Daughters of Hesperia – Callianassa (1.21)

Life was miserable, for Theodon.

Instead of killing him after the birth of their daughter, Glauce had ordered him to continue serving her. She seemed constantly pleased with herself, and were it not for their child, Theodon might have indeed…well, he did not know what he would do, but Callianassa, their child, needed him. Glauce was ecstatic to have a ‘princess’, but she expected Theodon to care for the child.

“I am queen now,” she would say, without so much as a glance at their daughter. “You must attend to her now she is old enough.”

Old enough. That Glauce thought of a mere babe in such terms shocked him, but he willingly took care of his daughter, soothing her when storms frightened her, feeding her, and making sure she was put to bed when needed. All things a Provider should do, all things that in his homeland a mother should have done.

Their little hut was hardly a palace, either. It had taken him a lot of time to build, but Glauce acted as though it were a palace. He had no time for her delusions of grandeur, though she insisted that by Amazon law, an Amazon outside of a tribe could set up a tribe as she pleased.

He did not know, and did not care. Their child barely had anything, and he was exhausted. But to see his Constantina again, he would do just about anything. If only Glauce was not so aware of that.

He wondered about her, his lady. He had doomed them both with his decisions, but he’d known that what they were doing was against the laws of their land. Had she been simply a lady that would have been quite another thing, but because she was so much more than that, because stakes had been placed against her, what they had done was a crime on his part. But they really, truly had fallen in love.

Yet it hadn’t started like that. It had been a little like a game – he knew she liked him, so he thought it fun to smile at her and watch her face fill with colour. He found himself watching her more, and the women who had been fun to be around grew dull in turn.

And yet, as soon as his daughter was born, he’d found himself looking to her, trying to make things easier for her. Perhaps some of that was the guilt of not being able to be there for his other child, who he had never seen. Son or daughter, he was absent from their life, and this little one needed him now.

Glauce had become worse, recently. It was as though something had possessed her, driving every bad trait to its height, and she was eager to find fault wherever she looked.

“You were singing that awful tune earlier.” She glared at him. “The princess is not to learn such awful things.”

“What are the songs of the tribe of nowhere?” he snapped back at her. “What traditions do we have, what laws?”

“Oh, you shall see the laws and traditions if you teach her such vile things. She is a princess, and you are nothing to her, do you understand me? She has no father, she has no mother but a queen. She is of Tribe Ogygia, and she is not to be treated like one of your Frankish brats.”

He reeled back from her words. She had been claiming that they were this Ogygian tribe for a while now, but this heightened anger made him hope that Callianassa was sleeping after she had been put down for a nap.

“Bring me my food tonight,” she said, after a moment of silence. “And ensure this does not happen again.”

Was his life simply this from now on? Would he merely be her servant all his life? Surely Callianassa deserved better than this, even if he did not.

The Whitmore Legacy (3.5)

It’s been a while! Welcome back to the Whitmore Legacy, folks!

After Noelle’s death, Daphne came by to see her brother and Lori.

Daphne: I can’t believe Mom’s actually…gone.

Lori: She’ll be with us again soon, Daphne. Would you like to come sit down?

Daphne: Gosh, you’re almost ready to pop! Are you excited?

Lori: Almost as excited as I am for Ami to be a big sister. We’re thinking this time Poe for a boy, Breha for a girl.

Daphne: That’s perfect. I mean, Breha? That’s just perfect for a girl!

Hermes, meanwhile, is really rising up the ranks as an artist, and now has an agent to help negotiate for his paintings.

Elsa also came to visit. I’m pretty sure she’s Lori’s best friend at this point, so we’re likely to be seeing a lot more of her.

Elsa: Hey, I came to give my condolences for Noelle. Is Hermes doing okay?

Lori: Throwing himself into work, playing with Ami…He’s really upset about his mother, but I guess I’ve just got to be there for him as much as I can. I know this kind of thing can be tough.

Lori: I just want to be there for him right now, though, and explain it to Ami, too. I miss Noelle too, but I have to be there for both of them as much as I can.

Elsa: Just try to take things slowly, okay?

Meanwhile, Hermes met with his grandmother in the graveyard.

Hermes: Is…Mom okay?

Nia: We’re helping her cope. Going from corporeal to this form is never easy, Hermes. It takes a lot out of you, and it’s a bit of a shock, but she’s still thinking of you, and she’s been reunited with your father. Give her time, that’s all you can do.

