as well as losing the challenge, although I feel like the challenge was stacked against the vampires a little.

For those interested, here are the scores:

Lori Straud – $385

Natasha – $22

Tara – $16

Alicia – $7

Elsa – $3

Haylee – $0

Tune in next time for a Winterfest date!

The Whitmore Legacy – Generation 3 Bachelor (Day 3)

Last episode had a lot of firsts for this round of contestants. We had our first challenge, first drama, and first elimination, with Camille leaving the mansion after a heartfelt goodbye with Hermes.

This episode, we will have no challenge, as traditionally there is a free day to allow the contestants to relax after the first elimination. However, Elsa and Hermes will be going on a date today while the rest of the contestants relax at home.

But first, some of the contestants join Hermes in the kitchen for breakfast. I guess they want to get some time in before he goes out on a date.

Tara: Good morning!

Hermes: Good morning, everyone. How are we feeling today?

Alicia: (These two don’t even need to eat breakfast…)

Upstairs, Lori was well into a bout of morning yoga.

Lori: Okay, relax. Calm thoughts. Definitely relaxed…not nervous about tomorrow at all.

Natasha: Oh my gosh, my heart was racing last night!

Haylee: Really?

Natasha: Yeah, I was kind of nervous about the elimination. I’m so glad I’m still here, but I have no idea what tomorrow’s competition is going to be! Do you?

Tara: At least it won’t be painting again…

In the kitchen, Haylee cornered Tara.

Haylee: You know, I figure we should stick together a bit, so I can give you some tips on painting if you’re really worried about it. I’ve been practicing in my spare time.

Tara: Really? That would be a real help…

Haylee: Don’t sweat it, you look like you were having a tough time yesterday.

A familiar face was spotted outside the mansion…Daphne Whitmore, Hermes’ older sister.

Daphne: Oh, um. No pictures, please. I’m just…jogging.

(Pretty sure she’s here to check out the contestants!)

At long last, it was time for Elsa and Hermes to go on their date at the Calico Lounge.

Elsa: Oh my Watcher, this place is so fancy! I had no idea we’d be going here, I kind of feel…under-dressed.

Hermes: They’re good with casual. Besides, I like what you’re wearing, it’s super cool.

Elsa: You really are a sweetheart.

Hermes: So, tell me about yourself a bit more.

Elsa: Well, you already know the basics, right? But I’m also huge into video games, and I want to find out more about magic. I mean, there’s so much to it, and Spellcasters are pretty secretive…but I just can’t help but feel drawn to it. I like going to the library, and to Geek Con too. I guess you could say I’m an all-round nerd.

Hermes: I think that’s pretty awesome, though. You’ve got confidence in what you like, and what you want out of life.

Elsa: Yeah, I can be pretty forward when it comes to what I want. I know that not everyone likes that, but I’m looking for someone who will.

Hermes: Well now you’re just flirting, Miss Stone.

Elsa: Guilty as charged, officer.

Back at the house, Lori and Tara were playing a game of juice pong.

Tara: You watch, I’m going to make a comeback.

Lori: Drink up!

Tara: (I hate losing…come on, Tara, get it together!)

Next shot landed in the cup.

Tara: Yessss! Get ready to read it and weep, Straud!

Alicia: Juice pong?

Tara: Juice pong. Shame it’s not plasma fruit, though.

Finally, we came neck and neck with one cup left on each side. Lori gulped down the cup, and then readied her shot.

Splash! Right in the cup…

Lori: And our winner in the match of Stoker vs Straud, Lori Straud! The crowd goes wild!

Tara: Hiss.

Lori also went for a swim in the little pool we have out back, showing off her mermaid form. I actually adore this, she looks absolutely lovely!

When she got back inside, Haylee approached her in the kitchen.

Haylee: You know, you’re pretty good at juice pong.

Lori: Thanks, I guess. I like any kind of game, and it’s always fun to play one like that.

