Daughters of Hesperia – Gorgophone (1.24)

Meda sighed to herself as she collected the honey from the bees, hearing the gentle hum of the creatures in the air around her. A rainstorm was incoming, and she knew that the bees would need to be kept in their hive until it was over. She could only hope that her baby would not arrive in such weather.

However, according to Polgara, she was due any day, and she could feel the baby moving around constantly, as if impatient. An energetic one, for sure, but she found that her calm had deserted her in this situation.

That night, she awoke in pain, gasping and crying out. Her fears had become true as she rose slowly from the bed, trying to steady her breathing, and calling out for Perseus and Lukos with urgency in her voice.

Polgara would never make it in time, not with the rain. She began to feel prickles of fear all over her body as she focused on her breath. Surely, this couldn’t be happening…

But instead, she commanded the men to do what she knew must be done.

“Heat water and bring rags,” she panted, as they ran in, looking afraid. “Bring me the herbs Polgara brought me last time, and Lukos, you must prepare the other pouch. The Goddess must smile on us, I swear it. She must.”

“Lady Meda–“

“Just do it!” She looked down at her stomach, uncertain, but she was determined it would not show. “We will deliver a new warrior tonight, and we will not falter.”

It was not a smooth path. The herbs were in short supply, and Andromeda found herself shedding tears as she screamed, fervently praying that nothing bad would be allowed to happen. Perseus held her hand as she cried out, and Lukos offered up his own prayers, crushing up the last of the herbs and mixing them with the less effective sort to help them go further. She was grateful for both of her unlikely midwives, and in the end she found herself holding a baby girl, who was blissfully unaware of the strife she had wrought.

“Gorgophone of Hesperia, you are welcomed,” Meda whispered into her daughter’s unknowing ear. “May the Goddess watch you and protect you.”

With trembling hands, she gave her to Perseus, who seemed dazed by her, holding her as if she were the most precious thing. Lukos waited outside, out of respect for this moment. Soon, he would hand over the other herbs, and the Goddess would be appeased, but for now, Gorgophone gave a little yawn, snuggling into her father’s arms.

Her birth had been tumultuous, but Andromeda’s daughter had finally arrived.

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