Speaking of time, Ami aged up! She’s uncannily like her mother in looks, so I’ve given her a purple theme overall.

She’s still pretty sad about Noelle’s death, as the two of them were very close when she was just a baby. It took a while for her not to be constantly unhappy about it.

However, her dad is there for her, and she absolutely adores him! He’s really been on top of this whole ‘dad’ thing. Also, aren’t her pyjamas so cute?

Lori’s also been busy looking after Ami, even though she’s heavily pregnant at this point.

They’ve been playing with the dollhouse together.

Lori: And then Princess Leia led the rebels against the empire…

Ami: Dada! You gotta be the dragon!

Hermes: Don’t I have to be a knight protecting the princess?

Okay, enough Spamidala for now, because I have very exciting news…

Lori gave birth to a baby boy! Meet Poe Whitmore!

Lori: Shh, shh…

With that lovely news, I’ll be wrapping up this episode.

Until next time!

Remembering Noelle Whitmore

After the passing of Noelle Whitmore, I decided it was only fair to remember her in the same way that I had remembered her mother, showing some of the core memories of her life. We’ve watched her grow, expand the legacy and leave behind two generations to carry on its name.

In memoriam of Noelle Whitmore

From the moment that Noelle arrived into the Whitmore family, she was surrounded by love. She was adopted at Winterfest into the family, and they couldn’t have been happier to welcome her. Her brothers, Luca and Rowan, welcomed her into the family.

Her mother, Nia, was a warm and welcoming mother, and Noelle grew up with fond memories of her mother playing patiently with her.

In fact, her oldest brother even took on responsibilities such as looking after her and comforting her after nightmares. They were close, and Noelle knew nothing but love in the Whitmore household as she grew up.

As Noelle became older, no one could deny that she was the apple of her parents’ eye, and fiercely protected by her brothers. She lived in a bubble of happiness…

Until the death of her father, something that rocked the whole family. They all found him, and Noelle remembered that day well, the day her confident mother and strong brothers couldn’t stop crying.

As time went on, however, so did the Whitmore family. Her brothers pursued relationships, and her mother began to take on the role of sole parent. The dynamic in the house had forever been changed, but not for the worse – simply different. With Lea and Cali around, the house began to feel as full of life as it had before.

Noelle began to focus more on her studies, and let life move on. She missed her father, but time still moved on, and she was happy.

Even when her brother’s girlfriend moved in, Noelle welcomed the change, and Lea.

Years went by…

Changes kept happening.

And it didn’t stop with Noelle growing up. Her brother Luca and his girlfriend Lea had their first baby on the way.

Whether a researched or impulse decision, Noelle talked to Lea’s parent Morgyn, and ended up deciding to go to the magical realm and become a spellcaster. Perhaps as a way to feel closer to her new family, but before Tabitha was even born, Noelle found herself the wielder of new powers.

Shortly after, Tabitha arrived into the world, and Noelle was an aunt. Their family was growing, and no one could be happier about it.

Whether or not Tabitha would be part of the next generation was a silent question. Would she and her parents stay here? Would they move out to the Ember family home? These questions were good ones, and could only be answered later. As Tabitha got older, it was clearer and clearer that these questions had to be answered soon.

And then it was Rowan and Cali’s turn to break good news with the announcement of their baby, Poplar.

Ultimately, however, Noelle was made the heiress of her family, and both couples moved out, leaving Nia and Noelle the only people in the house. Once again, the rooms were emptier than felt right.

But with Noelle now an heiress, she knew that she couldn’t wait for love to find her, and so, she set off looking for the right person to join her in creating the next chapter of the legacy. She and her brothers had been raised to know what being an heir entails, and she was determined to do her duty.

Her search led her into the arms of Loario Iosua, a man from San Myshuno. He would be the father of her children and, happily, the love of her life.

Noelle and he were happy in the Whitmore family home, and all the family welcomed Loario with open arms. Rowan even came to visit to welcome him, and soon, Noelle was carrying their first child.

Nia was very close to Loario, and even though she was now old, she still looked out for her daughter and son in law, happily planning to help them and talking with him. The two were both avid cooks, and seemed happiest in the kitchen.

Loario and Noelle’s first Winterfest together was a romantic one, where they were the ones who put up the decorations together, Loario helping his heavily pregnant partner as much as he could.

Just after Winterfest, their daughter Minthe was born, the first of four children that Noelle would have with Loario. Noelle was so happy to meet her daughter, and happy that her mother got to meet her grandchild.