Haylee: You’re not as uptight as I thought, you know? Maybe we can get along…

Lori: (I’m pretty sure that was a backhanded compliment. Keep smiling, Lori.)

Haylee headed upstairs for a match of ping pong against Tara, and I’m pretty sure both of them weren’t against using vampire strength with how fast this ball was flying back and forth. Maybe Tara needed to let off some steam after her loss earlier.

Tara: Thanks, that was so much fun.

Haylee: Yeah, it was! You know, if you want to do that again sometime, I’d be happy to play against you anytime.

And with that, it was time for our contestants to prepare for the next day…and the next challenge! Tune in next time to see our contestants try to reel in the Bachelor!

The Whitmore Legacy – Generation 3 Bachelor (Day 2)

Welcome back to an extra long episode of the Whitmore Legacy Bachelor! We hope you’re ready for some drama, because that’s exactly what we’re serving up today!

Today is the second day, and the first challenge, but before we get to that, let’s check in on our lovely contestants!

Tara started off her day with some coffee, despite not really needing the caffeine boost as a vampire.

Meanwhile, Lori vented to Alicia.

Lori: She just interrupted our introduction and started her own, like it was no big deal, and she didn’t even apologize – and she didn’t do it to anyone else, either! Like, how is that fair?

Alicia: Yeah, that does seem…kind of stressful.

Meanwhile, Haylee and Natasha were playing an early game of ping pong in the computer room.

Haylee: It’s actually nice being in a house full of people and not being ignored.

Natasha: Oh, are you a middle child?

Haylee: Something like that.

Having had her coffee, Tara had moved on to breakfast – a freshly ordered Plasma pack! That’s right, none of our other contestants need to fear for their own plasma, we’re providing for everyone here!

After beating Natasha at ping pong, Haylee found Hermes in the kitchen and struck up a conversation.

Haylee: You know, my sister used to have this funny nickname for me as a kid, because of my eyes? She used to call me Nightlight.

Hermes: That’s so sweet. My brother actually couldn’t pronounce his name for a while, so we all just called him Fess, but when he got a lisp it was so funny. His full name’s Hephaestus.

Haylee: Aw, how sweet! So you’ve got the name of a Greek God as well.

After that sugary sweet flirting, it was time for the challenge…


As a skill, painting plays a very important part in the Whitmore family, as each heir or heiress and their children must be painted for the portrait room. It’s a vital skill for a spouse to learn. The winner of this challenge scores a one-on-one date with the Bachelor for a full hour!

Lori was too tense at first, and had to drink a moodlet solver to relax her enough to join the others. Let’s pretend it tasted nice.

Lori: Is that sulphur?

We were off to a good start with Tara, Haylee, Natasha, and Alicia on one side of the room.

Haylee: Oh my gosh, this is so nerve-wracking! The first challenge!

Tara: Um, yeah. Did…you guys have the same idea as me?

Alicia, meanwhile, was working on a passable Freezer Bunny.

On the other side of the room we have Elsa, Camille, and Lori.

Camille: I don’t know what to paint. What are you going for.

Lori: A dark night in Gotham. Cheer up, you’ll find some inspiration!

Halfway through painting, Tara wandered over to chat to Natasha.

Tara: So, what do you think of our Bachelor?

Natasha: He’s pretty fun, if I’m honest. I really hope I can win this challenge!

Well, I don’t know about winning, but Natasha certainly finished first!

Next to finish was Alicia…with a very unnerving Freezer Bunny.

Midway through her painting, Haylee got thirsty and started to get unhappy. But the show must go on (and she has a plasma pack too, so don’t worry, folks!)

Hermes came to talk to Lori during the challenge.

Hermes: This is an interesting one…

Lori: Thanks, I’m still trying to figure out whether or not I should try painting Batsim into this or not…

Hermes: Oh, Batsim? He’s pretty interesting, isn’t he? I really like his integrity.

Lori: He is the night, after all…

Elsa and Camille finished next, with Camille’s painting looking a little washed out.