Minthe grew quickly, and her grandmother adored her. It seemed that nothing could be more perfect, with Nia looking after her granddaughter, and Noelle and Loario looking to have another baby.

Nia and Noelle were also able to spend more time together, as founder and heiress. They were able to discuss the future of the legacy, and what Nia had been through as a founder. Learning her mother’s history made Noelle appreciate her all the more.

But then tragedy struck. Nia had been getting older, and finally passed away, leaving Noelle and Minthe behind and reuniting with Ritvik.

Noelle, who at this point was expecting her second child, was devastated. Having her mother around had helped ground her in the legacy, and now, she felt helpless, having lost both of her parents. She was now the head of the family, and leading the legacy.

Her mother was laid to rest in the graveyard, beside her husband, where she had always intended to be.

Her second pregnancy was a struggle for Noelle, as while she had Loario, she could no longer turn to her mother for advice. She would have welcomed her mother’s ghost, but death will always be a shock to any soul, and so this was another thing she had to go through without Nia.

But, in the end, she found herself holding Daphne, her second daughter. Her little family was growing, and while her mother wasn’t able to lead her forward, she had two small children to think about.

So, the dynamic was shifting again. She and Loario focused on their daughters, making sure that they were growing and learning, and raising them well.

Daphne soon grew older, and Noelle vowed she would raise her girls with as much love as her parents had raised her.

Soon, Minthe was playing with Noelle’s old dollshouse, and it was Noelle showing her how to treat the things inside with care, watching her daughter laugh and giggle. It seemed as though life couldn’t get any better…

Until Loario asked her to marry him.

They agreed to a long engagement, to save up money for the wedding, and it seemed as though the years passed in a blink of an eye. One moment, Minthe was their baby…

The next, she was looking after her younger sister and complaining about people at school.

And so, with their engagement almost as old as Daphne, Loario and Noelle picked a beautiful spot for their wedding and got married, with Minthe and Daphne as bridesmaids. It was one of the most beautiful memories in Noelle’s life.

After their honeymoon, Noelle and Loario welcomed in Hermes…

And Hephaestus, their beautiful honeymoon babies. The twins were a source of joy to Noelle, although they were to be her last children.

And yet, all too soon, the boys were toddling around, causing chaos for their big sisters!

It wasn’t just the twins, either – Daphne was older, and going to the same school as Minthe. Both girls were very close, and loved to spend time together.

Noelle was settling down into her role as heiress, and took joy in creating a good environment for her children. She knitted clothes for them…

Taught them to play chess…

Introduced an unusual pet…

And worked hard to help create unforgettable holiday memories!

Including wonderful birthdays, where she or Loario would always make them the best cakes.

But it wasn’t all about skills, either. Like her mother had, she always took the time to talk to her children, teaching them and listening to them, letting them know she was there to support them.

As the years went by, her sons became older…

And Minthe, though talented, became more withdrawn, though always happy to talk to her parents and sister.

However, Noelle continued to support her, just as she did her other children. If they needed help with school, Noelle gently helped, never doing the project for them but never leaving them to fail.

As Daphne became a teenager, however, she followed in her mother’s footsteps, being open with her siblings and looking after her younger brothers. Noelle couldn’t have been prouder.

Even Minthe couldn’t stay too withdrawn when it came to her favourite sibling.

But it wasn’t just her daughters who had grown over the years. Noelle was growing older, and as her mother had, started to pass on advice to her children. Minthe was the first, of course, receiving an education in the legacy, and what it meant to inherit.

Though it would mean only one sibling left in the house, all the children took it quite well, and Daphne and Minthe continued to get along, something that Noelle took great comfort in.

Loario had also felt the effects of time, but he was still merrily and happily taking care of his family in all ways possible, and loved his wife. Even if age wasn’t on his side, he spent as much time as he could with them all.

As those years went by, their children grew older. Hermes took after his mother, beginning to find joy in painting…

While Hephaestus had his father’s temperament and his mother’s magic, and found life easy.

Noelle pushed herself at work, having found a good job at a gallery, and began steadily rising in the public eye. She was a good painter, talented, even. Her works evoked warmth, and she took great pleasure in her job and how it provided for her family.

It really did seem as though this heiress had no worries, and she felt truly at ease surrounded by her family, including her loving husband. Her children were a great source of joy, and she wished nothing but the best for them.

That balance fell apart when, one day, she discovered Loario…

Dead, after so many years together.