Meanwhile, Tara finished hers and immediately went to go cry in her bed because it wasn’t a perfect piece. I guess wandering away whilst painting has consequences…

Elsa: So…feeling better after your Plasma pack?

Haylee: Thanks for not reacting weirdly. Not everyone likes to see one, but my painting came out pretty well anyway.

Elsa: It’s chill with me! I don’t mind anything spooky. In fact, if you don’t mind, I wouldn’t mind asking you some vampire related questions…

Lori finally finished her painting, and Hermes seemed pleased with it.

Lori: It’s not as good as some of the others…

Hermes: It’s about the passion you put into it, Lori. I’m really impressed, seriously, and you brought your own inspiration into the challenge. I love that.

Camille, meanwhile, was working off her frustrations in the gym. Unfortunately, her painting came last in the rankings, meaning she lost the challenge.

In the kitchen, Alicia tried to cheer up Tara.

Alicia: Sometimes the best things are imperfect, you know?

Tara: My painting wasn’t the best thing. It sucked.

It seems as though Haylee was bitten by the painting bug, as she began painting again once the challenge was over, catching Hermes’ attention.

Hermes: So, you liked painting, I take it?

Haylee: I actually liked it a lot more than I thought I would. It focuses you so much, and it’s so quiet…

Hermes: The canvas is a great place to get lost in your own thoughts. Do you mind if I stay and watch?

Haylee: You’re always welcome.

Once it was finished, Haylee laughed a little.

Haylee: It’s not the best, but it’s a start!

Lori tried to work off some of her frustration with yoga.

Lori: I am calm, I am balanced. And…I’m lying to myself.

Hermes and Tara bumped into each other in the computer room, and Hermes offered her some sage advice.

Hermes: You know, practice makes perfect. If you want something to be perfect, you’ve got to know how to do it wrong first, so if you think something wasn’t quite right, it means you’re learning.

Tara: I suppose that’s true…

Hermes: Perfectionism is a creative trait, too. Holding yourself to a higher standard isn’t always a bad thing, but remember that you’re learning, okay? Don’t beat yourself up so much. Just remember to learn.

Tara: I’m guessing you speak from experience.

Hermes: You have no idea.

Trouble was brewing in the challenge room, meanwhile.

Lori: Hey, I’ve been trying to be cool about this, but you don’t seem sorry at all. I don’t like how you just interrupted me and Hermes to get your own time with him. It wasn’t cool, and I’d appreciate an apology.

Haylee: I’m sorry, I don’t speak fish.

Lori: Oh, that is IT!

Alicia came by to speak to Haylee as well after Lori stormed out.

Alicia: Hey, do you think you could…relax a little around Lori? It’s really stressing her out.

Haylee: I’m just trying to paint. She’s the one who came to interrupt me.

Alicia: I’m not sure talking about interrupting is in your best interests. Just…don’t you think you could be a little nicer to her?

Haylee: Sure. Can I paint in peace now?

Finally, evening rolled around, and with that came our first elimination of the Bachelor…

But which of these lovely contestants will be sent home?

Lori and Haylee look positively thrilled to be stood next to each other, don’t you think?

Hermes entered the room where the ladies were waiting, and the attention shifted to him.

Hermes: Ladies, your first challenge was today, and in the past two days I’ve gotten to know you all a little better. I’ve been thinking over everything, and I appreciate all the time that we’ve spent together. But I have to hand out my first rose…

Hermes: To you, Lori. You’re interesting, lively, and passionate. I enjoy every one of our conversations, and I hope that you accept this token.

Lori seemed ecstatic, lifting the rose up to her nose and delicately sniffing it.

Lori: Hermes, of course I accept this! Thank you!

Hermes: Tara, my next rose is for you. I know that we are still getting to know each other, but you’re creative, and you strive to do your best. I admire that about you, and I hope you’ll accept this.

Tara: Awww, you’re going to make me blush!

Hermes: Natasha, this next rose is yours. I feel like you’re someone I’d like to get to know more, and I really enjoyed our introduction.