Her heart breaking, she tried to plead with him, if even just for a little longer. Just even a day more with him. But pleading with the reaper is difficult, and she couldn’t sway the decision that had already been made.

She mourned her husband, crying over him as she reflected on all he had done. Their wedding, their beautiful children, their love, all now lost to time, alive only in her memories.

The next few years were hard. Unlike before, Noelle’s motivation seemed to have worn thin, and her children tried their best to comfort her, all wondering when the legacy would move forward.

Finally, Noelle announced who would be heir, and in the end, Hermes won. Unlike his mother and grandmother, Hermes would be selecting his spouse through a series of challenges, and so he removed to the mansion where he would be doing so.

However, while he met with the women and decided who would be his ideal partner…

Noelle did her best to watch over him, eager to welcome her daughter in law to the household.

Eventually, Lorelei Straud won Hermes’ heart and hand, and they were engaged to be married.

Noelle was ecstatic, and when Hermes brought up a long engagement, she admitted that she and his father had done the same thing. She was so happy that her son had found a girl that he liked.

As for Lori, Noelle was a little unsure, but found her to be an interesting person, full of knowledge and kindness.

Soon into their engagement, Lori and Hermes welcomed their daughter, Amidala. Noelle was so grateful to be able to hold her granddaughter, and spent a great deal of time looking after her.

She knew, however, that Ami was to be the only one of their children she would see, and wept when talking to her father, who comforted her, assuring her that he would support her when she crossed over. While she wanted to reunite with her husband, she didn’t quite want things to pass by so quickly.

But we cannot control fate, and while walking into the master bedroom, Noelle felt a deep tiredness overtake her. Her time had come, and her long life was at an end.

Lori, now pregnant with her second child, pleaded through her tears for Noelle to be spared, but as always, moving a heart like the reaper’s was nearly impossible…

And in the end, Noelle was laid to rest next to her beloved husband, after a long life well lived. She was survived by all her children, and several grandchildren, all of whom will feel this loss deeply.

The Whitmore Legacy (3.4)

This chapter will be short, unfortunately, as it covers a very sad event. I’d known for a while that Noelle was on the brink of death, and I’d sorted things accordingly, but I didn’t realise exactly how soon she would be taken.

But as she came into the master bedroom, she suddenly faltered…

And lay down on the ground. I couldn’t believe where she was dying, or that this was happening so soon after Ami was born.

Eventually, she simply was lying on the floor, waiting for Grim to collect her soul.

Lori, who happened to be in the room at the time, woke up to see Noelle dead on the floor and was utterly shocked.

Lori: Noelle? Noelle, are you alright?

Once what was happening hit her, Lori burst into tears, crying loudly over Noelle’s body.

And of course, who should show up at this moment but Mr Tall, Dark, and Gruesome himself…Yep, Grim was here to collect.

Lori rushed over to him.

Lori: Please, my baby needs to know her grandmother, and I’m pregnant with my second. Noelle deserves to see my baby, please don’t do this!

Grim: Sorry, kid. Rules are rules.

With that, Lori was shooed away and Noelle’s spirit was collected by the reaper. I wish that the plead interaction did more than it usually does, but…

At this point, Hermes came in and began openly crying at the scene, with his mother dead and his fiancee wailing. Poor Hermes – with a baby and Lori depending on him, he’s now truly the head of the family at a very young age.

Noelle’s urn has been placed next to Loario’s, and of course, is a fancy spellcaster urn. She’ll likely return as a ghost, but for now the household feels extremely empty without her.

I also found out that this painting was her very last, and so I’ve hung it up in the nursery so that Ami and the unborn baby will be able to have something to remember her by. I’ve titled it ‘Memory Lane’.

I’ll be posting a memorial chapter for her as I did with Nia, so that will be the next one.

Until next time.

The Whitmore Legacy (3.3)

Welcome back….and it’s go time!


Yes, Lori is giving birth! Very exciting!

Lori: This hurts way more than anyone told me it would!

Luckily, it didn’t last long…Please join me in welcoming Amidala Whitmore, the first baby of this generation!

Lori: Hello, little one…

Noelle was ecstatic to meet her granddaughter, and was soon cuddling her close.

Noelle: Who’s the cutest? Is it you?

Hermes: She’s beautiful, Lori.

Lori: I’m…so proud of us, honestly. Look at her, she’s just…beautiful.

Later on, while the new parents were sleeping, Ritvik came to see Noelle.

Noelle: Dad! It’s so good to see you!

Ritvik: Hey, bunny. How’s things with the new baby?

Noelle: Good, but that’s what’s been worrying me too. I know how hard losing Mom was when I had Minthe, but I…I know that I haven’t got much longer. I don’t think I’ll be there for the next baby, and it scares me. I feel like I’ll be leaving them way too soon.

Ritvik: Bunny, none of us can change our time, not really. It’s hard, but you’ll be able to come back and see them when you’re like me. You’ll always be remembered, too.

Noelle: I just… I don’t want to fail them, because it doesn’t feel fair. I really do love them, and Lori is so nice, but they’re so young. It doesn’t feel right.

Ritvik: Sweetheart, you know none of us can help our calling. It doesn’t mean you’ve failed, and your mother and I will be right there waiting for you when you cross over. We were there for your brothers, and we’ll be waiting for you too.

A couple of days later, Lori got the same toilet confetti – yep, she’s pregnant again!

Lori: I…didn’t get a break there, really.

Still, she and Hermes had a nice time on Love Day, rushed off their feet with Ami as they were. Lori made a point of giving Hermes a rose.

Lori: I could make a speech about how wonderful you are, but you’re the one I choose for the rest of my life, Hermes Whitmore.

They also grabbed a quick meal together, which was mac and cheese, as is a staple in this family.

Afterwards, Hermes went upstairs to look after Ami, giving Lori a bit of a break.

Hermes: You are so small.

He carefully fed her, cuddling her close and watching her with all the love in the world.

Lori also came up later to check on Ami.

Lori: Who’s the queen of the universe? Is it you? Yes it is! Who’s got the tiniest toes in the world?

And with that, we will wrap up this chapter. Hermes and Lori have just begun on their path, but Amidala has now joined the family and is already surrounded by love.

Until next time!

The Whitmore Legacy (3.2)

Welcome back to the Whitmore Legacy!

Ritvik: Hermes, I hear I’m to be a great-grandfather soon. Do you think I’d be able to meet the girl?

Hermes: I’m sure you’ll see her around, Granddad.

It seems everyone wanted to have a conversation with Hermes that morning.

Noelle: Now, I know that you’re the heir now, but I’ve invited Daphne and Hephaestus to dinner tomorrow, and we’re going to have to talk about some serious things. I want you all to be able to support each other. Moving out of a legacy house takes a big toll on you, and even if you reconnect later…

Hermes: Mom, of course. I’d never let them down.

Noelle: You need to start looking for a job, too. You can’t drain the savings with all these renovations and not make it back up, otherwise your children will be working as well as their spouses. If you work now, Lori can stay home and help the kids, and I can retire.

Hermes: You’ve…really planned this out, huh.

For her part, Lori is glowing and happily getting through her second trimester. I wonder who the baby will look like more?

Hermes has gotten a job as a painter, which he should be able to advance in very quickly given his existing skill. I’m hoping that he’ll be able to reach the top of the career, as Noelle wasn’t able to, and I feel like this is her personal legacy to him.

And, after a successful painting career, Noelle retired.

Noelle: Oh, I miss it already. Who’ll take over my art class? Who’ll negotiate with the galleries?

She does, however, deserve peace in what the game tells me are her final days. I was so sad to get that notification.

Noelle: Have I prepared him enough? I feel like they’re going to be all on their own…

Loario appeared while Hermes was painting.

Loario: Hey, kiddo, have you seen your mother? She mentioned wanting to talk to me…

Eventually, Hermes managed to track down Noelle in the kitchen for another discussion.

Hermes: Mom, I’m glad you’re able to retire now, and just relax. You and Dad always worked hard for us, and I’m glad that’s the case, but I also want to help you out.

Noelle: Hermes…Well, the truth of it is, son, I’m not getting any younger. You and Lorelei have your whole lives ahead of you, but I don’t, and I need to make sure I leave with my business settled, and my heir is my business.

Hermes: As the heir, I promise you I’ll be fine. It’s my job to sort this kind of thing out. You take it easy, okay? And you’re not going anywhere.

Lori seems to be handling the tense atmosphere well, though.

Lori: Oh my gosh, look at this cute little Grogu onesie! That’s such a need for our baby!

Elsa dropped by to visit Lori, too, and was suitably thrilled when she saw her.

Elsa: You look like a planet! Oh my gosh, congratulations, both of you! How do you feel?