Hermes: Alicia, you’re kind and adventurous, and I feel like life would never be boring around you. I hope you’ll accept this rose.

Hermes: Haylee, I hope you’ll accept this rose. I’ve enjoyed talking with you, and watching you try new things. I really appreciate that you’re including me in those moments.

Haylee: Of course I will accept!

Once his back was turned, Haylee had a different facial expression. It seems that someone was hoping for the first rose…

The other contestants left to the living room, leaving Camille, who had lost the challenge, and Elsa, who had won it. How would this turn out? Camille seemed to be carefully watching Hermes, while Elsa seemed somewhat crushed by her lack of a rose.

Hermes: Elsa, we haven’t perhaps gotten to know each other as much as we’d have liked to, and I admit that sometimes you surprise me, but I think that surprise can be a good thing. You certainly surprised me during the challenge, and for that, I hope you can accept this rose.

Elsa: Of course!

Hermes: Tomorrow will be my turn to surprise you. I hope you’ll be happy to go on a date with me still.

Elsa: Nothing would please me more, sweetheart.

She left, and it was just Camille and Hermes.

Camille: You don’t have to tell me, you know. You’re a nice guy, Hermes, and it was fun to meet you, but…aside from the introduction, we’ve not really talked, and it turns out I suck at painting. I know my limits.

Hermes: Well, I’d perhaps have put it differently, but I do think you’re an interesting person, Camille.

Hermes: Take care of yourself, okay?

Camille: You too, Hermes. I hope you find the spark you’re looking for.

And with that, our first elimination has gone through.

Here’s the painting scores, for those interested:

Elsa Stone – $86

Natasha Deerfield – $78

Haylee Goth – $76

Alicia McLain – $75

Tara Stoker – $73

Lori Straud – $71

Camille Bellafonte – $70

Thanks to TheYayToast for submitting Camille, I really liked her! I’m very sad to see her go.

The Whitmore Legacy – Generation 3 Bachelor (Day 1)

It’s the start of our Bachelor Challenge, and Day One, so let’s meet our Bachelor!

Hermes Whitmore is a third-generation legacy heir, who grew up with his siblings in the idyllic Brindleton Bay. He’s looking for someone to settle down with and continue his legacy.

He’s got the looks, the money, and certainly comes from an established family with good values. But will he find his lady love?

Let’s find out!

The ladies spent some time getting comfortable in the Bachelor Pad. Some decided to cook…

Others got to know each other in the computer room, presumably checking up on emails together.

Some even checked out the entertainment!

But, as it’s the first day, we had to introduce the Bachelor (and you, our audience) to all of them!

First up, we have Tara Stoker (no relation, she promises.)

Hermes: So, Tara, it’s nice to meet you. What made you want to join this challenge?

Tara: Well, as a vampire, it was great to see that you were accepting of vampires in the application, although I’m a little curious why that’s the case.

Hermes: I guess having a brother who’s a Spellcaster made me sympathetic to Sims who are treated a little bit differently. People are still stuck seeing vampires in one way, when that’s not the case for all of them. I wouldn’t mind being a vampire myself, seeing as I already have a pretty select diet…

Tara: Huh?

Hermes: Uh, I mean I’m a vegetarian.


Next, we have Lori Straud, great-grandaughter of the well known Vladislaus and hailing from a legacy family herself.

Lori: It’s great to be here! I was so excited to see that this mansion has some pretty cool games. Are you into anything like that? I really hope so!

Hermes: Just Voidcritters, but I know a lot about it. My sister’s very into Monsters and Mausoleums, and she’s pretty creative too.

Lori: Oh my gosh, I love Monsters and Mausoleums! Not as much as Star Wars, though. That’s my number one geek love.

Hermes: Maybe we could watch it together sometime?

Lori: You mean rewatch it, right?

They were then interrupted by our third contestant, Miss Haylee Goth.

Haylee: Hey, Hermes!