Lori: I feel kind of uncomfortable, but honestly, I can’t wait! We’re choosing names at the moment, and we’ve got the longest list ever.

Elsa: Can I…?

Lori: Of course! You’re basically Auntie Elsa at this point anyway, right?

Elsa also got to chat to Noelle.

Elsa: No way, you were at that date too? That’s hilarious!

Noelle: I bribed my granddaughter, my mother was there, and my two daughters. We wanted to check up on everything, but the crew were adamant we shouldn’t!

Elsa: I mean, I wish I’d met you, meeting a ghost kinda gave me the heebie jeebies, but your mom seems nice.

Noelle: Oh, we all had good intentions!

Natasha also swung by, and gave her congratulations to Lori.

Natasha: I’m also engaged, too.

Lori: Oh, Tasha, I’m so pleased! And…I heard Tara moved in with you, is she doing okay?

Natasha: Yes, she’s doing a bit better now. She’s thinking of staying with me for a bit longer, though.

As promised, Daphne and Hephaestus also came to visit, and Daphne got to meet her new sister-in-law-to-be.

Lori: So, me and Hermes were thinking Amidala or Breha for a girl, or Cassian or Poe for a boy! We’re so excited to meet our little one!

Daphne: I love it! Those are awesome names. I’ve got a pretty big Star Wars library myself, though I’m actually a big fan of Thrawn.

Lori: So you’re into the bad guys, huh?

Daphne: I can’t help it, I just find villains interesting!

Hermes: I heard Star Wars…

Lori: Honey, I was just telling Daphne about our name choices, and she loves them!

Daphne: Especially Cassian, that’s such a good one. Did you see Rogue One when it came out? It was a-maz-ing.

Later, Daphne and Hermes went into the indoor garden together.

Daphne: You know, I like her. Not just because of the shared interests, but she lights up when you walk into the room. She’s a nice girl.

Hermes: I’m glad to have your approval. I mean, I would love her regardless, but…

Daphne: That’s the spirit. You’ve really grown up some, Hermes. I remember when you were just this high…

Hephaestus, meanwhile, was telling all the family stories to Lori.

Hephaestus: And then Hermes got busted for trading Voidcritters in biology! It was so funny, but he was so upset he got a single detention!

Lori: You know, you’re the only one who’s told me these stories…

Hephaestus: I know all our funny skeletons. Like the time Minthe and Daphne got into Mom’s makeup for a party but had no idea what to do, and Minthe looked like she’d been hit in both eyes with all the purple eyeshadow she put on. It was hilarious! Mind you, my daughter Amelia got into her mom’s lipstick the other day, and she drew around her lips. She looked like a target, but you’ve got to not laugh when you’re a parent, you know?

So, the family have successfully met Lori, and we’ve seen a few familiar faces (completely autonomously too!) and we’re working on renovating the house properly. As you can see, the former living room is more of a hallway now, and Lori is settling in nicely with everyone.

Until next time!

The Whitmore Legacy – (3.1)

With Lori and Hermes freshly home, they needed a new Master Bedroom, as the previous one was still in use. I decided to design one themed around Lori’s colour palette.

Of course, there are some meditation items for Hermes, and each of them have a high end computer, and Lori has a vanity on her side of the room. All in all, it’s a beautiful room.

Lori and Hermes, however, don’t seem to have eyes for anything but each other.

Meanwhile, now that he’s back home, Noelle is painting Hermes’ portrait.

Noelle: Ah…this brings back memories.

Once it was done, it was hung up in the portrait room, to wait for others to join it. It’s so strange to think that this room used to just hold Nia’s portrait, and now she’s surrounded by her descendants.

The living room has also been remodeled, also themed purple. Our previous living room has definitely been outgrown by the family, and I wanted to neaten up the house somewhat. This is really beautiful, and I love it!

We also have remade Daphne’s bedroom into a nursery…

Because Lori is expecting! She broke the news to Hermes in the old living room.

Lori: So…can we use Star Wars names for the baby?

Hermes: Of course, Lori. I wouldn’t expect anything else.

Lori: I love you!

Hermes: I know.

Hermes also had a sit down chat with his mother.

Hermes: Me and Lori were thinking a long engagement while we focus on the baby, and then a big wedding later on. I know that it’s not traditional–

Noelle: It’s traditional in this family. Sometimes, things happen, and I’m sure focusing on parenthood will be good for both of you.

Hermes and Lori do seem very focused…on each other! Lori caught him just outside the bathroom.

Lori: So…um, I’m kinda really stoked about having a baby, but I’m not sure if they’ll be magical or a mermaid or both.

Hermes: They’ll be just like you – adorable and just what we’re looking for. We can handle anything together.

Lori’s also been playing chess with Noelle, as a mixture of levelling Noelle’s logic and getting them to bond. Noelle doesn’t really talk to Lori much, despite them sharing a house, but I suppose that will become easier in time!

All in all, Lori is settling nicely into the Whitmore family! I’m really looking forward to the baby being born, and this generation will use Star Wars names!

Until next time!

The Whitmore Legacy – Generation 3 Bachelor (Day 11, Finale)

Welcome back for the last time to this season of the Whitmore Bachelor! While we’ve had so much fun producing this for you, and running the challenges to see who will become the spouse for this generation, that is ultimately our goal, and in this special episode, we will be able to answer the question that we were all asking – who will win Hermes’ heart and conquer the Bachelor?

Lori found Elsa in the computer room in the early morning, the last that they would be spending in the mansion.

Lori: Elsa, I hope you don’t mind me coming to find you, but I just think that we should agree on no hard feelings. I know we both want to win this, but…you’re cool, you’ve always been pretty nice, and I don’t want to bear a grudge or anything.

Elsa: Well, I know what you mean. This is a competition, and we’re both trying to win, but I guess that doesn’t mean we can’t be cool about it. Life’s way too short for drama, you know?

Lori: I absolutely agree!

But look who’s here trying to hunt out drama again! Yes, Daphne Whitmore will not stop snooping around the mansion!

She was just a little bit too late to see Lori and Elsa go for a morning swim.

Elsa: I can’t believe today’s the last day and I’m only now seeing your mermaid form.

Lori: Well, we haven’t exactly been able to use the pool a lot…

Elsa: Purple’s really your colour, huh.

They had some fun swimming around, though of course as a mermaid Lori has some speed on Elsa.

Lori: This was…weirdly nice, you know? We should hang out more often!

Hermes came to the pool just as both contestants were getting out.

Elsa: Hermes! You missed Lori kicking my ass in our race!

Hermes: That’s a real shame…

Lori: Hold on, let me just hop out…

After that, it was time for each girl to have an extra long date with Hermes. At the end of this, Hermes would be choosing between them, so these were very important dates indeed…

First of all, Hermes and Lori went on their date to a secluded little island in Windenburg.

Lori: Are you sure we’re allowed to be here?

Hermes: Absolutely, we have special permission. I thought you’d like this place.

Lori: I love it!

They decided to warm up by the bonfire first, and Lori stared out across the sea.

Lori: You know, I’m really glad I’ve made it this far. I know that things are up to you, but I’m really happy that we got to know each other, and you’ve made me feel so special. Even if this is our last date, I’m happy.

Hermes: Lori–

He was cut off as a stray spark ignited Lori’s jacket, and she jumped back.

Lori: AH! Help!

One extinguished Lori later, they ended up laughing about it.

Lori: I can’t believe that happened right after I was trying to be all open and everything! I’m sorry, that’s so…

Hermes: No, no, don’t apologise. It was an accident, and I’m on the same page as you. Even if this is the last date, I’m sure it will be a memorable one.

With that, they decided to try their luck with a cooler element, heading to the old open swimming pool across the island. Hermes was finally able to see Lori in her mermaid form.

Hermes: Lori, can you breathe underwater?

Lori: A bit…

Hermes: You’re…hiding your face?

Lori turned around.

Lori: I’m okay with how I look in my mermaid form, but…sometimes people haven’t reacted as well. I know you wouldn’t judge me, but…

Hermes: Lori, I love your mermaid form. It’s unusual and interesting. Don’t worry about being who you are.

Lori: Oh, Mr Smooth Talker!

Hermes: I’m serious. You don’t have to worry about being yourself in either form around me. Besides, both your noses are cute.

Lori: Cute?

Hermes: Yeah, cute! Because they’re…well, they’re your noses…and…

Lori laughed, swimming away from him.

Hermes: (I really hope that I didn’t mess that up…)

A strong breeze began to chill both Lori and Hermes, and so they made their way out of the pool.

Lori: It’s really so beautiful here, right?

Lori: I really…like you, Hermes, and I’ve really enjoyed this date. I know we probably don’t have much of it left, but…

Hermes: I really enjoyed it too. I think no matter what, I’m always going to remember this date.

But Lori was right, and their date drew to a close.