Lori: Um…I guess I’ll go check out the Foosball table.

Hermes: Okay, but we’re still on for Star Wars, right?

After Lori headed off, it was time for Haylee and Hermes to get to know each other a little better.

Hermes: So, tell me a little bit about yourself.

Haylee: What’s there to tell? A few siblings, an absent father…

Hermes: I’ve got three siblings myself, what about you?

Haylee: Um, twenty-six that I know of. My mom and me are both vampires, so family trees can be pretty big. But I’m kind of looking to make my own way in life now, with a new family tree.

Hermes: You’re pretty forward, but I have to say, that’s kind of charming.

In the meantime, Lori was just behind them on the Foosball table.

Lori: (It was going so well until she interrupted! I guess I’ll just have to play this smart, like General Organa would.)

Our next contestant is Alicia McLain!

Hermes: So, Alicia, what brought you here?

Alicia: My sense of adventure! I’ve never done something like this before, and I thought it would be fun to try it out. Plus, you’re pretty cute.

Hermes: Thank you! You’re quite pleasant yourself.

Alicia: I think no matter what happens, I’ll have fun here. The other girls seem really nice, honestly, and you seem like a charmer.

Hermes: I’m not going to say no to a compliment! You’ve got charm yourself. Maybe I need some adventure in my life…

Next up, we’ve got Camille Bellafonte.

Camille: I love that this place has a gym! Don’t you?

Hermes: I’m not really an active person, but I do enjoy yoga, so it’s nice to have somewhere to practice.

Camille: Ooh, you’re into yoga? Maybe you can give me some meditation tips…it’s hard to keep my thoughts calm around you! Sorry, was that too cheesy?

Hermes: No, it was pretty cute, actually. You must be a workout…my heart is racing!

Camille: Now that’s cute and cheesy.

Our next gal is Elsa Stone.

Elsa: So, tell me, are you as uptight as your suit, or are you more fun than that? I’m hoping for fun here.

Hermes: Well, I think that’s something you should decide, but I have to say, I love your style. It suits you.

Elsa: A flatterer with a touch of mystery! I can definitely work with that. So, tell me, what are you into?

Hermes: I like to paint, relax, and I recently started making candles. I come from a pretty creative family, so…

Elsa: Fair enough, I like someone who knows how to be creative. I’m a bit more into books, myself, especially any old, dusty tomes one might come across…Is it true your mother’s a Spellcaster?

She might have her eye on more than just the prize!

Natasha Deerfield is our last contestant, and Lori still seems to be keeping an eye on the other contestants…

Natasha: Hermes, I have to say I’m loving the vegetarian options around here. It really makes me feel welcome!

Hermes: Well, I’m vegetarian myself, so I appreciate having good food you can actually eat. There’s only so many times you can order a salad…plus, I do enjoy cooking.

Natasha: Me too! Though my mum says you can’t go wrong with a good Delicioso.

Hermes: Oh, that’s right, you’re from a Spellcaster family too! My mom’s always been one to Scruberoo everything she can, she says it’s the most useful spell when it comes to toddlers.

Natasha: I’m actually a caster myself, and I have to say, magic’s pretty useful! I think if I had a toddler, I’d definitely use Scruberoo…

Was that a spark I saw there? Maybe!

For the rest of the day, the girls got to relax. Haylee and Natasha got to chat a little bit in the computer suite,

Elsa found Hermes in the kitchen and struck up a conversation again.

Elsa: Mm, do I smell pancakes?

Hermes: Yeah, I got hungry, so I made more than enough. You hungry?

Elsa: Hungry and impressed.

Elsa: So, you can cook, you can paint…anything you can’t do?

Hermes: I can’t beat my older sister at chess, I guess.

Elsa: Well, chess doesn’t matter to me as much as a talented chef!

Foreshadowing, maybe?

With that, however, our day comes to a close. It seems like a couple of girls are pretty determined to win the heart of our Bachelor! Tune in next time for our first competition!