Hermes’ next date was over in Willow Creek at Magnolia Park, where he and Elsa would be spending a relaxing few hours with each other. First off, of course, they went to the roller rink, where Elsa was impressed with the skates.

Elsa: Just my colours, too!

Hermes was less sure, and wobbled about the rink.

Hermes: Um, Elsa, I’m just going to try and catch up to you —

And in sync, they hit the deck.

While they made their way over to the little tables, I noticed more than a few familiar faces around the park. First of all, we had a very friendly ghost caught on camera…

Nia: Ooh, I’m so excited! I wonder who my grandbaby is going to choose? Will it be this girl? She seems lovely.

Fooling nobody because she was playing chess on her own without a partner was Noelle, positioned strategically near the main seating area…

Daphne AND Minthe can both be seen in this shot, with Minthe in the background lurking by a tree…

Finally, this little girl is Amelia, Hephaestus’ daughter.

Amelia: Nanna said if I can spy on Hermes, she’s going to buy me a Voidcritter booster pack!

Really, guys?

Elsa: Well, maybe skating isn’t really for us…

Hermes: I mean, I’d say I enjoyed it, but I’m pretty sure I’m not that good of a liar.

Elsa: So? That’s a good quality.

Hermes: For what it’s worth, I did enjoy sharing a new experience with you, just not the bruises.

Elsa: I think new experiences can be really fun if they’re shared, in all areas of life. Especially…

Elsa: …if you’re looking to be a bit more adventurous.

Nia: Hermes! Who is this delightful young lady?

Elsa: (Oh, plum, is this a family member? Is this his friend? Did I say something she shouldn’t have heard?)

Hermes: Uh, Nan, this is Elsa. She’s…one of the contestants in the Bachelor, and we’re…on a date.

Nia: That sounds like quite the adventure.

Elsa: (Bury me.)

Nia wandered off after a couple more minutes of chatting.

Hermes: I am so sorry, I’ve no idea what she’s doing so far from Brindleton Bay. I thought her spirit was bound to the house…

Elsa: Well…she definitely heard me.

Hermes: At least none of my other family have been snooping, but she means well. I can ask her to go home if you want…

Elsa: No, don’t, she seems…nice. At least I can say I’ve met your family, huh?

Not long after that, however, the date drew to a close. Dangit, Nia…

And once again, it was time for the ceremony, where there would be only one rose. Both Lori and Elsa waited nervously, anticipating Hermes’ arrival and not daring to look at each other.

Hermes arrived with a serious expression on his face, looking between the two contestants. Both had impressed him, both had made it this far, and the other decisions had been tough, but not as hard as this…

But it was Lori he stepped towards.

Hermes: Lori, I can’t help but feel you’re the right choice for me. I have a rose for you, but my first rose has always been for you. Maybe I’ve always known, but, if you’ll accept me, I’m here.

Lori: Hermes…Of course I’ll accept you!

She left, walking to the living room, leaving Elsa and Hermes to have a moment alone.

Hermes: Elsa…

Elsa: You already said everything you needed to, Hermes. I’m sorry that we didn’t work out, but Lori and you…well, I’m sure you’ll be happy together. Take care of yourself, okay?

As Elsa went upstairs to pack her things and prepare to leave, Hermes went into the living room where Lori was waiting for him.

Lori: So…hi, you.

Hermes: Hello, yourself.

Lori: So…I’ve really won. I really won?

Hermes: Yes, Lori. Lori, I’m…so happy that it’s you. I can’t explain this, but I couldn’t be happier.

Lori: You’re cute when you’re flustered…

Hermes: I’ve just got one last question to ask you. Lorelei Straud, will you do me the honour of marrying me?

Lori: Oh my gosh, yes! Of course, yes!

She looked at the ring on her finger, hardly able to believe that this morning, she hadn’t been sure if she would be here.

Hermes leaned in and kissed her, sweetly.

Hermes: To the rest of our lives.

Lori: To us!

Hermes swept her off her feet for the second time this episode, picking her up and looking into her eyes.

Hermes: To us, indeed.

And with that, Lori Straud is the official winner of the Whitmore Bachelor! She and Hermes will move back into the Whitmore family home with Noelle, and you can continue to follow their journey here.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a Sim for this challenge. I enjoyed all of your Sims, and the narrative I was able to build thanks to the lovely backstories you’ve given them. I really enjoyed this round of the Bachelor, and I’m looking forward to what the future holds for Hermes and Lori!